Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1179

Chapter 1179: Hao Yuzhen

This girl was Hao Yuzhen, Teng Jiwen’s strongest rival for the citadel lord’s position. She had an ancient regal bloodline that made her qualified for the position.

She coldly sneered: “It seems like Senior Brother Teng is quite close to you to actually tell you so many things. You better be careful, revealing the secret of the citadel is a capital offense!”

At this time, she had other ideas to splash some dirty water on Teng Jiwen.

Of course, she didn’t believe Li Qiye saw through everything about her. This man ahead couldn’t reach the apex. It must have been Senior Brother Teng Jiwen who told him everything.

“I don’t care for your Heavenvine Citadel’s bullshit.” He didn’t bother to look at her as he said: “Your competition with him is your own business, do not touch me with your dog paw or I won’t mind hanging your skull on the highest peak of the citadel!”

“You!” Hao Yuzhen’s expression turned ugly to the extreme. She immediately wanted to burst out in a furor, but she managed to endure it. At this moment, the ancestors were still discussing whether they should let Li Qiye cure the ancestral vine or not. Taking a shot at Li Qiye was very unwise, and Teng Jiwen would take advantage of this!

She coldly looked at him and said: “Don’t make porcelain without a piece of diamond. Curing this calamity is not a joke, don’t even think about it if you are not capable. If you can’t do it, the ancestors will become furious and at that point, Brother Teng will push you out to be the scapegoat… “

“I accept your goodwill.” Li Qiye laughed and started before she could finish: “But this is as easy as breakfast for me. There’s no need for you to worry, the calabash is as good as mine already.”

Hao Yuzhen was quite unhappy. She initially wanted to scare Li Qiye away. If he had actually fled out of fear, it would have been quite beneficial for her. She would immediately use this to attack Teng Jiwen and accuse him of leaking the citadel’s secrets.

However, Li Qiye simply didn’t take her bait, so her efforts were for naught.

She snorted and said: “Even if you are capable and obtain the Heavenvine Calabash, you should know that paper cannot wrap fire. There are no secrets in this world; if people know that you have a calabash capable of replenishing life…”

“… You can easily imagine how many ancestors will salivate while staring at you. In less than three days, you will become prey in everyone’s eyes, a piece of meat among a shiver of sharks. In just three seconds, they will tear you into pieces…” She continued to intimidate him.

He finally looked at her lazily and smiled: “Good, I have heard your advice and warning.” With that, he went back into his room.

She, on the other hand, was quite unhappy. A nobody junior like him dared to look down on her — this was truly maddening.

After taking only a few steps, he turned back and laughed while issuing a warning: “By the way, stop your little noxious game. As I have said before, try to touch me with your dog paw and I’ll off your head and put it at the citadel’s peak.”

“You!” Her face blackened from being livid while her entire body trembled. She would have killed Li Qiye already if she wasn’t afraid of Teng Jiwen using this against her.

He ignored her and went back to his room.

On that same night, Teng Jiwen came back and asked: “Sir, I heard our disciples say that my junior sister visited you?”

Li Qiye noticed his tense demeanor and smirked: “Only a little matter, there’s no need to be nervous. If she could do anything to me, I wouldn’t be sitting here right now.”

He heaved a sigh of relief after hearing Li Qiye’s words. Li Qiye glanced over at him and asked: “How was your citadel’s discussion? They should have an answer by now.”

When this matter was brought up, Teng Jiwen rubbed his palms nervously and coughed: “Sir, my master has talked with the other ancestors. Now, we have to wait for the ancient ancestors to agree.”

Li Qiye lazily drank his tea and asked: “Do you think those ancient ancestors will agree?”

“Well…” Teng Jiwen found it difficult to answer: “The ancient ancestors are wise; I trust that they will come up with something more sagacious than us juniors.”

Li Qiye snorted and said: “A person will be afraid of death. Those who are in higher positions and have lived for a long time would be even more scared. For ages now, very few could see through life and death. These types of people are amazing and capable of having their names recorded in history.”

In fact, Teng Jiwen was not certain in the least. After all, no one needed the calabash more than these ancient ancestors. It was just as Li Qiye had said, people would always be afraid of death. Those who were more powerful would try to prolong their lives regardless of the cost.

“I know that their penetrating insight will come through.” Teng Jiwen quickly answered: “Sir, just be patient, they will give you a satisfactory answer.”

Li Qiye gently shook his head: “I know this issue better than you. Those old buried geezers would take a year to make a decision. I’m not idle enough to wait for them and for you all to make a decision as the chance will pass by.”

“Sir, you mean…” He asked with some confusion.

Li Qiye smiled and put up two fingers: “Two days. I will give your citadel two days. After that, I will take the calabash.”

“Sir, this is too much.” Teng Jiwen was a very good-natured person. He was hospitable, but he couldn’t accept such an unreasonable demand.

Li Qiye nodded: “Yes, I am indeed pushy right now. To put it plainly, I have no time to waste at your citadel. I’ll take the item after two days regardless of whether your citadel agrees or not!”

“Sir, are you trying to force us?” Teng Jiwen’s expression quickly shifted.

Li Qiye placed the teacup in his hand back on the table and smiled: “You can view it as that since I want the calabash for sure.”

Teng Jiwen thought of something and immediately took one step back while staring at Li Qiye in disbelief: “Sir, you wanted the calabash from the very beginning! Curing our ancestral vine was only an excuse. I, I have led a wolf into our home!” He breathed in hard at this point.

“You are right yet wrong at the same time.” Li Qiye looked at the frightened youth: “You can indeed become the leader of this city. Your talents are not the best, but you aren’t blinded by your noble upbringing. For someone with your background, it isn’t easy to be free of complacency and arrogance. Although many geniuses put on an air of humility, they are still very arrogant inside. This makes you better than many people.”

“Sir, I suppose I should be honored being praised by you.” At this time, the youth was clearly showing his hostility.

Li Qiye smiled: “I can understand your emotions right now. You’re right, I simply wanted the calabash from the beginning; it is very important in the process of life replenishment for the Peacock Tree. Very few things can replace it.”

The boy murmured: “I knew it…” He had his suspicions earlier, but now, Li Qiye had confirmed it with his own mouth.

“You can think that you have led a wolf into your home.” Li Qiye said: “But I don’t agree with that notion.”

Teng Jiwen coldly countered: “Sir, you have been scheming against us from the start, so how are you not a wolf?”

Li Qiye laughed in response: “Will your citadel not pay me after I cure your ancestral vine? Will you not hand the calabash over? Regardless of the process, I will get the calabash in the end, so is it a crime to be aiming for your calabash in the first place? If I didn’t want it, do you think I would be sitting here wasting my time?”

“That’s, that’s different.” He had maintained a strong front despite finding things difficult: “Sir, you are simply forcing us.”

Li Qiye casually replied: “I am, but what is more important, the ancestral vine or the calabash? Without the vine, you will have nothing. Your citadel will be nothing.”

The boy’s face turned white. He didn’t know what to say at this moment. In the end, he stared at Li Qiye and asked: “So you are saying you are one hundred percent confident in curing our vine?”

Li Qiye lazily answered: “Do you think the Peacock Tree’s condition is more serious, or your ancestral vine’s? If I can renew that tree’s life, how can I not be capable of curing your ancestral vine?”