Chapter 119 : Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan (1)

When the blue lights hovered over the group of Li Qi Ye, they suddenly stopped. Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan, from high above, glanced downward. Encompassed by his azure energy, it caused others to be unable to see him. He was blindingly brilliant like the stars from above.

At this moment, the Heavenly Prince glanced at Li Shuang Yan and revealed a surprised expression.

At this moment, Leng Cheng Feng saw Li Qi Ye standing next to Li Shuang Yan. He gave Li Qi Ye a look of disgust and told Li Shuang Yan:

“Little Sister, this person is His Royal Highness, Qing Xuan. Come up here and greet him!”

The Heavenly Prince also noticed Li Shuang Yan and nodded his head. Then, he spoke in a rhythmically soothing manner:

“The great name of Goddess Li, Qing Xuan had heard of before. I didn’t think we would meet today.”

As for Li Shuang Yan, she only slightly nodded her head and said:

“The name of the Heavenly Prince is also very famous.”

Even when facing Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan, she was still as cold as ice.

Even though Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan could be deemed the number one person within the younger generation of the Grand Middle Territory and he came from the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom with a frightening origin, as a heaven’s proud daughter, she didn’t think lowly of herself and didn’t care that he was a young talent. She would simply treat him as an ordinary person.

Seeing that Li Shuang Yan had no intention of coming forward to greet them, Leng Cheng Feng was not happy as he said:

“Little Sister, becoming acquaintances with the Heavenly Prince here… In the future, our Nine Saint Demon Gate will come hand-in-hand with the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom.”

At this moment, Li Qi Ye lifted his head. He looked at Leng Cheng Feng, and then Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan, and he calmly spoke:

“Shuang Yan, at the moment, is a person from our Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. When is it going to be your place to tell her what to do? As for the greeting? People next to me, with the exception of myself, do not need to greet anyone else! You’re only a descendant from an Ancient Kingdom, you’re not qualified to be greeted by the people by my side.”

“This thing doesn’t know how high the heavens and how wide the earth is.”

Hearing Li Qi Ye, many cultivators took a deep breath. Someone even cursed at him.

Everyone felt that Li Qi Ye was too arrogant to the point of ignorance. He even blustered in front of Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan!

At this moment, Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan’s gaze condensed into godly swords, as if he wanted to slay Li Qi Ye.


At this moment, an old man next to Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan coldly snorted. He tried to grab Li Qi Ye with one hand while shouting:

“Ignorant brat, hurry up and kneel!”

“Kneel your mother–”

Li Qi Ye didn’t say anything yet, but there was already a loud roar. A huge hand from the snail’s shell protruded and snatched the hand that was reaching for Li Qi Ye. A “Hiss” sound appeared, and that hand was ripped apart. Blood flew everywhere!

The old man bellowed. His face became as pale as a sheet of paper and took several steps back.

At this moment, Niu Fen threw the hand inside his mouth and started chewing loudly. Then, he said:

“This meat is too old, too sour to eat!”

This sudden change caused everyone to take a cold breath. Many people glanced at each other. This snail was a bit too powerful!

The reversal caused the face of Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan to dim, and the old men next to the Heavenly Prince lost their colors. Their gazes immediately turned into swords and unleashed their frightening auras. In just a moment, their presence was like a storm and caused many cultivators to shiver in cold chills.

“A Heavenly Ancestral Snail–”

The moment a fight was about to break out, an old man next to Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan whispered. His voice was very low, and very few people heard him.

He turned towards Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan and shook his head. His expression was sinking. He didn’t expect to meet a Heavenly Ancestral Snail that was so rarely seen in this world! At this moment, he remembered an ancient legend from the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, an extremely frightening legend!

“My servant was too rash.”

At this moment, Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan glanced at Li Qi Ye, then Li Shuang Yan. He nodded his head, then said:

“Goddess Li, I bid you farewell for now. We will meet again in the future.”

Finished speaking, he took everyone and disappeared again after becoming azure lights.

His sudden departure was a surprise to many. A cultivator praised:

“Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan is indeed worthy of coming from an Ancient Kingdom. With a forgiving heart, he didn’t bother with the ignorance of a brat. Acting so wise, just like how Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan would. It’s no wonder why so many people were willing to place their trust in him.”

Other cultivators saw the giant snail. Earlier, they had seen it eat humans in the ridge, so they were a little bit scared. Someone quietly whispered:

“This is a monster bred by the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, ah! It’s so ferocious. It must not be a regular monster.”

Many cultivators were now taking the long road around the giant snail. This giant snail was eating humans for just little grievances, causing everyone to be afraid of it.

“A snail eating humans… This is my first seeing it.”

A cultivator whispered.

After the group of Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan left, Li Qi Ye smiled and said:

“It seems like the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom has some talents. They unexpectedly recognized your origin.”

Then he patted the shell of Niu Fen.

“Young Noble, the old man wearing the hat is not simple. From my observation, he is also like me and also suppressed the small path!”

Niu Fen looked at Li Qi Ye and said.

Even though only cultivators under the Ancient Saint realm could enter the Evil Infested Ridge, if one used treasures to seal their own cultivations to something under Ancient Saint, then they could still enter. However, once inside, they could only exert the strength below Ancient Saint!

“Who cares what his cultivation is.”

Li Qi Ye said:

“As long as he doesn’t bother my business, then it has nothing to do with me. If he is not so smart, however, and dares to ruin my matters, then kill without mercy!”

Niu Fen carried Li Qi Ye and Li Shuang Yan away. On the road, Li Qi Ye asked Li Shuang Yan:

“Your Nine Saint Demon Gate is going together with the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom?”

Li Shuang Yan shook her head and said:

“The Nine Saint Demon Gate and the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom only has a normal diplomatic relationship. Only, I heard from my master that recently, my oldest brother is becoming very close with the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom.”

“This is for the best.”

Li Qi Ye continued:

“If — one day — the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom becomes my enemy, then watch out as I will annihilate them. I don’t want others to say that I didn’t give your master some face, then.”

Li Qi Ye’s words made Li Shuang Yan speechless. She had to add:

“This is an Ancient Kingdom! The Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom is still thriving, even now!”

“So what if it is an Ancient Kingdom.”

Li Qi Ye leisurely smiled and said:

“If they are smart, then they could live peacefully for millions of years. If they aren’t smart and stop my path, then this Ancient Kingdom does not need to exist any longer!”

Li Shuang Yan was silently staring at Li Qi Ye. At this moment, she didn’t know whether Li Qi Ye was joking or not! One had to know that this was an Ancient Kingdom, ah! It had existed for many, many years. People daring to arrogantly say that they want to destroy the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom; there were only a few!

“Heh, Young Noble is invincible, what does the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom have? They are still not Eternal Everlasting Existences. Heh, even if they are Eternal Everlasting Existences, they would still be destroyed.”

Niu Fen laughed and said:

“There is a rumor in my tribe that during the Ancient Ming Era, an Eternal Endless Existence was destroyed by a grand character. I heard that this Eternal Endless Existence even had gods, but after being destroyed by this grand character, none was left alive. Heh heh, today, Young Noble is coming into being in this heaven, destroying the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom is an easy matter. You could even break that grand character’s record.”

Hearing Niu Fen’s words, Li Qi Ye narrowed his eyes and remembered that time that was stained with blood. Then, he slapped Niu Fen’s back and said:

“Good! Less sucking up, you should just do your job!”


Niu Fen quickly rushed forward and still muttered in a low voice:

“Young Noble, our ancestors used to follow that grand character. If, in the future, you could be as accomplished as that supreme character, I could also be as glorious as my ancestor…”

“Shut up—”

Li Qi Ye suddenly thunderously roared in a cold manner.

With Li Qi Ye’s sudden yell, that was filled with a majestic and unchallengeable prestige, at this time, Niu Fen was shivering and afraid from the bottom of his heart. He knew that he had said something he shouldn’t have, so he immediately became silence and quickly rushed forward.

Li Qi Ye rode the snail crazily. With the speed of Niu Fen, he realized that he was getting closer and closer to the frog. This caused him to be very excited. This frog had disappeared for many millions of years and now, this was the final chance to catch it again.

Li Qi Ye was hellbent on catching this frog, but at this key moment, even more trouble had showed up.

He had not arrived inside the dangerous area, yet there was a cavalry that entered from left and right and immediately surrounded Li Qi Ye in the middle.

There were more than one thousand experts. This blockade was so tight that not even one drop of water could trickle through.

This cavalry’s battle aura pierced the sky, like a lion on the battlefield, with frightening killing intent.

Seeing the sudden emergence of this cavalry, many nearby cultivators were afraid and didn’t dare to come close. They were afraid of being involved.

Being suddenly surrounded by this cavalry, Li Qi Ye narrowed his eyes and smirked with the corner of his mouth:

“The Jiang Zuo Clan’s calvary, not too bad, ah.”

Seeing this cavalry, a cultivator emotionally said:

“Even though Jiang Zuo Hou was only one step away from reaching Royal Noble, and is a bit weaker than Sheng Tian Dao, Jiang Zuo Hou has the always-victorious cavalry. He had never been stopped before! This made Jiang Zuo Hou no inferior to Sheng Tian Dao.”

A cultivator said:

“The Six Wise Monarchs Formation personally led by Jiang Zuo Hou… I heard it can even slay Royal Nobles.”

A demon monarch saw this formation and lost his colors. He then continued:

“A few days ago, Jiang Zuo Hou personally led the Six Wise Monarchs Formation and trapped a two hundred thousand year old Longevity Spirit into a wall before he finally killed this Longevity Spirit under the power of the formation.”

At this moment, many cultivators stopped at this location. They were excited to watch the lively commotion.

At this point, Jiang Zuo Hou slowly came forward. He then looked at Li Qi Ye and Li Shuang Yan on top of the snail and smilingly greeted:

“Goddess Li, such a coincidence. I didn’t expect for us to meet here.”