Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1199

Chapter 1199: Needlefish

Li Qiye turned a deaf ear to the attendant’s taunt. He remained there in his meditative pose and simply ignored the attendant.

Such an arrogant display enraged the attendant once again. He snorted and said: “Ignorant junior, and arrogant as well. I’m afraid you will die without a burial not long from now!”

Some cultivators noticed this from the distance. Humans were quite rare in the Heaven Spirit World, but this youth was arrogant enough. Not long ago, he opposed the Teeming Sea Tribe and now, he was looking down on Dao Attendant Lin. From this, he offended two big lineages in the Jade Sea right away. Just what was this human boy’s background?

Li Qiye finally opened his eyes and revealed a smile: “Come if you dare, your uncle will crush you with one hand. If you are afraid, then get the hell out of here, don’t disturb my peace!”

The attendant’s expression quickly shifted as a murderous glint flashed across his pupils. However, he restrained himself from taking action.

The crowd became even more confused about this human junior who was spouting such overbearing words.

Everyone thought that the attendant would attack right away to kill Li Qiye. However, the attendant took a deep breath and suppressed his anger.

He gave a cruel smile and sneered: “Ignorant brat, it is not difficult for me to take your dog life. However, the Teeming Marquis has declared that he wants to personally take your life and let you experience a fate worse than death. Just wait, at that time, you will regret having been born into this world. Maybe you will even beg me to end your life then.”

Many people became afraid after hearing this. Someone murmured: “Teeming Marquis, will there not be a single blade of grass left?”

The Teeming Marquis was a royal member of the Teeming Sea Tribe and one of its fierce generals. He had previously led an army of millions to eradicate several lineages. Rumor has it that wherever his army went, not even a single blade of grass would be left. They didn’t only eat their enemies but also all vegetation. Anything with life would be completely chewed up.

Not long ago, Li Qiye had killed a group of Teeming Fish. These fish were the marquis’ soldiers. The marquis was famous for his brutality in the Jade Sea, so he was infuriated when someone publicly ate his soldiers and dragon tendons. Thus, he declared that he would make Li Qiye suffer!

Li Qiye caught a quick glimpse of the attendant before slowly closing his eyes again.

The attendant didn’t pursue the matter. If it wasn’t for the marquis’ declaration, he would have taken this brat’s head already.

He snorted and left. Not long after, he selected a hill. The cultivator here saw that he wanted it and quickly gathered his stuff and handed over the land. This smart cultivator made the attendant’s expression much better. His prestige was still there, very few people in the forest would dare to provoke his authority.

The sea creatures didn’t dare to appear. Whether they be crabs or fish, all were hiding since they could sense the terrifying murderous intent from the large number of cultivators present.

As the day of blossoming approached, the cultivators became more and more quiet in anticipation. They would take action the moment the needlefish came out and immediately retreat after catching the first batch.

Eventually, the coral flowers were about to blossom. The entire forest turned silent like the calm before the storm. The little buds finally came out from these flowers. All of them had different colors in the center, making them resemble stars.

Many beautiful flowers bloomed throughout the entire forest in a quiet yet spectacular manner. To see these flowers blooming at the same time was quite shocking and difficult to describe with words.

In a short amount of time, the star-like buds of different colors made this entire area look like a magnificent galaxy, pulling at the spectators’ heartstrings.

Everyone held their breaths since they didn’t want to break this beautiful serenity while the millions of coral flowers blossomed. In this moment, many people felt that they were immersed in a sea of stars and became in touch with just how vast this world truly was.

Eventually, all the flower buds finally came out. The pollen began to shed from the flowers’ core and drifted away with the current. Shortly after, this colorful pollen dyed everything with their shades. The entire area was gorgeous and spectacular.

The crowd became even more nervous while gazing at the Bottomless Trench. They were all waiting for the needlefish to appear.

Only Li Qiye remained calm on his hill without even bothering to look at the trench.

“Crash!” Finally, the sea current surged with waves. The coral forest’s water began to move violently as well.

They saw silver shadows rushing out from the trench. The moment these shadows appeared, a net was cast over the sky above the coral forest.

Upon a closer inspection, these shadows were fish swimming for the coral flowers. This was the meaning behind their name. Each of them was as small as a needle and their eyes were even smaller than sesame seeds.

Their speed was quite frightening, like a meteor flashing by. Because of this, when they rushed out, the net immediately blotted out the forest.

Someone shouted after seeing them: “Needlefish!” The rest of the crowd got ready.

“Ah!” However, someone screamed before anyone took action. A weak cultivator wanted to catch these fish, but he couldn’t stop these fast creatures. When a big flock of them rushed over, they pierced him and turned him into a sieve in their quick frenzy.

At this time, everyone else shouted and immediately maneuvered against these fish in order to catch them!

The majority of cultivators came prepared. One took out a huge net and instantly covered many of the fish. This net was a great treasure, but he couldn’t pull it back. He was stuck in the net as well and was pulled by the fish all the way down the Bottomless Trench…

Gongsun Qianer, Dao Attendant Lin, and Yan Yanglong finally took action. They all came from imperial lineages, so they were quite powerful. They caught a large group of fish right away, unlike the other cultivators here.

In this fashion, cultivators were busy catching these fish. However, more were still rushing out from the trench in an endless manner as if they wanted to crush this whole region.

The ones that weren’t caught crazily ate the pollen from the flowers. They were like rampaging winds; wherever they went, the initially colorful seawater would turn clear again. It was quite a majestic scene.

Li Qiye’s location was quite far from the trench. Although some fish managed to break through the barricade, there weren’t many of them that came to this place to eat. Li Qiye continued to ignore them by sitting there.

“Boom!” While everyone was trying to catch these fish, the current became turbulent. A group of sea demons split the water to come to this place. This new group resembled an army more than a school of fish.

“Get out of the way! Scram!” They came with an aggressive momentum. Anyone who stood in their path was instantly killed and their blood dyed the water red.

“Teeming Fish! It is the marquis!” A cultivator screamed after seeing the army that consisted of tens of thousands of fish and quickly retreated.

In a short moment, this army of sea demons completely surrounded Li Qiye’s hill with several layers of fish.

A chilling aura pervaded this region with the arrival of this demon army.