Chapter 120 : Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan (2)

Li Shuang Yan gave him a cold glare and didn’t speak. Li Qi Ye, on the other hand, squinted his eyes and looked at Jiang Zuo Hou, then he said:

“As the saying goes, a good dog doesn’t block the road. Don’t disturb my good mood and get the hell out of the way!”

Hearing this, even Jiang Zuo Hou, who was good at controlling his emotions, had his expression become cold. He glared at Li Qi Ye and chillingly said:

“Little noy, don’t be arrogant. This Hou does not want to bother with you! If you don’t know your place… Hmph! Even if Gu Tie Shou comes here with the emperor’s possession, he still wouldn’t be able to save you!”

“Don’t you worry, Elder Gu isn’t here right now. I don’t need a butcher’s knife to kill a chicken, you are thinking too highly of your Jiang Zuo Clan.”

Li Qi Ye, hearing Jiang Zuo Hou’s words, smilingly replied:

“Aren’t you afraid of the emperor’s possession? Stop thinking that your clan is so powerful, who do you think you are? Even without an emperor’s possession, killing people from the Jiang Zuo Clan is still as easy as killing dogs!”

Jiang Zuo Hou was shivering with anger, and his face became flushed! He gazed intensely at Li Qi Ye. Even a clay statue would vomit blood after hearing Li Qi Ye’s arrogant words.

“This kid’s banter is too wicked!”

Even the observing cultivators had grievances with Li Qi Ye’s harsh words.

Another cultivator sneered:

“Not only wicked, this brat is also too naive. He doesn’t know how high the sky or how vast the earth is. He doesn’t know the extent of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect’s declination, and he still dares to provoke the Jiang Zuo Clan. The Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect having such a blind brat; sooner or later, it will end with a sect-destroying disaster.”

Jiang Zuo Hou’s eyes shot out awe-inspiring gazes as he said:

“Such big words! This Hou truly wants to see what merit laws your Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect can present that would allow you to provoke the Jiang Zuo Clan. Even if your sect has one or two Emperor Merit Laws remaining, I’m afraid a person like you still isn’t eligible to learn them.”

“I understand.”

Li Qi Ye glanced at Jiang Zuo Hou and laughed out loud. Then, he leisurely said:

“So it turns out to be a psychological tactic. In this day and age, everyone only relies on their fists to talk so don’t continue to hide. You want to be a bandit, so don’t pretend to be a holy saint — a prostitute yet still wanting to be respected! You are simply aiming for our Emperor Merit laws!”

Jiang Zuo Hou’s face became red. Having his cavalry to suddenly surrounded Li Qi Ye was just to mess with him, and then find an excuse to capture Li Qi Ye.

He didn’t expect this fifteen year old boy to recognize his intentions and embarrass him in front of everyone.

At the ridge, he saw — with his own eyes — the power of the Kun Peng’s Six Variants. It made his heart beat excitedly. Emperor Merit Law — truly unparalleled, ya!

To Jiang Zuo Hou, his clan was currently extremely strong and had astonishing secrets, but it was lacking an apex Emperor Merit Law.

When Gu Tie Shou was using the Six Variants to destroy Zhen Wei Hou, at that moment, Li Qi Ye noticed that Gu Tie Shou’s Emperor Merit Law was lacking. Right then and there, Jiang Zuo Hou immediately knew that Li Qi Ye also cultivated the Kun Peng’s Six Variants, and his version might even be better than Gu Tie Shou’s! It could even be the handwritten copy from Immortal Emperor Min Ren. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to understand its profound truth at his age.

Thus, Li Qi Ye suddenly became a fat sheep in the eyes of Jiang Zuo Hou. He was only wary of the emperor’s possession in the hands of Gu Tie Shou, so he didn’t dare to make a move. Then, once they were inside, Li Qi Ye suddenly disappeared, so he had no chance to take action.

Today, Li Qi Ye appeared in the east of the Evil Infested Ridge and only had Li Shuang Yan with him. Hearing this news, Jiang Zuo Hou immediately led his troops to this place. One had to know that because of this Emperor Merit Law, Jiang Zuo Hou had invited a grand character from his clan.

To Jiang Zuo Hou, it was crucial for this ploy of stealing the Emperor Merit Law to be successful.

At this moment, when Li Qi Ye revealed the intricacies behind these matters, many cultivators glanced at each other. Some even wondered why they didn’t think of this. If this little brat cultivated an Emperor Merit Law, then he was indeed a fat sheep!

Since he was seen through, Jiang Zuo Hou coldly snorted and no longer danced around the issue, and directly demanded:

“Thats right, this Hou is here for the Emperor Merit Law of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. Your sect has declined, so it is time for the Emperor Merit Law to switch owners.”

Li Qi Ye squinted his eyes, looked at Jiang Zuo Hou, and slowly spoke:

“Your Jiang Zuo Clan was always a bunch of hypocrites. Especially Virtuous Monarch Jiang Zuo, he was a shameless son of a bitch. Even though you are annoying, at least you dare to admit your doings. You are an honest villain, and more respectable compared to your ancestor, Virtuous Monarch Jiang Zuo.”

“Little demon, you dare to insult my ancestor–”

Jiang Zuo Hou’s expression greatly changed. He roared as a great palm rushed towards Li Qi Ye, wanting to capture him alive.


Li Qi Ye didn’t need to do anything, Li Shuang Yan had already knocked away this palm with one finger. Jiang Zuo Hou lost his colors and immediately withdrew his palm. He then took several steps back.

“Goddess Li, do not seek trouble for yourself. The Nine Saint Demon Gate is promising and shouldn’t be dragged down to the muddled water just because of one unknown little brat.”

Jiang Zuo Hou’s eyes were emotionless as he threatened.

Li Shuang Yan coldly glared at him and said:

“It is not your Jiang Zuo Clan’s turn to tell my Nine Saint Demon Gate what to do!”

“If Young Miss Li is determined to protect this little demon, I’m afraid this old man will not be able to hold back.”

At this moment, a cold voice appeared from behind Jiang Zuo Hou. It was an old man with a thin figure and chilling glare, wearing an armor that weighed a thousand jin. With his iron armor, he seemed to be a steel mountain. However, the armor did not hinder his movement.

“Jiang Zuo Tie Yi!”[1]

Seeing this old man, a demon standing by the side lost his colors and said:

“The oldest brother of the clan master of the Jiang Zuo Clan!”

Jiang Zuo Tie Yi — he was not only the oldest brother of the Jiang Zuo Clan’s clan master, but also a ruthless Royal Noble. His hands were stained with blood. Legends has it that many cultivators and sects that opposed the Jiang Zuo Clan were personally massacred by him.

Jiang Zuo Tie Yi became a Royal Noble a thousand years ago, but because he lived during the Difficult Dao Era, he couldn’t improve after becoming a Royal Noble. After the era had finally ended, he had shown improvements and was very close to reaching Enlightened Being in these recent years. His strength was truly frightening!

“Jiang Zuo Tie Yi-”

Li Shuang Yan became serious and glared at this old man. She had heard of his ferocious name before. Even the elders of the Nine Saint Demon Gate wouldn’t dare to fight against Jiang Zuo Tie Yi.

“Little demon, be smart and hand over the Emperor Merit law.”

At this moment, Jiang Zuo Tie Yi glared at Li Qi Ye and said:

“Otherwise, I can’t guarantee your life.”

The cultivators who were watching were silent. In the cultivation world, using force to take something was too common. If the Jiang Zuo Clan wanted to let go of all face and steal the Emperor Merit Law, it would not be a surprising matter.

There were even cultivators with regrets in their hearts. If they knew this would happen, then they would have made a move sooner to steal the Emperor Merit Law. It would have been beneficial for their own cultivations.

At this moment, the Jiang Zuo Clan already made the first move, so there were only regrets in their minds.

“If I knew this little brat was carrying an Emperor Merit Law, then I would have done something earlier. Now, the Jiang Zuo Clan had found a fat sheep.”

A cultivator whispered.

Li Qi Ye laughed till his eyes were narrowed, and he said:

“It really seems like all of you think that I am a fish on a cutting board! And that I will let all of you do whatever you want! So be it, since your Jiang Zuo Clan has come to my door, then don’t blame me for not being merciful!”

Li Qi Ye was still so calm and comfortably cozy… It was to the point of causing Jiang Zuo Hou to be alarmed. If Li Qi Ye was so weak, would the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect allow him to go outside?

Or could it be that Gu Tie Shou was secretly following him? Thinking about the emperor’s possession in the hands of Gu Tie Shou, Jiang Zuo Hou’s heart became cold. Everyone was wary of this item. The immortal aura of the emperor’s possession was too terrifying, even an immortal could only die.

“The law of the jungle, where the strong survives and the weak perishes — a never changing law throughout the ages.”

Jiang Zuo Hou slightly smiled and said:

“But the Jiang Huo Clan is a great clan and will not seize your Emperor Merit Law. Since you are so arrogant, will you dare to make a bet with me?”

Jiang Zuo Hou suddenly changed his tone and confused many people. At the moment, his cavalry surrounded Li Qi Ye so there was no way he could escape. Why did Jiang Zuo Hou change his mind?

Right now, many older cultivators suddenly realized that if this junior, Li Qi Ye, was acting so arrogant, then there could be someone protecting him in the shadows.

“Bet? What kind of bet?”

Regarding schemes, who could compare to Li Qi Ye who had lived for countless years? Jiang Zuo Hou suddenly letting go — Li Qi Ye immediately understood what he was thinking. Jiang Zuo Hou’s cleverness would end up being his own undoing.

“You announced that you would slaughter the Jiang Zuo Clan!”

Jiang Zuo Hou coldly said:

“So this Hou wants to see whether you are capable of doing so. Do you dare to fight me once? If you lose, then hand the Kun Peng’s Six Variants over to me. This Hou will also not make things difficult for you, and will allow you to safely leave.”

Turning this robbery into a duel was a bright idea that suddenly occured in Jiang Zuo Hou’s mind. First, he was afraid that Gu Tie Shou was nearby; second, this was an acceptable and commonly used method.

A one-on-one duel between cultivators; life and death was up to fate. If one lost or was even killed, then one could only blame themselves for not being as skillful. If Li Qi Ye lost, then it would be due to his own lack of skill, and Jiang Zuo Hou would also rightfully obtain the Kun Peng’s Six Variants! Others wouldn’t be able to say anything.

Of course, everyone knew it was unfair. Jiang Zuo Hou had set one foot inside the Royal Noble realm. It was plain to see that Li Qi Ye would lose without a doubt.

“You don’t dare to fight, yet you still opened your mouth to shame my Jiang Zuo Clan!”

Jiang Zuo Hou coldly continued:

“Our Jiang Zuo Clan is very humane and will spare your life. However, you will need to cut off one arm and one leg for your sin.”

Jiang Zuo Hou said this in order to cut off the path of retreat for Li Qi Ye, leaving him with no other choices!