Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1209

Chapter 1209: Delivering The Skull As A Present

Yan Yanglong couldn’t move even if he wanted to. While nailed to the ground by the law, he desperately struggled, but it was futile.

He wanted to use his Extreme Yang Physique to burn this law, but regardless of how much power it emitted, it couldn’t burn this single law. The mud and soil around him had melted completely, but the law was untouched.

He cried out in response: “Li, kill me if you dare, what’s the point of humiliating me! Even if I die, I still won’t eat the mud!”

Yanglong was indeed unyielding. Even at death’s door, he didn’t beg at all and his words were still quite strong.

“In that case, I’ll fulfill your wish.” Li Qiye leisurely smiled.

Yan Yanglong madly howled: “Come on then! Kill me unless you’re a coward!” The refined flames of the sun engulfed his body like a volcanic eruption. No one could come close.

He wanted to use his Extreme Yang Physique for protection. As long as Li Qiye was unable to break through it, he wouldn’t be able to kill him.

Many people were surprised to see this. Yanglong was still quite powerful despite being nailed to the ground. This was indeed an Immortal Physique; other physiques couldn’t compare at all.

How could Li Qiye not see through his thoughts? He smiled and said: “You’re displaying your slight skill before an expert. You think you can stay alive by using this little physique? Very well, I love to rip the hope out of people.”

With that, he gently reached out with his palm. Even if Yanglong’s physique was more powerful, it wouldn’t be enough. The descending palm made the volcanic eruption of his physique seem like a candle flickering in the wind — bound to go out at any moment. The physique and refined sunflame instantly disappeared.

Such a scene was truly astonishing. An immediate dispatch of an Immortal Physique — just how domineering and fierce was this style?

“No!” Yanglong never expected that his physique wouldn’t be able to handle a single palm from Li Qiye. Unfortunately, it was too late for regret. He was annihilated just like his refined sunflame.

Everyone felt their insides go cold amidst the serenity. They understood that this human boy ahead was completely vicious and unafraid of anyone. He dared to kill Daoist Lin’s attendant and the Extreme Yang Monarch’s disciple in front of everyone. This was enough to show his domineering nature; a person who didn’t care about antagonizing anyone!

After killing Yan Yanglong, Li Qiye slowly walked to the front of the Teeming Prince. At this time, the prince’s body was completely fractured like broken porcelain. Just the slightest touch would shatter his body.

He was lying in a bloody pool and couldn’t move at all. Nevertheless, he was still quite fierce and looked at Li Qiye to coldly say: “The victor takes all. I can only blame myself for not having enough skill. Do as you will, the Teeming Tribe will have revenge for me by massacring your nine clans one day.”

In the face of death, the prince’s nature was still as ferocious as ever, true to his race.

“I will wait for your Teeming Tribe to come take revenge for you. The blood of billions shall stain this blue sea red.” Li Qiye smiled and swiftly chopped off the crown prince’s head.

The prince’s eyes were still wide open as he glared at his enemy.

“Boom!” Li Qiye spread his palm and a lightning bolt shot out. The dozen dying old men were burnt to ashes with only one remaining.

The moment this old man got up, Li Qiye threw him a box containing the prince’s head and smiled: “Bring this head back to the Teeming Tribemaster. Tell him and your entire race to not come and provoke me, or else he will share his son’s fate. If I see any Teeming Fish daring to show up before me, I will kill them all.”

The old man was trembling with anger, his face twisted with fury. Eventually, he spoke in a chill-inducing manner: “I will not leave out a single word!”

With that, he left with the prince’s head.

No one made any comments about Li Qiye’s message. The Teeming Tribe had always been a ruthless bunch and were quite aggressive and competitive recently. Li Qiye’s actions would enrage their entire tribe. The billions of their tribe would surely come to kill him no matter what!

Li Qiye broke the silence by patting his palms together and told Teng Jiwen and Ye Tu: “Okay, let us go. There is nothing else to do here.”

The duo quietly followed him.

Li Qiye didn’t get too far before turning back at the big shots hiding their true forms: “Return from whence you came. The Seacrossing Shuttle isn’t a place for you all to ponder. Even if your progenitor was here, he still wouldn’t dare to claim success.”

These big shots didn’t refute Li Qiye’s statement.

After leaving the fragmented realm and the shuttle, Li Qiye turned back to see the shuttle still floating away. He gently sighed at the Untethered Vessel and thought about the day that might come in the future.

Ye Tu looked at it and asked: “When the Seacrossing Shuttle sinks back into the Bottomless Trench, will the Charming Fragmented Realm close again?”

Li Qiye answered with a nod: “Yes. Its next appearance will be very long from now. Or rather, this world will have changed by then.”

The group returned to Shallow Beach where a Void Imperfection disciple was already waiting. Ye Tu received the news and immediately told Li Qiye with excitement: “Young Noble, the school has sent a message, the ancestral whale is waiting for you.”

“Good, I’ll set off at once.” He patted Ye Tu’s and Teng Jiwen’s shoulders and smiled: “It is time for me to go now. Do a good job training, maybe we’ll meet again one day.”

The two bowed to say goodbye. This short period of time with Li Qiye had granted them great benefits that would last them a lifetime.

The Jade Sea was unimaginably vast, almost boundless. Its depths were beyond speculation with countless living beings thriving within. Some of them were wondrous creatures.

Very few cultivators and tribes were here at the desolate edge of this sea because it was simply too far from the central area. Mountains were in abundance at the bottom of the sea. One couldn’t see an end to them.

The number of islands could be compared to the number of stars in the sky. However, they were all uninhabited.

This was where the ancestral whale of the Void Imperfection School was sleeping. Of course, this was only a temporary rest. When it woke up again, it would swim everywhere throughout the Jade, Abyss, and Dragon Demon Seas!

In the legends, it was a gigantic whale left behind by Immortal Emperor Wu Gou. It had the bloodline of a true dragon, but it had yet to gain intelligence so it still had its whale form.

In a certain sense, this whale was the ancestral ground of the Void Imperfection Three Schools, a mobile one!

A great deal of resources was contained in this whale. Both treasures and merit laws were divided and some were kept inside the beast.

If one day the three schools were to meet a formidable enemy and be completely destroyed, as long as the ancestral whale was still there, there was a chance to rise again. Unless this enemy was able to destroy the ancestral whale as well, the spark of the three schools would continue to be passed down for generations.

It wasn’t an easy matter to destroy an existence like the ancestral whale. An Immortal Emperor going all out might be able to do so, but even Godkings were not sufficient for this task.

Moreover, the location of the whale had always been a secret. Very few within the sects knew its true whereabouts.

Its cruising trajectory through the vast seas was impossible to predict. And after a long journey, it would swim to the depths of the sea to hibernate out of sight.

An old man was waiting for Li Qiye the moment he entered this region. The old man had a full beard and white hair, making him look like an old mortal around the age of seventy. No one knew how long he had lived for.

Nevertheless, his blood energy was still robust. This was a terrifying Godking.

“You must be Young Noble Li.” The old man cupped his fists and smiled at Li Qiye.

Li Qiye smiled back and nodded: “Following the ancestral whale has been very rewarding for you. It looks like you have lived for two generations now.”

The old man was frightened to hear this. His identity had always been a secret, even to his own sect. His mind shuddered at the sudden revelation of his longevity.