Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1213

Chapter 1213: Ophidian Treant

Some cultivators nearby exchanged glances. They didn’t know if this human boy before them had never seen the world before or if he was just simple by nature.

In the world of cultivation, the law of the jungle reigned supreme. Who would care about the well-being of others, let alone kindly remind them about dangers?

A cultivator laughed and said: “Danger? Boy, is this your first time leaving the house? Since when is being a cultivator not dangerous?”

The others laughed as well and felt that this kid was quite naive and didn’t know the situation. Everyone was here for the treasures and worldly essences, and they knew full well the dangers that this entailed.

“I’m still responsible for reminding everyone.” Li Qiye smiled bashfully: “My suggestion is for everyone to stand outside of the circle. After all, this is a troubled land, so something ominous is definitely coming. Standing inside will end in certain demise.”

A cultivator turned black and coldly spoke: “Ignorant child, what are you talking about? We are here for the treasure hunt, how can this be ominous?”

Knowing the danger was one thing, but no one liked to listen about it.

They were here for an undeserved fortune, but it hadn’t even come out yet before Li Qiye issued such an ill omen. Of course some cultivators wouldn’t be happy to hear this.

“It will be very ominous.” Li Qiye earnestly said: “In my opinion, blood will run like rivers, staining the Jade Sea red. Millions of corpses will fill up this region and countless beings will suffer miserable deaths. Today is the day where the entire Heaven Spirit World trembles. This is why I’m reminding everyone here.”

His serious attitude made the people here change their expressions. These words were too unlucky, making them all glare at him.

However, Li Qiye looked just like a dolt. With a very serious and earnest expression, he looked at everyone and said: “I advise everyone to stand outside of the circle. A tragic death here is not worth it.”

Some felt like vomiting blood from anger after listening to this kid. The treasures had yet to come out, but they were stuck here listening to this dolt speaking such ominous words.

A middle-aged man coldly spat: “What nonsense!” He was tall and burly with a golden cloak. His squinting eyes shot out a fearsome glint.

There were many disciples behind him. They looked to be quite skilled, so it was apparent that they came from a great sect.

This man was the deputy sectmaster of the Dual-Pupils Sect, a decently powerful faction in this area. He brought his fellow disciples along for the treasure hunt and was not happy to hear Li Qiye’s unlucky words.

“It’s not nonsense.” Li Qiye looked at this deputy master and said: “With your power, I’m afraid when the disaster arrives, you won’t last for even a minute before turning into ashes.”

Such words made this deputy master grimace. As a deputy master, both his fame and reputation were not to be underestimated. Although he was not as great as the paragons, he was still a talented strategist worthy of respect.

Being looked down on by a human boy like this was truly an affront to his prestige.

“Pa!” The Dual-Pupils Deputy Master furiously unleashed a palm strike and shattered the sign that Li Qiye had just put up. He coldly spoke: “I’m waiting for this so-called disaster then!”

Li Qiye coldly stared back in response: “It will come and your shrill scream will echo in this world. At that time, neither the heavens nor the earth will answer your cry for help.”

This master trembled with anger and had a twisted expression.

Many cultivators here were silent. They didn’t know if this boy ahead was really slow or just acting the fool. He actually went against the deputy master from the Dual-Pupils Sect and gave him no room to step down from this argument.

“Hahaha, where did this human boy come from to be making such alarmist remarks?” One of the people present sneered: “He probably has some ulterior motives, such as trying to frighten others away so the humans can monopolize the treasures.”

It was an old man that looked like a snake coiled around a small tree. In fact, the snake body and tree branch were inseparable. Only his head was in human form.

This was an Ophidian Treant, a branch from the Treant Race. However, this man maintained his original form and didn’t cultivate a complete human form.

He was an elder of his tribe. At this time, he had a dark smile on his face and believed that Li Qiye was scheming.

Many people were a bit startled and felt that this was logical. Otherwise, why would a human be so nice to remind them like this? He surely had ulterior motives.

Very briefly, their eyes fell upon Li Qiye with a different light.

“So he is just here to scare everyone.” The deputy leader snorted and shouted: “Speak! Who sent you here?! Tell the truth to avoid pain.”

“Kindness is treated as malice. If you want to die so much, it is your own business.” Li Qiye gave him an indifferent glance and said: “I have warned everyone to stand outside the circle to the best of my ability. Life or death will now depend on your own fortune.”

With that, he turned and left.

“Junior, stop right now!” The deputy leader screamed and reached out to grab Li Qiye.

However, Li Qiye’s body flashed and easily evaded his clutch before turning around to face him.

“Heh, looks like you have some moves.” The deputy leader sneered: “State your name, I will not kill a nobody. Quickly reveal who is giving you orders or suffer!”

“Li Qiye.” Li Qiye lazily said: “Scram before I become angry.”

Many people were unfamiliar with this name, but some had heard it before. A cultivator from the Jade Sea said: “He is that Li Qiye, the fierce youth who dares to eat dragon tendons in public.”

A few who had heard of his name found it quite surprising while stealing glances at him. They didn’t expect for this seemingly ordinary human to be the monster who ate dragon tendons. They all assumed that he would look like a vicious and domineering brute.

After all, eating dragon tendons was something that would provoke billions of Teeming Fish. Only an overbearing monster would be able to do something like this. Alas, the Li Qiye in front of them bore no semblance of this preconceived image.

“You are that Li Qiye!” The deputy master became hesitant. He had heard of Li Qiye’s notoriety. Someone who dared to publicly eat tendons was certainly not ordinary and nice.

Li Qiye coldly stated: “Now that you know, do not provoke me.”

“Hahaha, such confidence. This isn’t the place for a human brat like you to give orders.” The elder from the Ophidian Tribe wanted to add wind to the fire.

After hearing this, the deputy master arched his chest and coldly said: “The elder is right. This place belongs to everyone. What makes you think you can act presumptuously and make other people stand outside of the circle? What is your true goal?!”

At the very least, he was still a deputy master. If he couldn’t utter a few strong words, he would be in an awkward situation without any face. Even his sect would lose some reputation.

“Scram right now or I’ll kill you before the disaster even gets here!” Li Qiye was losing his patience.

Glances were exchanged in the crowd after hearing this. They finally felt that this normal human was incredibly fierce and domineering, he actually dared to scold the leader of a sect like this.

The deputy leader lost a lot of face from being scolded by a junior. How could he swallow this anger?

“Boy, today, I will flay you alive!” He took out his saber and threatened with a chilling gaze.

With that, his saber slashed through the sky at an extreme speed straight for Li Qiye’s chest. He wanted to kill him with a single blow.

Li Qiye raised his brows while a cold glint flashed across his eyes. He formed a fist and launched it at the oncoming blade.

With a buzz, boundless brilliance surged forth. A huge amount of refined sunfire gushed out as if nine suns were rising from his fist. The moment these suns came out, they instantly incinerated everything.

In a split second, the deputy master’s saber was melted into molten metal. He screamed right before he was turned into smoke. Not even his bones were left behind.

Though he was not weak, he had yet to become a paragon so he was no different from an ant before Li Qiye.

Extreme Yang Fist of the Myriad Dao Fists — the moment it came out, it would scorch the nine heavens and ten earths, let alone a mere deputy master.