Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1216

Chapter 1216: Teeming Tribemaster

While staring at the hanging corpses, one person quivered and murmured: “Another brilliant genius coming out of nowhere… Can he compare to the Profound God-Monarch, the Seven-seas War Goddess, the Swiftdao Celestial God, and the Seashield Heavenly Prince?”

These people were the most powerful geniuses in the contemporary Heaven Spirit World. The four of them were considered to have the best chances of becoming an Immortal Emperor.

A big shot looked at Li Qiye and speculated: “It isn’t clear whether he can compare with this group, but in my opinion, he stands shoulder to shoulder against Daoist Lin and the Extreme Yang Monarch.”

Daoist Lin and the Extreme Yang Monarch were also young prodigies in the Jade Sea. However, there was still a gap between them and the other four.

Li Qiye lazily glanced at the crowd while holding the cauldron and spoke: “If anyone is familiar with the Immaculate Expanse and Extreme Yang School, do me a favor and let them know that I am the killer. If they dare, come to Peacock Land to settle the feud. Don’t be ball-less cowards.”

Many were dumbfounded after hearing this. This was blatantly provoking these two sects. It looked as if he wanted to go all out against them.

After hearing this, even if Daoist Lin and the monarch had great self-restraint and were magnanimous, they still wouldn’t forgive Li Qiye. Otherwise, their sects would have no place in the Jade Sea in the future. And even without this provocation, someone else would send the news of these deaths to the two schools with haste.

More and more people arrived outside of Peacock Land. Li Qiye simply ignored them and continued to drown the land and sea with his cauldron’s fire.

Everything was ready, the only thing missing was the eastern wind. Once it starts to blow, he would finally be able to replenish the tree’s life.

He continued to refine the fire until it merged with the land and seawater, disappearing without a trace. With that, he recalled the cauldron and sat at the base of the Peacock Tree to have a moment of repose with his eyes closed.

Some people were shuddering while looking at Li Qiye waiting by the tree: “So courageous, opposing both the Immaculate Expanse and Extreme Yang School yet he still dares to wait for the enemies to come. Just how bold is this?”

The truth was that many people couldn’t see through this human boy and his nonchalant nature despite knowing that enemies were approaching. To the disbelief of the spectators, he seemed to be certain of victory.

He must either be powerful to an unreasonable level or had an invincible background.

However, the strongest human lineage in the Heaven Spirit World was the Exquisite Valley, and the valley couldn’t oppose either of these two lineages, thus people became curious about his background.

“I heard the Extreme Yang School and the expanse are preparing to go all out. They will not forgive this Li Qiye.” A well-informed person heard the news and whispered to the people around him.

No one was surprised to hear this. The death of their disciples and Li Qiye’s humiliating provocation were beyond anyone’s self-restraint.

Nevertheless, they were wondering what these sects would use for their killing move. Would the monarch and Daoist Lin personally take action?

Before people could wait for the expanse and Extreme Yang School to come and deal with Li Qiye, someone else was already here to cause trouble for him.

“Human brat, pay for my son’s life!” A roar resounded across the heaven and earth. It came from the bottom of the sea and was powerful enough to shake its foundation.

“Rumble!” At this time, a tidal wave rushed out from the horizon with great momentum like ten thousand stampeding horses.

“Splash! Splash!” Big fish jumped out of the water. Many of them were holding tridents and sabers with ferocious expressions. An insane number of fish leaped out of the water in an unstoppable manner like evil dragons.

Outside of these fish, many experts with the body of a fish and the head of a human or full humanoid bodies rode the waves. They came in a menacing manner as if they could tear apart anything that blocked their path.

“Teeming Fish!” Someone cried out after seeing these ferocious fish in the distance.

Many were shocked to see the sheer amount of fish and quickly retreated. No one wanted to be in their way, lest they risked angering these fish and be eaten completely, bones included.

They all ran out of the circle that had been drawn by Li Qiye beforehand so that the fish could rush forward.

The notoriety of this tribe was well documented. No one wanted to become their feast. Moreover, this group ahead was extremely furious already.

In a short period of time, this great army surrounded all of Peacock Land as well as the coasts in the nearby vicinity. They blocked off all paths of retreat to devoid Li Qiye of any opportunity to escape.

With more splashing, waves rose to the sky. These waves were carrying powerful troops, much more mighty than the other Teeming Fish. All of them had a human body at least.

Towards the front of the waves was an old man wearing a crown and a dragon robe. His eyes flashed with a frightening glint. Anyone could tell at first glance that he was quite ruthless.

Someone murmured after seeing him: “The Teeming Tribemaster…”

The crowd watched with bated breaths before the sheer amount of fish. One person estimated that there might be more than one million of them surrounding Peacock Land.

The tribemaster’s eyes fell upon Li Qiye, the terrifying glimmer seemingly stated his intention to eat Li Qiye alive. Anyone would feel their knees weakening after being exposed to this glare.

The cultivators retreated to a safe distance to watch. Everyone knew that Li Qiye had eaten dragon tendons before. He even decapitated the Teeming Crown Prince! Thus, it was not surprising to see the Teeming Tribemaster leading this great army to take care of him.

Another spectator commented: “This will be a fight to the death.”

“How can it not be?” A cultivator in the Charming Fragmented Realm added: “It is one thing to eat tendons in public, but he placed the prince’s head inside a box and gave it back to the Teeming Tribe. This is an irreconcilable feud that will only end with his death or the demise of the Teeming Tribe.”

The majority agreed with this statement. This tribe had always been unified, so killing the prince would bring about mass vengeance. No one could protect Li Qiye from this fight.

Someone murmured while looking at the blockade” “It looks pretty grim being enemies with the Teeming Tribe. Perhaps death is the only result.”

People have fought the Teeming Tribe for many years. Some even attacked and destroyed their lairs.

However, regardless of how powerful they might be, they couldn’t kill all of the Teeming Fish. In the next generation, this tribe would multiply again for a counter attack and even extinguish the offspring of whoever assaulted them first.

“Human brat, if you kneel and surrender, I will only torture you to death. If you resist, I will kill your ten clans. I don’t care what power you are from or what your identity is, we will chase you to the ends of this world and kill all of your clan members and anyone who has anything to do with you!”

People shuddered after hearing this declaration, true to the vengeful reputation of this tribe.

Li Qiye finally stood up from the Peacock Tree to lazily look at the sea full of Teeming Fish. He smilingly said: “Only a bunch of ants that love to toot their own horns; you love to bully the weak yet afraid of the strong.”

“Do you really think your tribe is invincible due to sheer numbers?” Li Qiye continued: “For countless years when many Immortal Emperors, sea gods, and treefathers want to eat dragon tendons, they would casually grab the fattest Teeming Fish, scrape off its scales, then cut them into slices before eating the tendon. Then, they would top it off with a plate of fish and drink soup stock made from the fish bones. What a pleasant and delicious meal…”

“… It’s a shame that your tribe didn’t even dare to fart as these beings devoured you, only turning a blind eye to everything. Heh, you would only act arrogant against tiny sects.” Li Qiye shook his head and sneered.