Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1226

Chapter 1226: Buzhan Feng

Buzhan Feng sighed after Li Qiye revealed his identity: “Brother Li is indeed a tree controller, you were able to see through me right away. For millions of years, those who have earned the favor of the ancestral trees have always been part of the most magnificent crowd. Today, you are no lesser than any of the old sages.”

So it turned out that Buzhan Feng was from the Buzhan Clan, the descendants of Immortal Emperor Buzhan. Outside of the Heaven Spirit World, the uninformed thought that the emperor was the one who founded this clan, but this was not the case.

A very long time ago before Immortal Emperor Buzhan came to be, the clan was already an ancient lineage with the surname Buzhan. Some even thought that this clan was older than Gu Chun’s four branches.

Even if it wasn’t the oldest clan in the Heaven Spirit World, there would be very few older than it.

As the successor of this clan, Buzhan Feng was quite powerful. However, just like his clan, he was not very famous in this world compared to the top geniuses like the Swiftdao God, the Seashield Prince, and the Seven Seas Goddess. He was even less renowned than the Extreme Yang Monarch or Daoist Lin due to his penchant for keeping a low profile.

Of course, the clan itself was very low-key. Outside of Immortal Emperor Buzhan’s generation, the clan had always acted in this manner. Some people guessed that this had something to do with their origin.

The Void Imperfection Three Schools rarely appeared as well. Zhuo Jianshi and Liu Ruyan maintained low profiles, albeit in a different manner from Buzhan Feng.

To be more precise, the three schools had a pragmatic reason for doing so while the two women had this type of personality. At the same time, the three schools didn’t vie for reputation or prestige. However, if there was something that was beneficial for the schools in question, they would definitely pursue it.

The Buzhan Clan was much more extreme in this regard. Their disciples rarely showed themselves in this world. Moreover, there was no interest in worldly affairs.

Many believed that the Buzhan Clan was doing this to preserve their strength. Others also thought that there were predicaments that forced them to be like this.

Li Qiye chuckled after hearing the praise. Many people had mistaken him for a tree controller and thought that he was the lucky guy chosen by the Peacock Tree. However, he didn’t care too much about this misperception.

The wooden boat rushed forward at breakneck speeds before landing on an island. The waves were quite lively here. One island after another covered this region like jewels of the sea. It was a particularly beautiful scene.

There were oceans everywhere in this world, but not just anyone could claim the islands as their private property. The Buzhan Clan’s main base was located at the Abyss Sea, but they still had properties in the Jade Sea. From this, one could see just how influential they were.

The youth took Li Qiye into a courtyard with artificial lakes and bubbling springs. A feminine aura was found in this place, so it was easy to tell that the owner of this house was a woman.

There was a little island on the artificial lake with water flowing under the connecting bridge. The dripping water created a very pleasant beat.

Li Qiye looked further and saw a woman sitting in a pavilion at the top of this island. Her back was facing them as her jade-white fingers were plucking the strings of her zither. A transcendent sound was created by her wondrous skill.

Even though he couldn’t see her face, it was clear from her slim and graceful back that she must be quite a looker with no room for criticism.

“Brother Li, let me introduce my big sister to you.” Buzhan Feng smiled and said: “Even though she rarely shows herself, I can guarantee that she is the prettiest girl in the Abyss Sea.”

Li Qiye looked at him with one eye and said: “Don’t tell me you are trying to find a husband for your older sis, or perhaps a stallion? If that’s the case, forget about it.”

“Brother Li, you can’t put it that way. Everything is up to the word ‘fate’.” The youth smiled back before raising his voice at the girl on the island: “Sister, let me introduce a friend to you. This is Brother Li, an exceptional genius in the contemporary. He is the guardian of the human race, the successor of Peacock Land, and the one who has been personally taught by the treefather. One would be hard-pressed to find his match in the entire world.”

Li Qiye didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when he heard Buzhan Feng bragging about him. Since when did he become the guardian of the human race and the successor of Peacock Land?

At this time, the woman stopped playing her zither. She didn’t turn her head and only said: “Little Feng, your friend is my friend so I welcome him here, but if you want to be the same as Father by trying to find an imperial bloodline to pass on our line, then sorry, excuse my lack of reception.” Without a doubt, the big sister knew just what her brother was up to.

“Sis, you can’t put it like that. Brother Li is incomparably outstanding.” He didn’t give up and continued his boasting spiel: “He came from a distinguished family while still being humble and dignified. In my eyes, the Seashield Prince’s group can’t compare to him.”

Li Qiye smiled and shook his head: “Forget about this. If you are still interested, let’s have a drink.”

With that, he turned and left.

Buzhan Feng couldn’t do anything else and had to catch up to Li Qiye. Nevertheless, he still looked back at his sister and shouted: “Sis, think about it, maybe you two will fall in love at first sight…”

His sister ignored his nonsense and quietly played her zither. The melodious song began to play again.

Although Buzhan Feng failed the introduction, he still entertained Li Qiye very well. In his own pavilion, he took out the wine that he had been fermenting and hiding for Li Qiye to drink.

After carefully tasting the wine from the clan, Li Qiye put down the cup and nodded his head: “The old wine from your clan is indeed worthy of its fame.”

Buzhan Feng laughed and said: “Mine is not considered high quality at all. The ones from the ancestors back home are the best of the best. If you want, you can come have a taste at our clan.”

He poured another cup for Li Qiye after saying this.

Li Qiye smiled and shook his head: “If your clan is trying to find a groom or whatever, I’ll have to pass since I have zero interest in this kind of thing.”

“Brother Li, you can’t be so sure about that. My sis is the number one beauty of the Abyss Sea, she’s definitely not inferior in the slightest compared to the Exquisite Valley Master. Plus, I’m not one to brag, but she is beyond virtuous. In this regard, she does not lose to Schoolmaster Zhuo, and in terms of beauty, she is a match for Schoolmaster Liu as well…”

“… So, if you two stay together for a bit, maybe you will be attracted to each other and become something more.” He was trying his best to sell his sister.

Li Qiye leisurely drank the wine and chuckled: “This is our first meeting yet you are introducing your sister to me already. Are you not afraid of pushing your sister into a fire pit?”

“I’m not worried at all.” The youth smiled back: “What kind of people are the geezers from the Void Imperfection Three Schools? They’re as crafty as ghosts and sly like foxes, and they want nothing more than to marry Schoolmaster Zhuo to you. The old men from the Golden Isle also want you for their groom. Since you are such a hot commodity, I can represent my sister and hook you two up without any apprehension.”

Li Qiye laughed and shook his head since he didn’t want to dwell on this topic: “Forget the matter of grooms. However, if there is a chance, I do want to visit the Buzhan Clan to see the ancient scrolls left behind by your ancestors.”

Buzhan Feng hurriedly replied: “Brother Li, you are indeed special with extraordinary vision, ordinary people can’t compare to you. They only want to see treasures and technique manuals at our clan, but you want to read the ancient books.”

He smiled and continued: “It is no big deal if you want to read our books, just marry my big sis, then we’ll be family. With my sis asking the ancestors in your stead, it will be very simple. You probably don’t know, but my big sis is their favorite. The ancestors dote on her more than me, the successor.”

Li Qiye helplessly waved his sleeve at Buzhan Feng not giving up on trying to sell his sister: “Don’t mention this again. I have zero interest.”

“Okay.” Buzhan Feng had to drop it and smiled: “Then I won’t bring it up again, but I’m still confident that there is a lot of time left. There is still a chance for the two of you.”

Li Qiye had to smile back since he understood that the Charming Spirit Race had always been interested in the procreation of their race and stallions.

In fact, he wasn’t the only one lacking interest in this matter. Buzhan Feng’s older sister opposed this matter as well.