Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1227

Chapter 1227: Origin Of The Buzhan Clan

The two continued to drink their fine wine. Even though Buzhan Feng came from an ancient clan, he was still very amiable and humorous to the point where others would hesitate to end the party.

After another round, Buzhan Feng put down his cup and said: “Brother Li, this might be intrusive so I don’t know if I should ask or not.”

Li Qiye nonchalantly said: “Go ahead.”

Buzhan Feng stated in a serious manner: “In my humble opinion, Brother Li must not be from the Heaven Spirit World. Of course, if you don’t want to talk about it, we’ll just pretend that I didn’t say anything.”

Li Qiye took another sip and casually asked: “What makes you say that?”

“Brother Li, you are a hero in the contemporary, a dragon that will soar to the nine heavens, destined to be a prominent Godking.” The youth smilingly answered: “In my opinion, you didn’t debut just now, and yet you are completely unknown in the Heaven Spirit World. Thus, I believe that you are not from here.”

Li Qiye chuckled and glanced at the youth: “It is no secret. You are right, I am from the Mortal Emperor World.”

“Just as I thought!” He patted his thigh triumphantly: “I must be eighty to ninety percent right then.”

“It looks like you have more to say.” Li Qiye narrowed his eyes and smirked at the boy: “And here I thought you only wanted to introduce your sister to me.”

“No, no, Brother Li, don’t misunderstand.” Buzhan Feng bowed to apologize with great sincerity: “I really did ask you to come here so that I could introduce my big sis to you, but at the same time, I also wanted to ask a few questions.”

Li Qiye slowly took another sip. After a good while, he said: “Go ahead.”

“This little brother wants to ask you about the great vortex.” Buzhan Feng hurriedly replied: “Please teach me.”

Li Qiye flatly said while squinting his eyes: “It looks like you know a lot.”

“No, of course not, this is pure speculation. Your appearance is too coincidental and was right around the time of the fluctuation from the vortex. Therefore, I came up with a bold guess, you must have gone there.”

Li Qiye asked slowly: “Do you have some intentions towards the vortex?”

Buzhan Feng took a deep breath and earnestly spoke: “I won’t hide it from you. Brother Li, I am very concerned about the vortex. As the successor of the Buzhan Clan, this is also my responsibility. Perhaps you don’t know about the origin of our clan, but I can let you know that there is a reason why we are here at the Heaven Spirit World. We are more closely connected to the vortex than any other lineage.”

“I know a bit about this matter.” Li Qiye calmly revealed: “Your clan has always been linked to the vortex. Outsiders do not know the reason why, but the answer to this question traces back to the origin of your clan.”

“You know?” Buzhan Feng was surprised because outsiders shouldn’t know about this. Even some disciples in the clan were unaware. As the successor, he was privy to more information than his peers. Nevertheless, he still didn’t know the secrets behind this relationship.

“There aren’t many things that I don’t know.” Li Qiye leisurely said: “If your clan can understand your own beginning, then it will come to understand its relationship with the vortex. Moreover, it will also clear up the origin of your Charming Spirit Race.”

Li Qiye sipped his wine and leisurely said: “In other words, if your Buzhan Clan’s genealogy was a historical script, then it would be one about the history of the charming spirits. If there are blank spots in this race’s history itself, then there will be answers within your clan. However, that is based on the premise that you can figure out your own origin first.”

Li Qiye’s words shocked Buzhan Feng. He stared at Li Qiye in astonishment and murmured: “Brother Li, you know much more than I expected. To have such insight… It seems that I’m inferior in this aspect.”

“It’s nothing. When you go to many places, you will learn many things.” Li Qiye put down his cup again.

Buzhan Feng quickly refilled Li Qiye’s cup and continued the conversation in earnest: “The truth is that I’m confused about many things as well. All of it seems to be hidden in a fog throughout history. So please, guide me out of this maze.”

Li Qiye looked at him and answered: “There’s not much I can teach you. If you think I came this time for the vortex, then that would be wrong. I just happened to be passing by and played around a bit.

After a while, he went on: “If you want to ask me about what is at the bottom of the vortex, if there are things that relate to your clan or the charming spirits, then my answer is that I can’t tell you.”

Li Qiye plainly explained: “The things there are also related to the origin of the sea demons and the final destination of the treants. Just like the sea demons at the Bonesea and the Divine Tree Ridge for the treants, outsiders can’t explain it to you. A true answer has to be figured out on your own.”

Buzhan Feng murmured to himself: “The Bonesea and Divine Tree Ridge for those two races…”

Eventually, he looked up over at Li Qiye and speculated out loud: “Are you saying that our origin is similar to the sea demons and treants?”

“No, you are off in this case.” Li Qiye smiled: “Why is it that you charming spirits are considered the favored children of the heavens instead of the sea demons or treants? Why is it that sea demons don’t want to leave this world and the treants will always return no matter what? There are many similarities, but the real reason, the true answers, are completely different.”

Buzhan Feng began to ponder while murmuring: “I think I’m seeing something here. When treants die, they begin the process of atavism and take root in the earth. For generations, the sea gods also have to be accepted by the Trident. Only with it would they be qualified to fight Immortal Emperors.”

This issue had been repeatedly explored for many generations. Why did treants have to return to the Heaven Spirit World? Some said that even if they went to other places, they would come back to this world to die. Only by dying here would they be returning to their roots.

As for the sea demons, everyone could understand that no other places in the nine worlds were more suitable than the Heaven Spirit World. After all, the entire place was practically a vast ocean. Where would they rather go than here?

However, something that was quite peculiar to many researchers was why sea demons didn’t become Immortal Emperors and instead became sea gods. Another interesting thing was their most powerful artifact, one that could even suppress Immortal Emperors — the Trident.

What was the secret behind the Trident? Where did this powerful weapon come from?

Li Qiye stared at the absent-minded boy and said: “If a real answer is what you seek, then you must go to the vortex; it can give you the answer. Of course, you must get through it alive first.”

“Go to the vortex?” Buzhan Feng took a deep breath and smiled wryly before shaking his head: “I’m a very confident person, but I know I am not qualified to go to the vortex. That is beyond my abilities. Even if there are answers there, I would be torn asunder before reaching its end. If even Godkings can’t do it, there’s no way I could.”

“If I remember correctly, your forefather, Immortal Emperor Buzhan, went there in the past.” Li Qiye smiled and slowly uttered: “He is one of the few Immortal Emperors that was obsessed with the vortex, much more so than the other emperors.”

Buzhan Feng was silent for a bit before eventually answering: “I heard the ancestors say that our forefather really did go in there. According to legend, he actually made it to the bottom.”

Here, the youth helplessly shrugged before continuing: “But when His Venerableness came back from the vortex, he rarely talked about this matter. Nothing was said about what he saw down there, so our clan doesn’t know much about the bottom of the vortex.”

“It’s not exactly difficult to find out more.” Li Qiye drank another cup: “If I am not mistaken, your emperor left behind two top-secret imperial edicts. Open the second one and perhaps you can get some answers.”

“How do you know that?!” Buzhan Feng was frightened after hearing Li Qiye.

“Like I said, there are very few things that I don’t know. “ Li Qiye nonchalantly stated: “Normally, Immortal Emperors would leave behind one imperial edict. If an emperor leaves behind two, then the second one would entail a heaven-shattering matter relating to an eternal secret. It is not something the world should find out so easily, only real experts that have reached a certain level are qualified to learn it!”