Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1245

Chapter 1245: Dragonwell City

After hearing Hong Yujiao, Shangguan Feilong darted his eyes at Li Qiye. Despite being unwilling, he still scowled and said: “Our disciples were incapable, and out of consideration for Young Sister Hong, I won’t pursue this any further. But Li, you better control yourself, this is the territory of us sea demons!”

Without a doubt, this was a direct threat towards Li Qiye.

Li Qiye only smiled and didn’t really care. He had no intention of taking action against cultivators of Feilong’s level unless they were asking to die.

Feilong glared at Li Qiye one last time before cupping his fists at Hong Yujiao: “Young Sis, I have met my big sister, she says that she also wants to see Uncle. Wait for us after the birthday celebration of the Jian Ancestor, we will visit your house and see Uncle then.”

Hong Yujiao chose to be quiet instead of answering.

After Feilong left, Zhang Baitu worriedly looked at her and said: “Junior Sister, it looks like his big sister is coming to ask for an engagement. He must be feeling quite confident this time.”

Eventually, Hong Yujiao answered: “I won’t marry so easily.”

“It won’t be that simple.” Despite not staying at Dongting Lake, Zhang Baitu still knew a few things, resulting in his worries: “I heard that the Wyvern Country has always wanted a human with a great bloodline to help pass on their own. People say that Feilong’s bloodline is very powerful, the best of the younger generation with the exception of his sister.”

“I also heard that they wanted to become in-laws with the Exquisite Valley. Unfortunately for them, the valley refused right away.” Zhang Baitu continued: “Sister, your bloodline is the most exceptional in our lake, so the Wyvern Country won’t give up that easily. Plus, with his sister coming in person, they will also have the backing of the Roaring Conch, giving them ample leverage.”

“Hmph, so what if Shangguan Feiyan is back?” Hong Yujiao snorted: “Can they really force this marriage?!”

Zhang Baitu could only sigh. There was no point in worrying about it since he wasn’t strong enough to do anything.

Regardless of her tough posturing, she still reminded Li Qiye: “Young Noble Li, there’s no need to worry about this Shangguan Feilong. However, his sister, Shuangguan Feiyan, warrants some caution. She comes from the Roaring Conch and is doted on by its ancestors. People say that there is a possibility of her marrying the Seashield Prince to become the mistress of the Roaring Conch…”

“… Sometimes, taking a step back is the right way to go about things. You don’t need to go head-on against the Wyvern Country.” She warned him with good intent: “After all, the Roaring Conch is very powerful at the Dragon Demon Sea. They can even order the sea demons around the world.”

So it turns out that Shangguan Feilong came from Wyvern, a great power in this sea region. Of course, the thing they were most proud about was not the true dragon bloodline coursing through their veins, it was Shangguan Feiyan who was able to join the Roaring Conch and become one of the youngest God-Monarchs.

Li Qiye responded to these warnings with a smile. Hong Yujiao sighed because she understood that her words went in one ear and out the other.

After leaving the valley, she also wanted to return to Dongting Lake in order to report to her father. Before leaving, she respectfully said her goodbyes: “I’ll go report to my father about this. Hopefully, you will meet him at least once.”

Li Qiye insipidly responded: “Tell him to come meet me at Dragonwell.”

After she left, Li Qiye told Zhang Baitu: “Go back and clean up your belongings, we’ll be going to Dragonwell.”

Zhang Baitu nodded. At this time, he would obey any command from Li Qiye.

After packing his stuff, he followed Li Qiye to Dragonwell. This was the second stop of Rainbow City. There was only one way to go from Dragonhark to Dragonwell, and that was to ride the rainbow fish.

Just like Dragonhark, no one knew where Dragonwell was located, they only knew that these fish were the only method of transportation linking all the cities together. At the very least, no one had heard of someone being able to go from one city to another using a different method.

The duo arrived at the ferry again and found that there was already a long line. It was still an ordinary old man collecting money at the entrance.

He had a light blue robe with an indifferent expression. He stared at the cultivators as if all of them owed him money.

When it was Li Qiye’s turn, Li Qiye said: “To Dragonwell.”

The old man glanced at the two and pointed at Zhang Baitu: “You, one Provisional Palace Jade.”

Zhang Baitu was surprised and stammered: “It, it has always been free for me at Rainbow City. Rainbow Island to Dragonhark was free for me just earlier.”

Zhang Baitu didn’t really know why it had always been free for him. Maybe that particular old man knew that he didn’t have enough money to pay. Nevertheless, always paying no fee left him a bit embarrassed since he wasn’t the type who relished taking advantage of others.

“One Provisional Palace Jade.” The old man ignored him then reached out his hand towards Li Qiye and coldly demanded: “You, one thousand Virtuous Paragon Jades.”

“That’s outrageous!” Zhang Baitu was scared silly: “It didn’t cost us that much to come here from Rainbow Island.”

“Pay if you want to go. If not, then scram already!” The old man angrily shouted, leaving no room for negotiation.

Zhang Baitu glanced at Li Qiye. This old man clearly wanted to play them, especially Li Qiye.

Li Qiye only smiled with a carefree attitude as he handed a black pouch over to the old man.

The old man put the pouch away without looking at the contents before whistling for two rainbow fish.

“How much will you charge me to go to the city in the clouds?” Li Qiye smiled at the old man.

The old man didn’t bat an eye as he replied with the same emotionless expression: “Who knows.”

“Money is not a problem.” Li Qiye leisurely pressed on: “I will have to go up there eventually, so take out your abacus to calculate how much it will cost.”

The cold old man didn’t want to answer, so he didn’t make a single sound.

After sitting on the fish, Li Qiye added in a serious tone: “Since I have to visit it either way, I hope the rainbow fish will take me there at that time, okay?”

The old man remained quiet. At this time, the fish were spewing bubbles. They floated along the bubbles and disappeared right away.

When Li Qiye and Zhang Baitu regained their vision, they were in a different city. This was the second stop of Rainbow City — Dragonwell.

According to the legends, Dragonwell hid unparalleled treasures that remained veiled from the public eye.

After they disembarked the fish, Zhang Baitu curiously asked: “Young Noble, what kind of city is above the clouds?”

He knew that Rainbow City consisted of Dragonhark, Dragonwell, and Dragonspring, but he had never heard of a city above the clouds, people never mentioned it.

“You don’t need to know, so don’t ask.” Li Qiye gently shook his head: “If, one day, the people up there notice you, then you will naturally learn about them. Just keep trying, the future is still full of opportunities.”

Zhang Baitu didn’t ask again. He breathed deeply and nodded.

“Stay at the Rainbow Pavilion branch.” Li Qiye casually handed some jades to Zhang Baitu before leaving.

Zhang Baitu watched him leave without asking where he wanted to go and headed for the inn right afterward.

Li Qiye walked along the long street with his heart slightly jumping. Something seemed to be affecting him as unwanted memories resurfaced in his mind.

He took his time walking to the end of the street. An old mansion appeared before him. Its age didn’t affect its majestic aura, as if there was an overlord presiding over the estate.

A wooden plaque with the word “Jian” could be found hanging at the entrance. It was written in an archaic style that contained infinite prestige.

The Jian Clan of Rainbow City was a legendary existence. Despite its low profile, people still viewed it with awe and respect.

Rumor has it that the Jian Clan were the only outsiders who were allowed to stay long-term at Rainbow City. This was the only stopping place for humans in the entire city.

Rainbow City was vast. Many powerful lineages, such as the Seven Martial Pavilion and the Roaring Conch, wanted to establish their own strongholds or divisions in this place.

However, regardless of how strong they were, even when their sea gods were still alive, they couldn’t get into Rainbow City. These powerful lineages didn’t dare to act recklessly here without permission from the city.