Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1253

Chapter 1253: Jian Clan

This ginseng root amazed the spectators. The violet glow on its red body made it look like a priceless treasure to just about anyone.

Feilong and the Bloodshark Scion were embarrassed by this root. Their expressions became quite ugly. They were laughing at Li Qiye earlier, but now, this ginseng root was a ruthless slap to their faces, leaving them with no room for retort.

Of course, this was not Li Qiye trying to show off. In terms of status, the Jian Grandfather was still his junior. Giving this root to prolong his life was only a greeting gift for a junior.

Jian Xiaotie hurried out at this time. He was talking to his guest inside the mansion, but as soon as he heard from a disciple, he ran outside right away. A ginseng root was still considered a grand gesture to their clan, so he had to personally greet Li Qiye.

“Brother Li, thank you for the generous gift.” He cupped his fists right away and said: “I thank you on behalf of our Grandfather.”

This root was quite crucial to the Grandfather since he was already eight thousand years old. It could prolong his life by at least one hundred years.

Li Qiye just nodded and lightly said: “Don’t mention it, just a small gift.”

This nonchalant attitude made some of the guests stare at the Bloodshark Scion and Shangguan Feilong. Earlier, the scion was gloating after presenting a Bloodshark Divine Pearl and mocked Li Qiye in the process. But now, Li Qiye’s ginseng root was countless times more precious than the pearl, yet Li Qiye still acted normally. The difference in the two’s worth became clear with a glance.

“Brother Li, Master Hong, and fellow daoists, please come inside.” Jian Xiaotie noticed that Li Qiye was together with Hong Tianzhu’s group, so he busily invited them in.

Hong Tianzhu and the disciples brightened up after being personally invited by Xiaotie, the successor of the Jian Clan. Even though he rarely showed himself, his status was great. Normally, he would only greet guests from imperial lineages or sea gods’ sects.

Thus, they felt respected after receiving this gesture from him.

As they were leaving, they walked by the Bloodshark Scion. Li Qiye only gave him a quick glance and stated: “This divine pearl is just a piece of crap. I would only use them to decorate the pen of livestock, it’s not worth a single coin.”

Li Qiye never took it easy on those who opposed him and left no room for conciliation. No one else dared to interfere with this personal grievance between the two.

The scion’s face reddened with anger after hearing this. He scowled and left right away. Feilong followed right after him. Staying any longer would only result in further humiliation.

Jian Xiaotie noticed the atmosphere and tried to change the topic: “Brother Li, this is your first time at our home. If you and everyone else don’t mind, how about a tour?”

Despite already being familiar with the mansion, Li Qiye still gently nodded: “A walk doesn’t sound bad.”

The mansion occupied a wide area. Inside it had its own heavenly grotto, so it was more accurate to call it an ancestral ground than a mansion.

There were temples and pavilions situated on majestic terrain everywhere. Rivers ran by with hills and other wondrous natural environments.

Dongting Lake’s disciples had an eye-opening experience while following Jian Xiaotie through the mansion. They thought that it was just a series of buildings in the beginning instead of it being its own separate space. Outside of shock, they truly realized that the Jian Clan wasn’t just powerful in name.

Li Qiye gently sighed while walking through this familiar land with an indescribable feeling.

All along, the Jian Clan wanted him to come back. To a certain extent, the clan was started by him. However, after burying Jian Wenxin, he didn’t want to come back here again because the same sentence kept echoing in his head whenever he returned.

“The heavens is too unreachable, there is nothing bad about being a trapped ant in this world.” These were among her last words: “Your Excellency, I know your ambition is as high as the heavens and as far-reaching as the limits of the world. After I rest, I hope that you can go even further and faster. This is my end, the best I can hope for!”

He gently shook his head after recalling her words. In her last moments, he didn’t blame her or Empress Hong Tian.

The only pity was that Hong Tian had always been a stubborn girl. After so long, she still didn’t want to look back. However, it was precisely this unyielding stubbornness that carried her to such heights.

Jian Xiaotie, acting as a tour guide for everyone, noticed Li Qiye’s absent-mindedness and asked: “Brother Li, what’s wrong?”

Li Qiye’s mind returned as he smiled: “Nothing, I’m just a bit tired. I will go back to rest.”

“Okay then.” Jian Xiaotie replied: “I have made the arrangements for your group’s living quarters. If you are tired, we can have this tour again tomorrow. That will be when Grandfather will come out as well. I’ll take you to see him then.”

Li Qiye only chuckled in response. Meanwhile, the disciples from the lake enviously stared at Li Qiye. The Jian Grandfather was a Celestial Godking. Not just anyone could meet a character of this level in person. It was a kind of honor.

Jian Xiaotie led the group back to the guest rooms. However, they met other people on the way.

“My Queen, that’s Li Qiye.” At this time, Shangguan Feilong and the Bloodshark Scion led two women here. Both of them could be considered kingdom-toppling and put girls like Hong Yujiao and Miss Lin to shame.

One of them was brilliantly charming while the other noble and enchanting. Their indescribable beauty could sway the soul. This was especially true for the noble woman in her phoenix dress. She exuded the mature vibe of a woman that was too temptatious.

Not only did they eclipse Hong Yujiao in beauty, their auras were powerful and imposing as well.

The charming girl had divine halos emanating from her body. Belying her slender figure that gave her a fragile appearance, the halos still engulfed this world with a frightening God-Monarch presence. She was the genius of the Roaring Conch, Shangguan Feiyan!

The other woman’s phoenix robe told the tale of her identity. She also had divine circles around her body with a spiritual mirror behind her head. This mirror could illuminate the entire world. It was irresistible and could steal away souls. This was the Profound God-Monarch’s favorite concubine, Gongsun Meiyu. She wasn’t a beautiful yet useless decorative vase since she was already famous as a genius before marrying the monarch in the Abyss Sea.

Her talents were superb since she cultivated the unique characteristics of the charming spirit to the highest level. Her bewitching eyes showed that she had mastered her seductive techniques. Rumor has it that her divine eyes could take control of others.

Hong Tianzhu was alarmed after seeing the two women because he had heard of the feud between them and Li Qiye. He knew that Li Qiye had killed Gongsun Meiyu’s favorite maid, Gongsun Qianer.

Jian Xiaotie frowned at this development as well. He was not one who was afraid of trouble, however Shangguan Feilong and the scion were stirring the pot, and this displeased him.

“You are the one who killed my maid?” Gongsun Meiyu’s eyes fell upon Li Qiye. Her phoenix eyes turned cold and stately.

Li Qiye was as calm as ever and only took a quick glimpse at Meiyu before replying in a flat tone: “Who?”

“Gongsun Qianer!” Meiyu coldly said: “The woman you killed at the Bottomless Trench!”

“Oh, yes, something like that indeed happened.” Li Qiye smiled: “Unfortunately, she shouldn’t have made a move against me. I have never shown mercy to my enemies.”

“A life for a life!” Meiyu’s cold glare emitted a murderous intent: “I shall take your head and sacrifice it to her soul in the heavens.”

Feilong and the scion became quite excited to see Meiyu wishing to deal with Li Qiye. The two of them felt a sense of schadenfreude while waiting for her to kill him.

Li Qiye revealed a wide smile and raised his brows a little while looking at her. He then glanced at Feiyan and the other two before leisurely answering: “By yourself or everyone together? I think it is better if all of you come together so that I won’t have to waste too much time cleaning you up one by one.”