Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1263

Chapter 1263: Jian Wendi

Li Qiye smiled after seeing the old man’s dazed appearance and casually commented: “You said that your big sis couldn’t cross the final hurdle, but isn’t it the same for you?”

“Your Excellency, you are right about that. It is the same for me, please don’t laugh.” The old man regained his composure and smiled wryly.

“It’s nothing.” Li Qiye waved his sleeve in response: “If you wish to know, I can tell you.”

“No…” The old man shook his head with a firm demeanor: “I don’t want to know nor do I want to ask a single thing! He is he and I am I. Even if he was an Immortal Emperor admired by the masses, he is but a stranger in my mind!”

He resolutely declared: “Even though his blood runs through my veins, in my eyes, I have severed all ties with him, and so did my sister and mother. The moment we had to flee for dear life that day was when we were no longer related to him. My surname is Jian, my sister’s surname is Jian, and so is our mother’s!”

Li Qiye sighed after seeing his expression: “Just let it go. Everything will be buried in the river of time.”

“Yes, it is over already, who will still remember or know about it?” The dazed old man quietly whispered: “But my big sis was haunted by this shadow her whole life. She was born to be extraordinary, destined to be great, yet she chose to live a mundane life! It was all because she had a father who wanted to kill his own daughter!”

Jian Wendi was the name of this old man. He was also the progenitor of the Jian Clan and Jian Wenxin’s younger brother.

The origin of the Jian Clan had always been a secret in the Heaven Spirit World. No one knew where they came from.

In fact, this matter hid a great secret that those who knew about it would rather keep silent. The Jian Clan came from the Mortal Emperor World, and Jian Wendi and Jian Wenxin were the children of an Immortal Emperor. Unfortunately, they couldn’t enjoy their lives as a prince and princess.

This emperor used murder to prove his dao. The moment he reached the top, an inner demon appeared that he failed to defeat. Due to his murderous dao, he was doomed to a path of ruthless killing.

Before his ascension, he already had a wife and children. Because of this, he couldn’t reach the ultimate state of being completely emotionless and ruthless. In order to do this, he must remove his restraints. Thus, before the grand dao, he wanted to sever all emotions by killing his own blood in order to prove his dao.

Alas, he was not successful in the beginning. His followers were able to save his family and take them away from him. However, he was only half a step away from becoming an emperor at this point, so he was completely unbeatable.

Those who protected his family couldn’t escape his wrath. From then on, Jian Wendi’s mother fled with her two children all across the nine worlds.

Later on, they met a crow who gave them the idea of faking their own deaths in order to escape.

Their father truly thought that they had died, so he finally defeated his inner demon to prove his dao and became an invincible Immortal Emperor.

After becoming an emperor, he became even more powerful. He was able to calculate his own bloodline and realized that his son and daughter were still alive.

The consequences were easy to imagine. All of the seniors that protected his wife and children died in the battle. The Dark Crow had to appear once again to rescue them from his clutch.

Because their father was an emperor, he was invincible in that generation with nobody capable of stopping him.

At the same time, the bloodline of their father ran through their bodies, so they couldn’t escape his vision no matter where they went.

Ultimately, in order to escape the hunt, their mother committed suicide while their bloodline was sealed by the Dark Crow. He then entrusted the children to another extremely powerful being that eventually hid them away.

Because their bloodline had been sealed and their bodies disappeared into the most secretive dimension in this world, even their emperor father couldn’t calculate where they were hiding via their bloodline.

In the end, the emperor gave up. The sister and brother finally managed to escape this calamity.

As more generations went by, their sealed bloodline was eventually unlocked. They were able to appear in this world once more.

The invincible existence that had protected them all this time took them in as disciples. Because of this, these two were able to start the Jian Clan.

“It’s over, everything is now gone.” Jian Wendi eventually shook his head and said: “I am a member of the Jian Clan, the past no longer has anything to do with me.”

Ever since the start of their escape, the two had decided to take their mother’s surname in order to cut off all relations with their father.

Li Qiye felt a bit sorrowful while looking at Jian Wendi. Even though the two of them were able to escape, the whole experience still left an indelible shadow in their hearts for the rest of their lives.

Her sister was born to be extraordinary and extraordinary she was. Alas, she ultimately pursued a peaceful life of a mortal. Because of this, she gave up competing for the Heaven’s Will and a chance of becoming an emperor. Nevertheless, due to her great wisdom, she couldn’t truly experience this peaceful lifestyle.

Luckily, Jian Wendi handled it much better. Even though he couldn’t surpass the dao block in his heart, the Jian Clan — under his leadership — still prospered and became an inheritance that lasted until this day.

After a good while, Jian Wendi commented with regret: “It is a pity that I cannot follow you, Your Excellency, to serve you during your journey…”

Li Qiye waved his sleeve and flatly said: “It is enough for you to stay here and protect the Jian Clan. As for paying me back, your sister has done plenty. You don’t owe me anything.”

Jian Wendi disagreed: “No, Your Excellency. In my mind, you are my second parent. Without you, my sister and I wouldn’t have survived and my Jian Clan definitely wouldn’t be what it is today. I only hate the fact that I don’t wish to go further, I can’t face it!”

Li Qiye sighed: “I’m also very happy to see the current Jian Clan. This place can be considered my home as well.”

Jian Wendi smiled innocently like a child in front of Li Qiye. Because of Li Qiye, the two of them were able to have the courage to live on.

Jian Wendi issued a command: “Tell Longwei and Xiaotie to come here.”

Jian Longwei eventually entered with Jian Xiaotie behind him. The two were quite startled to see Li Qiye casually sitting there.

Jian Longwei was eight thousand years old now, but the times he had met the progenitor could be counted on one’s hand. Outside of earth-shattering events, the progenitor normally wouldn’t summon him.

As for Jian Xiaotie, he had only met the progenitor once. It was during his coming of age. From then on, he wasn’t summoned again.

In fact, not many members of their respective clans would be able to see their progenitors. This included the ancestors as well.

Jian Wendi ordered the two: “Kneel before His Excellency.”

Even though the two didn’t know the reason, they didn’t dare to disobey their progenitor, so they respectfully kneeled before Li Qiye.

Jian Wendi slowly said: “Longwei is the current clan master while Xiaotie will be the next, so you two should know some things about our clan. His Excellency before you is our benefactor and the master of our clan! Our clan was able to exist because of his protection. Remember our eternal creed, His Excellency is our lord and his commands are my commands.”

The two of them were inevitable shocked to hear this. This was especially true for Longwei since he had been the clan master for a long time, so he was privy to a few secrets. He knew that there was a great and mysterious character that helped create the Jian Clan.

He didn’t expect that he would be able to see this legendary existence in his lifetime.

“This disciple greets Your Excellency.” He calmed down and bowed his head towards Li Qiye. Each bow was very sincere as his head touched the ground. Each knock seemingly came from his heart.

“Your Excellency…” Jian Xiaotie also did the same. He didn’t know as much as Longwei, but as the successor, he had still heard of a few things about this legend.

He didn’t expect to see a mythical being that could even ambush Immortal Emperors. Moreover, this existence had been right beside him in the last several days.

“Rise.” Li Qiye accepted the grand gesture from these two and gently waved his hand.

After these two stood up, Jian Wendi ordered: “Take your leave, I will talk to His Excellency now.”

They motioned a respectful gesture before quietly retreating.

“The children are filial and gifted at both fighting and scheming, so I am not worried about the Jian Clan at all.” Li Qiye nodded: “As long as the old geezer is still there, the Jian Clan just needs to do its own thing, nothing will be able to cause trouble for the clan as it continues to stand strong.”