Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1266

Chapter 1266: A Joke For The Ages

Li Qiye and the old man were quite pleased with their statements. They glanced at each other and laughed heartily; tears were even coming out.

They had experienced countless years and hardships. Once upon a time, they were the rulers at the peak of this world. Very rarely would they be able to laugh this sincerely.

In the eyes of outsiders, they were either unfathomable or too stern and stately. Others seldom spotted them laughing like this until their stomachs hurt.

They finally stopped after a long while.

“An ant between the heaven and earth, eh?” It took quite some time before the old man stopped grinning.

Li Qiye cheerfully added with a boisterous chuckle: “The villainous heavens is just a wretch!”

The two of them became tired from their own ruckus and sat back down to rest again with their eyes closed. It seemed that this kind of indulgence felt quite good for them.

In fact, this burst of laughter was very precious. As overlords, they rarely expressed their true feelings before others; they could only reveal their true selves before someone of the same level.

The old man smiled and said after resting for a bit: “Crow, in these long and boring years, it is a great joy in life to have met you.”

The gentle breeze blew by. Its gentle coolness was quite comforting, as if it was blowing all worldly troubles away.

“Geezer, I agree that there are fewer than few people who I can sit down and have a talk with.” Li Qiye still had his eyes closed as he happily replied: “Life is less boring from knowing you.”

The years have been too long. For both the old man and the Dark Crow, there weren’t too many people that they could talk and laugh so freely with.

The world might be vast, but how many were actually qualified to become their friends?

The old man didn’t respond; he seemed to be sleeping in his wooden chair. Li Qiye did the same while basking in the sea breeze.

After a long time, Li Qiye commented: “Geezer, how come I don’t see as many clouds and mists in your mountain range this time? Are all of your kids staying at home obediently?”

“A wicked person just arrived. What if those little monkeys run wild and choose to be blind? You would then teach them a lesson by peeling their skin. If that were to happen, I would lose all face in the process, so I told them to play nice at home.” The old man answered with a smile.

Li Qiye chuckled and leisurely said: “Don’t worry, with our friendship, I will show you some consideration. Even if I peel their dragon scales, I will still spare their lives.”

The old man smiled in response. A bit later, he flatly asked: “Crow, you didn’t come here just to visit this old man, right?”

Li Qiye cheerfully replied: “Forget it, there’s no need to crawl out, your appearance is too terrifying.”

“Hey, don’t be so sure. Maybe one day, you will look even more horrifying than me. The villainous heavens won’t let you off so easily given your plans.” The old man laughed back.

Li Qiye continued: “We’ll talk again when that day comes. After all, the heavens has never forgiven anyone, so I don’t need it to show me any mercy either.”

The two of them paused their conversation again and enjoyed the serenity. Even though the outside world was endless, there was no need to worry about it in this place.

“Crow, what do you want?” After a long time, the old man finally spoke in a calm and plain manner. It was as if this was just an idle conversation between old friends.

Li Qiye opened his eyes to look at the drifting clouds up in the blue sky. He didn’t answer right away.

“The Immortal Dragon Rune, a weapon, or maybe my lifeguarding artifacts?” The old man leisurely listed a couple items.

This plain manner of talking made it seems like the topic was insignificant, but if others were to find out that he was referring to supreme treasures, they would be scared silly.

“Don’t worry, you can keep your little items. I would be too greedy if I tried to take them away from you.” Li Qiye only smiled.

The old man smiled as well and didn’t seem to care too much.

“Geezer.” Eventually, Li Qiye got to the point: “Back then, that brat Bu Si came to ask you for help, correct?”

It was the old man’s turn to be quiet.

Li Qiye chuckled before continuing: “I don’t know what that brat was playing with or how he shattered. I don’t care what plans he left behind either, I only want to know about one thing.”

“Yes, it is as you have guessed, I have been to the Bonesea.” The old man didn’t try to conceal this at all.

Li Qiye went on: “I knew it. When his skeletal horse disappeared here, I understood some matters right away. That brat was still thinking about those things.”

The old man smiled: “Bu Si’s foresight was not bad, but it is quite limited compared to yours. He was fixated on becoming immortal. However, all of this led back to one thing; it must be traced back to the source.”

Immortal Emperor Bu Si had died many times just to revive again. He was a reason for awe during his generation, but in the mouth of these two, he was only a junior.

Li Qiye eventually spoke: “Old man, I want you to open it for me.”

“Hah, Crow, that’s easy for you to say.” The old man responded: “I have spent painstaking efforts on it already. Even though I’m not using it, who knows if I will need it in the future or not?”

“I know.” Li Qiye smiled: “You aren’t sure if that day will come either, but since you aren’t using it right now, lend it to me.”

“Crow, what are you thinking?” The old man was still hesitant: “Don’t tell me you are looking at the Trident? It won’t be that easy.”

“Heh, old geezer, you are underestimating me too much.” Li Qiye answered: “The Trident might be nice, but I have never thought about obtaining it. I have more than enough treasures in this generation, so possessing it doesn’t matter. There’s no need to suffer in the Bonesea just for the Trident.”

“The Bonesea, eh.” The old man sighed after hearing this: “That day will come to Heaven Spirit after all. Many things are simply inevitable.”

The Bonesea was one of the twelve burial grounds and the most dangerous place in the Heaven Spirit World. It was full of mysteries, a land where countless have fallen, but this didn’t deter people from going there.

“That place isn’t pleasant at all.” Li Qiye chuckled: “But I do have to admit that it isn’t a bad location. It is worthy of making so many people drool with greed.”

“Greed?” The old man chortled: “It’s the same for all twelve burial grounds, but in those devilish places, only the living could enjoy the spoils.”

“It doesn’t matter since I’m not trying to find a nest or anything.” Li Qiye smiled: “However, there is something I need over there. Old man, you have been there many times before, so I need you to open it for me. This is the only way for me to get things done.”

The old man didn’t answer; it was as if he was sleeping in his chair. Li Qiye didn’t rush him either. It seemed as if he had forgotten about his own question while enjoying the breeze.

“Crow.” The old man took a long time before answering: “We might be friends. After all, I took in those two as my disciples since I needed to pass down my lineage. The brat married my daughter and this was perfect to make up for my lacking bloodline. However…”

“I know, there is no free lunch.” Li Qiye replied: “Geezer, tell me what you want. As long as I can get it, I will seriously consider.”

The old man lied there as if he was contemplating the issue. Eventually, he opened his mouth: “Crow, I am now old. I don’t know how much longer this old body of mine can last. I have already obtained pretty much everything I’ve ever wanted. As for treasures, they are just worldly possessions, I have no need for them.”

“Old man, don’t tell me you want to betroth another daughter somewhere to me.” Li Qiye joked: “If that’s the case, then forget it.”

The old man smiled and shook his head: “Come on, Crow, others don’t know who you are, but I do. If I betroth a daughter to you, she’ll just live a life of suffering! I don’t want my little girl to wash her face with tears every day.”

“My little girls aren’t worthy to climb up your high branch.” The old man half-jokingly smiled and said: “I only want them to be safe and live happily.”