Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1276

Chapter 1276: Indomitable Battalion

The fearful crowd didn’t dare to oppose the burly Bloodshark Sovereign. Even though he failed to become a sea god, he was still frightening all the same.

“Just a fake god, yet you still dare to spout your nonsense here?” Li Qiye nonchalantly cast a glance at the sovereign: “Not to mention a pretender like you, even if a true god came, I would still nail him to death.”

Everyone was stunned after hearing this. God-slaying was what came out of Li Qiye’s mouth. Perhaps in the entire world, no one would be able to do this, let alone someone from the younger generation.

The Bloodshark Sovereign’s expression soured. As a very powerful sea demon, the world had always been respectful to him in the past even before he came out. But now, when his true body was here, a junior showing such public disdain left him without any face.

“Naive fool.” He turned scarily stern while a murderous bloodthirst surged from his glare like two great rivers of stars. It made the whole region tremble.

Living beings shuddered before his current mood. His chilling voice echoed across the world: “Today, I shall cut you down and crush this lake. From today on, Dongting Lake will be no more.”

“Boom!” A boundless vitality gushed out of his body. It engulfed the entire Dragon Demon Sea. What truly made others shiver was that an endless sea of blood appeared behind him. A terrifyingly gigantic shark was swimming in this sea. It created waves that towered for ten thousand miles. Its enormous jaws seemed capable of swallowing the lake whole.

“So powerful, this is the Bloodshark Village’s totem!” Many people trembled after seeing this. A powerful lineage was about to be swallowed by this gigantic bloodshark.

Feiyan revealed a sinister smile after seeing the sovereign’s might. She sneered: “Li Qiye, doomsday is here for you. Even if you were a True Monarch or a Bestowed Monarch, you are powerless!”

“Ignorant child, kneel and accept your death, or do I have to personally refine you?” The sovereign looked down on the world and its inhabitants. He carried a style as if he could annihilate this world.

“I think only a Godking’s actual presence would be able to stop him.” An old paragon felt dread and said: “Li Qiye needs to be much stronger than a Bestowed Monarch.”

“Just a fake god yet you dare to bark in front of me?” Li Qiye snorted: “There’s no need for me to personally slay an ant. Today, you shall open your dog eyes wide, and the same goes for all the sea demons here. Those who dare to act presumptuously before Dongting Lake shall be killed mercilessly!”

Everyone was astounded after hearing this. Many sea demons angrily glared at him for this verbal provocation.

Even the humans in the distance felt that he was being too arrogant. This was akin to challenging all the sea demons in the region — a very unwise decision.

At this time, he shouted: “Banner, heed my call!” With a crashing sound, the banner that had been hanging in the middle of the lake’s chamber immediately rushed into the sky.

“Clank!” It pinned itself into the sky, using the heaven and earth as its pole. Nothing could shake it.

“Whoosh!” The banner swept through the world. While fluttering in the wind, the silver fox embroidery came back to life. The fox’s tail seemed to come out as it entrenched itself in this physical realm. The gods all quaked before its coming.

It was a silver fox with ferocious bloodthirst. Its appearance instilled shivers in everyone, no matter if they were gods or deities.

Li Qiye chanted: “Where is my Indomitable Battalion?!” The banner continued to dance with his call.

Roars resounded. This was the resonating horn of war.

“Splash!” The lake water suddenly turned into a tsunami. It assaulted the sky and caused the stars to shake!

When this tsunami disappeared, a battalion appeared in the sky. It had a rectangle formation with four calvaries stationed at each corner. Each cavalry had one commanding general.

The whole world was enveloped in a harsh and somber aura. Everyone in this battalion was formed from water. Nevertheless, people could still smell the stench of blood coming from them.

It was as if each warrior from this regiment had bathed in blood. They had arrived after walking through the bones of their enemies and had experienced countless battlefields.

These battle-hardened troops were full of death, blood, and ruthlessness. Their motto was the word “Indomitable”!

“The Indomitable Battalion of the Silver Fox Legion has finally come out.” Jian Longwei, watching from afar, was dazed.

Li Qiye stood under the banner while belittling the world. He coldly glared at the crowd and said: “All existences in the Dragon Demon Sea, open your eyes. From today on, those who dare to provoke Dongting Lake will only be met with death!”

The sovereign shouted: “Junior, I’ll kill you first!” His bloody tide engulfed the sky while the giant shark swam forward. Such an attack could shatter millions of miles of land and crush any helpless cultivator into a pulp.

However, with the fluttering of the banner and the protection of the silver fox, his attack was stopped completely; it was unable to hurt Li Qiye.

Li Qiye glared at the sovereign and commanded: “Slay them, slay them all!”

“Kill!” The horn of war blared again. The four generals led their troops and instantly attacked without any hesitation. They rushed with great speed towards the grand army from Wyvern and the village.

Feiyan shouted her order: “Face them!”

“To formation!” The great army screamed in unison in a frenzy: “Kill them!”

In the blink of an eye, they shifted their position to form two great formations. One turned into a gigantic dragon while the other a shark covered in blood. The dragon was thousands of miles long while the shark could devour the heavens. It was a frightening spectacle.

This army had the absolute advantage when it came to numbers! The dragon-shaped formation immediately coiled around the attacking cavalries in order to take advantage of their numbers. Meanwhile, the bloodshark opened its mouth in order to take a bite out of the approaching enemies.

“Ahhh!” However, these battle formations were useless before the Indomitable Battalion. This elite force quickly shattered their formations. Both the dragon and shark instantly disappeared. The regular army exposed itself again before the cavalries.

“Rumble!” The Indomitable Battalion mounted their offense like a raging storm and trampled over the opposing army.

“Ahhh!” Screams sounded left and right continuously. The Indomitable Battalion harvested skulls as if they were harvesting wheat. Heads went flying as enemies fell to the ground with blood gushing from their corpse. A red rain painted the sky.

In almost no time at all, the 100,000 strong army was sent into disarray. Even though the battalion was few in number, they were no different from a flood of steel. The other army wanted to counter-attack, but their defense and momentum had been shattered upon impact in the face of the hooves of the battalion.

These calvaries had experienced countless wars, so they were practically unstoppable. An army of this level was simply no match for them. Only imperial legions were worthy of being their opponents, not babies like these!

The screaming didn’t pause during this massacre. Eventually, the army collapsed completely. Many disciples wanted to run, but they didn’t get far before being met with the scythes of these gods of death. Their heads rolled on the ground while they watched blood spurt from their severed necks.

The disparity in strength was enormous. It was not an even battle at all! During this slaughter, some soldiers in the army didn’t even realize that they had lost before being decapitated.

Mournful cries resounded through the heaven and earth. The King of Wyvern was killed by a general. This general raised Wyvern’s king’s body up high with his lance. Blood slowly dripped down from the corpse.

Feiyan saw her father being crucified up high and let out a sharp howl: “No!!!”