Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1281

Chapter 1281: Massacring The Enemies

There was no suspense to the Indomitable Battalion’s expedition. Remember that they once bested an imperial legion time after time on the battlefield with a matchless momentum.

Today, it didn’t matter how strong Wyvern and the Bloodshark Village were, they were simply no match.

“Rumble!” On this day, this sea region was sent into turmoil with tsunamis everywhere as if the ocean itself was howling.

“Kill!” The echoes of war resounded in both Wyvern and the Bloodshark Village. Alarms rang everywhere as defensive barriers were erected in the ancestral grounds.

Alas, despite mustering all of their strength with elites rushing to the battlefield alongside their ancestors, they couldn’t change their fate against the iron hooves of the Indomitable Battalion.

“Kill them…” Eventually, the war cries grew weaker. The lucky survivors stopped being so lucky on the battlefield. Their blood dyed the ocean red while their corpses floated on its surface.

“Boom!” Eventually, the regiment shattered the ancestral grounds of the two sects. In just one night, two great powers had been erased from the Dragon Demon Sea. The disciples who managed to survive basically lost everything after losing their ancestral ground.

One day prior, the army of 100,000 was very confident in their conquest of the lake. The troops were full of morale. In their eyes, on top of winning the resources, they could also enslave the lake’s women and use the excellent bloodlines of the human race to reproduce.

They were extremely excited to triumphantly return. Then, it would be time to drown in the debaucherous feasts and pleasures.

However, they didn’t think that this would be their last expedition. It turned into a sect-destroying disaster. Not only did they fail to destroy the lake, the spectral army from there destroyed all of them instead.

The demise of these two sects issued a ripple across the entire sea demon race.

Even though these two were far weaker than sea god lineages, they were plenty strong and could be listed among the top ten in this sea region. However, they were annihilated as if they were nothing.

In the end, the Indomitable Battalion returned to the banner. They were still as emotionless and cold as before. No matter the time, they seemed to be drowned in a sea of blood.

Countless people felt a stinging shiver deep in their hearts in the face of this spectral army. This was a true machine of war!

While hovering under the banner, Li Qiye coldly uttered: “Those who covet Dongting Lake, I hope all of you have gotten a good look.”

People felt suffocated when they heard his words. The sea demons who wanted to take advantage of the situation were breaking out in cold sweat.

They praised their own fortune for not going forward earlier. Otherwise, they would have suffered the same fate as the two great powers.

“Splash!” The lake water gushed as the battalion sank into the lake, disappearing completely. They became one with the lake; as long as the lake continued to exist, so would they.

“Buzz.” The supreme formation of the lake opened only to close after the Trident flew in.

A lot of sea demons stared at it with envy. Even experts from sea god lineages were quite jealous because many sea gods had tried to copy the Trident to no avail. Everyone knew that this weapon before them was only an imitation, but it was still extremely strong.

Envy and jealousy were one thing, but no one dared to have any ideas about it. They weren’t tired of living just yet.

“This is the foundation of the lake.” An old paragon murmured: “No wonder why no one tried to do anything against the lake in the past. It would be too reckless.”

The disciples of the lake stared at this scene with astonishment. They never thought their lake had something this powerful up its sleeves.

In the end, the silver fox disappeared. The war banner flew back into the chamber and hung itself on the wall once more.

Serenity came with the end of this battle. Many people assumed that the lake was about to be destroyed. No one expected for Wyvern and the village to perish instead.

Li Qiye gave one last glance at everyone before returning to the lake. Hong Tianzhu’s group immediately followed him back.

The crowd was relieved to see him gone.

An old man murmured: “That guy is too heaven-defying. With him here in Heaven Spirit, it looks like the humans will have an Immortal Emperor.”

“Way to state the obvious.” The human cultivators were naturally feeling very proud right now: “He is a tree controller, the master of Dongting Lake, and also a prince of an imperial lineage. Who can become the Immortal Emperor of this generation other than him?”

Of course, these humans didn’t know Li Qiye’s identity and were only blurting out their thoughts. In their eyes, as long as Li Qiye became an Immortal Emperor, it would be the glory of the human race. No amount of praise would be sufficient for him at this moment.

The sea demons were quiet with ugly expressions. After all, Li Qiye had dealt too many blows to their race recently. His dispatch of the Teeming Fish and utilizing the spectral army to deal with two great powers destroyed the sea demons’ morale and left them breathless.

“Our sea demons also have some supreme geniuses.” A sea demon felt like retorting because Li Qiye’s fame was at an all-time high.

“Yes, our supreme geniuses have yet to take action.” Another sea demon echoed the sentiment: “We still have the Seashield Prince and Seven Martial Goddess. Rumor has it that the prince has a grand completion Immortal Physique, so he can assail an Immortal Emperor. If he could become a sea god, he’ll be much more formidable with the Trident.”

“That’s right, there’s no need to raise the enemy’s prestige while lowering our morale.” An older sea demon rallied his people: “The goddess is incredible too. She is a peerless prodigy that has learned the seven grand styles, so who can actually stop her in the present? As long as she uses her techniques, even a Godking will have to make way.”

Another sea demon replied: “Yes! The seven grand styles of the martial pavilion are unstoppable. Even the secret laws of Immortal Emperors cannot compare to them. Just remember back then, the sea god from the pavilion used the seven styles to fight against an emperor. Who in this world could withstand all seven styles?”

“The moment the seven styles appear, its user will be unbeatable.” Whether the sea demons were getting nervous or just wanted to raise their morale, the praises went on: “I’m afraid even Immortal Emperors can’t stop all seven styles. Hmph, there’s no way that a junior can do it.”

The styles of the Seven Martial Pavilion were indeed legendary. These praises weren’t mere exaggerations.

In the Heaven Spirit World, some people believed that anyone who could learn all seven would be able to assail an Immortal Emperor even without becoming a sea god. This was the greatest martial technique in the world!

In fact, the sea demons who were desperately praising the seven styles had never seen them before or knew what the stances were.

This was because these styles were rarely used. Another believer stated that there was no one alive who had witnessed all seven because no one could withstand the entire barrage!

A human was tired of the boasting and coldly uttered: “Hmph, Immortal Physique? Seven grand styles? So what, we have Li Qiye.”

“Well, Li Qiye won’t be invincible to the very end. Hidden dragons and crouching tigers are everywhere in Heaven Spirit. Not to mention us sea demons, over at the Jade Sea are countless descendants of treefathers and bearers of the finest of bloodlines. And over at the Abyss Sea, charming spirits are the favorite children of the heavens, they are destined to be great.”

Another sea demon retorted: “Yes, you humans shouldn’t forget about the charming spirits. There are countless powerful spirits that don’t care about fame or fortune. Not to mention the Profound Monarch, rumor has it that the Puresun Daoist of the Ancient Spirit Island has reached grand completion of the Indestructible Diamond Physique. Some people might not be well-known, but it is only because they are low-key. Not everyone likes to show off all the time. The real masters rarely show themselves.”

It was really a bad day for the sea demons. Since their arrogance had been completely put down by Li Qiye for being unable to oppose him, boasting was the only thing they could do.

The smart humans didn’t reply after hearing this answer from the sea demons with regards to real masters. A retort would only be offending the treants and the charming spirits. There would be nowhere to go if they were to be found out.

Of course, those who knew the truth like Jian Longwei didn’t care enough to mince their words: “This is a case of using a butcher’s knife to kill a chicken. In this generation, for both sea demons and charming spirits, if they still think their race is invincible, a second massacre like the one back then might repeat itself.”