Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1283

Chapter 1283: Be A Maid?

Hong Tianzhu walked in and bowed after seeing Li Qiye: “Greetings, Young Noble.”

Li Qiye nodded in response: “Keep at it. As long as you try your best, the lake’s future will be just fine.”

Hong Tianzhu indeed had the will and ambition to change and strengthen the lake. Alas, his ability was still lacking.

“Thank you. Without Young Noble, the lake would not be like this today. We shall remember your kindness for generations to come.” Tianzhu bowed once more.

Tianzhu thought that without Li Qiye, even if he wanted to make a change, it would have been useless. Even if the talented young disciples were on his side, he still wouldn’t be able to do anything to the ancestors, let alone the four Virtuous Ancestors.

“No need to thank me.” Li Qiye sat there while looking at the lake and answered: “I did it because of your determination. This is also the blessing of your ancestors, so if you want to thank someone, thank your ancestors. They are the ones who are lying in the ground; dead for millions of years, yet they are still worried about their children.”

“I know your abilities are limited.” Li Qiye looked at him: “From now on, go ask Jian Longwei for help. This will be good for both your cultivation and ability to make allies…”

“Can, can I do it?” He wasn’t completely confident and scratched his head in response.

Even though he was the current master of Dongting Lake, Jian Longwei was the Jian Grandfather, a supreme character. Hong Tianzhu would be reaching above his post.

“Don’t worry, I’ll let them know.” Li Qiye flatly replied: “The truth is that the lake and the Jian Clan have a deep friendship. Unfortunately, due to your clan’s failures, the Jian Clan decided to ignore you later on. Of course, they cannot be blamed for this.”

“I understand.” Tianzhu lowered his head in shame. In the past, the lake had many allies and even strong ties with the Exquisite Valley. Unfortunately, when the four Virtuous Ancestors abandoned the iron creeds, they destroyed their own future.

Li Qiye continued with his sight on the lake: “Even now, I do not agree with humans staying in the Heaven Spirit World. Your ancestors had opportunities to settle down in the other places of the nine worlds. However, they had too much love and attachment to this land, so they ultimately decided to stay here.”

Tianzhu quietly listened since he knew very little about his ancestors’ past.

Li Qiye shook his head in forlorn and looked at Tianzhu: “No matter what, the lake is deeply related to the Giant Dragon Mountain Range. Your ancestors had prepared this land very well, so it is up to you now. If you fail to correct yourselves, the existence above the clouds will stop caring about your lake. As long as you keep on trying, your lake will be able to stand strong in the future.”

Li Qiye rarely said such thoughtful words, but he did so this time out of consideration for the lake’s ancestors.

He reminded Tianzhu: “Remember, with their spirits protecting you, even in difficult times with monumental changes, there will always be a chance to overcome the disasters. You must protect this land just like they did or it would be unfilial and completely unworthy of their love.”

Tianzhu carefully took in every single word. Even though he didn’t fully understand the true implications behind them, he still firmly memorized them.

He bowed once more: “I’ll engrave your golden advice to my heart.”

Li Qiye nodded and quietly stared back at the lake. One day, a disaster shall befall the Heaven Spirit World. Everything would change at that point.

In the end, he chose not to think about it. He would no longer be in Heaven Spirit when that day comes. Their fate will be in their own hands.

“Is there something else?” His mind returned and he noticed that Tianzhu was still standing there respectfully.

“Well…” Tianzhu wryly coughed with an awkward posture. He didn’t know how to phrase his question.

Li Qiye lightly urged: “Go ahead.”

After thinking for half a day, Tianzhu still didn’t know what to say. Eventually, he decided to directly ask: “Young Noble, what do you think about my daughter?”

Li Qiye chuckled in response: “She is not a bad lady — full of potential. Her temperament might be a bit too fiery, but she is still quite sensible.”

“Ah. Young Noble, you are too kind.” Tianzhu smiled. He mused a bit before gritting his teeth to ask: “Young Noble, if you think it is possible, how, how about she goes along with you?”

After saying what was on his mind, he felt relieved, as if he had carried out his responsibility.

Li Qiye only smiled without replying, so Tianzhu quickly added: “Young Noble, don’t misunderstand. You are a true dragon from the nine heavens, so my daughter can’t climb up that high. What I mean is, she can run errands for you and do whatever she can to help. This will broaden her horizons and train her insight.”

Tianzhu knew full well that Li Qiye would one day soar to the sky. He could even become an Immortal Emperor one day, and his daughter naturally couldn’t become the imperial queen.

He only wanted her to follow him for the experience. Even by being a maid, she would still gain a lifetime of benefits.

Li Qiye gently shook his head: “Your daughter is a good girl, but unfortunately, I can’t keep her around.”

Tianzhu didn’t give up, he wanted a good future for his daughter. Staying at the lake would only limit her life’s experience. As for him, his responsibility dictated for him to die here. It was not the same for her, he wanted her to see the vast world. Without a doubt, Li Qiye was the best person to entrust her to.

“It is not that I dislike her.” Li Qiye gently stated: “But she cannot follow my path.”

Tianzhu held his tongue after not knowing what to say while feeling disappointed.

“Father, I have my own life, so I will go down my own path.” Yujiao rushed in from outside. She was a little red and looked a bit annoyed. She clearly heard Li Qiye earlier.

“Sister, don’t go in.” Another girl was startled by her sudden intrusion and was trying to pull her back. It was Miss Lin. She couldn’t stop Yujiao at all.

Tianzhu quickly scolded: “Why did you come in?”

“Father, I am not a child, I don’t need you to arrange everything for me.” Yujiao stomped her foot after saying this, both anger and embarrassment evident in her expression.

Tianzhu hastily reprimanded: “Don’t spout nonsense or be rude in front of Young Noble.”

Yujiao felt that she couldn’t stay here any longer due to shame, so she angrily stormed away.

“Young Noble, my daughter was impolite just now. I’ll go talk to her.” Tianzhu bowed and apologized to Li Qiye before chasing after her.

Li Qiye only smiled and didn’t care too much about Yujiao’s little tantrum.

With those two gone, only Li Qiye and Miss Lin were left in the room. She tensed up and didn’t even know where to rest her hands as she was simply too nervous.

“Senior Sister is a good person, she was just a little bit angry earlier, that’s all.” She spoke soft words to defend Yujiao.

Li Qiye couldn’t help but smile while looking at this girl as gentle as an orchid. He eventually asked: “What is your name?”

Her heart fluttered as she was stunned like a fawn and began to stammer: “My, my name is Lin Miao.”

She raised her head to look at Li Qiye only to blush before she immediately lowered her face.

She was normally not such a timid person. She could greet guests and communicate freely and gracefully. However, she was especially tense in front of Li Qiye.

“The holy and wonderful bloodline of the Lin Clan.” He looked at her and nodded.

The nervous girl nodded multiple times in response: “Yes, yes, but Senior Sister’s bloodline is even better than mine. My holy bloodline can’t compare to hers.” Her cheeks were flushed pink.