Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1287

Chapter 1287: A Pair Of Eyes

These eyes seemed to be quite archaic, as if they were plucked out from a living being and left in this corner long ago.

They have been well-preserved in this place, not at all withered by the passage of time.

They suddenly lit up at this very moment. Prior to this, they seemed to be closed, but now, they were opening. The eyes suddenly shifted, not in a tumbling sense, but the gaze seemed to be rotating in a very bizarre manner. Anyone would be frightened by this weird scene.

Li Qiye couldn’t help but grin. He understood something after seeing it and said: “Bu Si, you brat. It looks like you have hidden your eyes in this place. You must have paid a great price to do so.”

Everyone in the world knew about the collapse and destruction of Immortal Emperor Bu Si. Who would have thought that he had left his pair of eyes in this eternally secluded location, capable of evading everything and anything?

“Geezer, let’s do it.” Li Qiye touched the fence made from dragon bones and looked at the sky with a smile.

“Squeak—” A heavy sound came about. At this time, the fence slowly rose to the sky and the cavern was made available to Li Qiye.

“Neigh—” The horse was especially excited to see the seal being removed and lifted its hooves up high. It had been waiting for this moment and quickly rushed for the cavern in order to take the pair of eyes.

However, it immediately stopped and slowly retreated to the entrance. Despite being all bones, it could tell that the black liquid inside the cage was quite dreadful.

“Neigh—” The horse raised its hooves again and stared helplessly at the eyes in the corner.

Li Qiye smiled when he saw the horse’s appearance and leisurely asked: “Do you need my help now?”

The frustrated horse looked back at Li Qiye. It still had the same hostility as before.

Li Qiye noticed this but didn’t care too much. He shrugged and continued with a smile: “You can hate me or whatever, I won’t mind since I am such a benevolent person. However, what can you do in this situation? Will you continue to act hostile, or will you let it go and ask me for help?”

The horse glanced at Li Qiye then the eyes in the corner. With another neigh, it seemed to agree with Li Qiye. Despite this being the case, there was still a trace of caution in its demeanor.

Li Qiye chuckled: “Don’t look at me like that. If I really wanted to take you down, you wouldn’t be standing here right now. Your background might be incredible, but I could have pinned you to the ground long ago.”

“Neigh—” The horse roared again as if it found this reply displeasing. Nevertheless, its hostility had been greatly reduced.

Li Qiye grinned and revealed: “My demand isn’t high for helping you get those eyes. I just want to ride you for a bit later on, I believe this is quite fair.”

The horse tilted its skull while contemplating. It resembled a human more than a skeletal horse.

In its eyes, Li Qiye was not a nice person at all. Its sentient self remained very cautious towards him.

Li Qiye laughed and added: “Okay, what other choice do you have if you refuse?”

The horse let out another neigh before nodding its head. Without a doubt, it has accepted the condition.

“Very well, now that’s a good horsey.” Li Qiye satisfyingly beamed and reached out to pat the horse’s head.

It still didn’t completely accept Li Qiye, so it shook its head to get his hand off. Li Qiye’s smile disappeared as he withdrew his hand and then proceeded to enter the cavern. He went to the corner and picked up the pair of eyes.

He didn’t immediately give it to the horse and instead carefully inspected it. The eyes met his stare with a curious glance as they darted about like the inquisitive eyes of a baby.

After a careful examination, Li Qiye couldn’t help but smirk: “Immortal Emperor Bu Si, it looks like you still have an opportunity to turn things around. Brat, you are indeed full of schemes, to actually come up with something like this.”

The eyes didn’t understand what Li Qiye was saying. They looked like they weren’t only curious about Li Qiye, they wanted to find out everything about the outside world.

“For generations, no one has been successful, but you have actually done it, not bad at all.” Li Qiye grinned while looking at the eyes: “Fine, I’ll lend you a hand. I will help you open your eyes.”

With that, universal laws formed in his palm and rippled like the surface of a lake. He further derived these laws to expose their boundless potential and pointed at the pair of eyes.

“Neigh!” The skeletal horse by the entrance grew nervous and loudly howled. It wanted to rush in several times, but the black liquid truly frightened it. It was afraid that Li Qiye was doing something unfavorable to the eyes.

“Buzz—” When Li Qiye’s finger touched the eyes, the boundless laws instantly jumped into them. At this point, a new world seemed to be opening in these eyes. It was colorful with swelling water — a magnificent scene.

Inside the eyes, a sun rose while a moon fell. A great sky emerged with winds and clouds. Generations changed from one to the next with continuous transformations between prosperity and stagnation… A grand universe was floating up and down within them.

The tense horse finally became relieved after seeing this. It had misunderstood Li Qiye; he was helping the eyes instead of harming them.

Meanwhile, the pair of eyes, full of curiosity, looked at the universe within. Everything seemed to be new and full of surprises.

Li Qiye then took it out of the cavern and looked at the horse while smiling: “If I wanted to harm them, would I have bothered to make a deal with you?” Having said that, he put the eyes into the horse’s eye sockets.

“Neigh!” The horse excitedly roared. It took several steps backward to slowly adapt to its new eyes.

The truth was that this scene was incredibly bizarre. A horse comprised of only bones had gained a pair of eyes that belonged to a human — anyone would be creeped out after seeing this.

Li Qiye ignored the horse and entered the cave again. With runes in his palm, he carved them on the cage and then lifted it up: “Open!”

“Clank!” The other half of the cage under the ground was slowly being lifted by Li Qiye. Eventually, the whole cage was lifted up.

The black liquid in the pit began to stir in the midst of this process. It seemed as if Mt. Tai, that weighed trillions of pounds, had been removed from its body.

It stretched out a bit and slowly streamed out from the pit. A more accurate description would be that it was crawling out from its imprisonment.

“Neigh!” The horse was very afraid while watching this. It retreated to maintain a certain distance with this liquid.

The liquid cheered after finding out that it was finally free. Even though no sound came out, its shape and form made its jubilation apparent.

Just like that, it darted out of the hole like a gust of wind; it was excited to see the sun again.