Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1288

Chapter 1288: Item Left Behind

Li Qiye followed the liquid out of the cave. After seeing the sun, the liquid found itself to be free and happily soared into the sky. Shortly after, a black ray short towards the Bonesea.

Li Qiye smiled and patted the horse: “Go, follow right behind it. This will make it easier for you to enter the forbidden zones in the Bonesea.”

“Neigh!” The skeletal horse let out a roar and raised its frontal hooves before leaping into the sky. It disappeared towards the black liquid’s direction.

Li Qiye murmured after seeing this: “Brat, I hope you can do it. It will definitely be a miracle, but of course, your current self is already a miracle.”

Li Qiye was not in a hurry to chase after the horse and the black liquid. He took his time leaving the mountain range.

Jian Longwei was already waiting outside for him with a wooden box in his hands.

Jian Longwei looked towards the Bonesea’s direction and curiously asked: “Is the Bonesea about to emerge?”

“It’ll be lively for some time at the western Bonesea. Many people who have been coveting items from there won’t be able to sit still.” Li Qiye smiled while staring at the horizon.

Jian Longwei didn’t comment. Even though the items there might be precious, he wanted nothing to do with them. Plus, this was a different generation; he didn’t want to leave Rainbow City at all.

He calmed down and respectfully raised the wooden box with both hands towards Li Qiye: “Your Excellency, the progenitor wanted me to give you this. He said that this is something our ancestral aunt left behind; it is related to Empress Hong Tian. Before passing away, the ancestral aunt gave this to the progenitor, but he didn’t know when to give it to you. He said that this might be your last time visiting our Jian Clan and perhaps the last meeting, so he ordered me to give it to you.” The ancestral aunt was Jian Wenxin.

Li Qiye accepted the box and opened it to take a look inside. After a while, he gently closed it and sighed.

“It is all in the past.” He put the box away and spoke with a hint of sadness: “I had already let go of this matter back then and didn’t blame anyone. Immortality… perhaps I was wrong…”

Jian Longwei hesitated for a moment before stating: “The progenitor said that before she passed away, she also hoped that you could forget about the issue with Empress Hong Tian…”

“You don’t know Empress Hong Tian, and Wenxin didn’t either.” Li Qiye smiled and gently shook his head: “I’m not blaming her for it. She has always been incredibly stubborn, and I don’t want her to change. Pride is part of her nature, her stubbornness is actually a little adorable…”

He recalled the olden days with the stubborn girl and couldn’t help but smile.

Even though they got into quite a fight and went their separate ways despite trusting each other completely, Li Qiye had never blamed her.

Longwei was quiet since he didn’t know too much about his predecessors. Sometimes, he heard his progenitor talk about the relationship between the Dark Crow, Empress Hong Tian, and the ancestral aunt. It was too complicated for outsiders to understand.

After a long time, Li Qiye glanced at Longwei and said: “Your Jian Clan can co-exist with the dragon kingdom, so I’m not worried at all. You are the lord of the clan, but I don’t have any good advice for you. Just keep trying your best and continue to pass down your bloodline. It hasn’t been easy for the clan to last this long; your progenitor has spent a miraculous amount of effort. This is also the reason why he has been hanging on to dear life all this time…”

“… He is too reluctant to leave his descendants for he is full of love. His aspiration is to protect the children forever, to give them a peaceful life. He loves you all and this land wholeheartedly. His reason for living is not something personal, it isn’t because he fears death. It’s because he can’t bear to leave, there are too many things in this world that make him worry.” He gently sighed at the end.

Jian Wendi’s life experience only bolstered his self-perceived responsibility for his children. He didn’t want to be like his father who abandoned his own children for a selfish cause.

Jian Wendi was willing to do everything for his descendants. He was a good father and a proper ancestor to protect his descendants for generations to come.

“Your Excellency, I will keep your words deep in my mind.” Longwei bowed with great reverence.

“I have to go now.” Li Qiye looked back at the mountain range with yearning sentiments. Then, he casually pointed forward to open a portal and quickly crossed through many territories.

In recent days, there had been sudden changes at the Dragon Demon Sea. A black star came out of nowhere and crossed the sky with great speed like a falling meteor. Because it was too swift, the void shattered and issued bursts of explosions.

This meteor was followed by a skeletal horse whose speed was no lesser than the star itself. The horse continued to maintain a certain distance behind this meteor. This bizarre scene attracted the attention of many cultivators in this region.

What was even more concerning was that when this meteor crossed the sky, the skeletons in the nearby vicinity would begin to move. Some of them seemed to have been granted life and began to crawl.

However, after the meteor disappeared over the horizon, the skeletons would lose their strength and fall apart once more, scattering all over the ground.

This was quite a creepy spectacle that frightened all the nearby cultivators. Some experts and even seclusive ancestors had no choice but to pay attention to this event. Many speculations and theories arose.

“Maybe this is a demon star that will bring about a calamity to the Dragon Demon Sea. After all, only a devilish star such as this would be able to revive the dead.” Plenty of big shots were worried.

Of course, a few ancestors were ecstatic. Their eyes flashed after seeing the moving skeletons powered by the star, and some even murmured: “This star can revive skeletons. Perhaps there is an immortal item within that will allow people to become eternal!”

In fact, many ancestors reached this conclusion. For those on the verge of death like them, nothing was more tempting than eternal life. The appearance of this black star gave them hope.

In a short period of time, the ancestors of many sea god and imperial lineages came out one after another. They thought about pursuing this black star.

Soon, news regarding the location of this star was spread. Someone personally saw it flying into the Bonesea with a skeletal horse right behind it.

“Into the Bonesea?” A big character murmured while his eyes sparkled: “Does the Bonesea really have an item that grants immortality?”

Another answered: “Maybe this is the case.”

After coming up with this possibility, these ancestors became unbelievably excited like chickens with their heads cut off. They all excitedly stated: “There are so many tempting items in there. It looks like the momentum of the age is about to change, an item that can grant immortality is about to appear.”

“An immortal artifact is coming into being at the Bonesea!” Someone released this news to the entire region.

An item that could grant immortality was mouth-watering. Many ancestors would be driven even crazier with such a thing. This news turned into a storm that swept up all the experts nearby. Heaven Spirit itself was affected. The powerful inhabitants of the Abyss and Jade Seas immediately departed for the Dragon Demon Sea and headed straight for the Bonesea.

Even the rare existences that had been buried under the earth since the dawn of time were startled after hearing this news.

An ancient existence calmed down and murmured: “Who is the mastermind?”

Even though this particular existence didn’t know the real mysteries behind the Bonesea, they had heard stories about it, legends, even.

They immediately understood that someone was the puppetmaster behind all of this. However, the exact reason eluded them.

This was precisely why these near-death existences didn’t want to come into being even after hearing about this immortal artifact. Whether it was real or not, they didn’t dare to be involved.

Only truly powerful existences like them understood that very few in this world would dare to concoct such a plan.

This was a level beyond them, an even more fearsome type of existence that belonged only in legends. Despite being unstoppable for so long, they were unwilling to mess with such an existence because it might bring about extinction to their race.