Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1295

Chapter 1295: Woman In The Coffin

“Buzz.” The runes resembling a tree of life flashed. Next, they jumped into the coffin as if the tree wanted to take root within.

After their disappearance, one could hear a clank as if something was sliding within the coffin. Shortly afterward, the clicking of a lock could be heard. The tightly shut coffin suddenly came loose.

Qianbei excitedly blurted: “It’s open, it’s open!”

“What, how can this be? It opened just like that?” Ruyan was slack-jawed while staring at Li Qiye. She and Jianshi didn’t notice Li Qiye doing anything special.

Li Qiye only placed his palm on the coffin; he didn’t do anything, yet he was still able to open the coffin. This was simply inconceivable.

In fact, Qianbei wondered the same thing. He had the coffin for several days and used many methods in order to try and open it, but they all ended in failure.

But now, Li Qiye opened it in such a simple manner.

“This is not an ordinary coffin. It already had this form upon its inception, an object created by the heaven and earth. Brute force is of no use, so we have to do it like this.” Li Qiye pointed at his heart: “You must use your heart to feel and your mind to sense before awakening it. Only your heartbeat will let it know the location of life.”

These words were incredibly profound and inexplicable. The two girls carefully savored his teaching. As for Qianbei, even though he didn’t quite understand, he still did his best to memorize them.

With that, Li Qiye slowly opened the lid in a very gentle and cautious manner, as if the ultimate treasure was contained within.

The girls were very curious, so they inched closer in order to take a better look.

After seeing what was inside, both were gobsmacked with flaring eyes. They stared at the coffin in complete disbelief.

Qianbei thought that he was seeing things and rubbed his eyes. However, his vision was perfect. He murmured in shock: “Fairies do exist in this world…”

Ruyan emotionally commented: “The word ‘beauty’ is not enough to describe her…”

There was a very young woman lying inside the coffin, a beauty beyond the limits of the brush and ink.

Ruyan and Jianshi were ranked among the top beauties in Heaven Spirit. As schoolmasters, they didn’t rely on their beauty, but it was a source of pride for them. However, both of them were overshadowed by this woman.

Words failed to envision her lying in the coffin. Her beauty had reached an unrealistic level. Her ten slender fingers rested on her stomach. She slept soundly and peacefully; although there was no smile on her face, her demeanor made it seem as if she was having a good dream.

After a while, she slowly opened her eyes and eventually climbed out of the coffin, stupefying the three.

The girls were drowned in admiration and felt that her dream-like beauty did not belong in this world.

She was matchless and had a profound and immaculate gaze that stole the light from the celestials in the sky, causing them to be too ashamed to show themselves.

Her figure, with flawless curves, was out of this world. Even the most scrutinizing critique would fail to find any flaws. Her body seemed to be one with the world, the most beautiful of all objects.

Her oval face was exquisitely stunning, an impeccable masterpiece from the heavens. Anyone who caught sight of it would be in awe and shock.

Even though she wore a plain white dress, this didn’t diminish her presence. She was someone who didn’t require any decorations, jewelry was simply superfluous.

This ordinary dress was the most suitable for her. Its simplistic style when adorned by her created the most beautiful charm.

Ruyan and Jianshi looked like two maids compared to her.

Among all of Li Qiye’s female acquaintances, Ming Yexue and Mei Suyao were one of a kind. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call them the prettiest girl in their respective worlds.

However, they seemed to be missing a little something compared to this woman. It must be her elegant refinement that came from countless years.

She was a fairy of the ages, groomed for an eternity with the aura of time, empowered by the spirit of the world. She had a charm that others could never hope to attain. It was an innate aura. One either had it at birth or didn’t.

Jianshi couldn’t help but praise: “Such beautiful eyes!”

“It isn’t an exaggeration to call her the most beautiful in the nine worlds!” Ruyan was quite proud of her appearance, but she was full of admiration.

Qianbei was stupefied as he murmured: “She’s the most beautiful fairy in this world.”

In his eyes, she could only exist in dreams to be appreciated from a distance.

Among them, only Li Qiye remained normal. He wasn’t stunned by the beauty of the woman before him.

The woman looked at the group. She seemed to be slightly hazy. Eventually, she looked at Li Qiye and asked: “Was it you who woke me?”

Her voice was intoxicating; it was the sound of nature. The voices of the other two girls were quite alluring and pleasant as well, but there was still a great gap compared to this woman’s speech.

“Yes.” Li Qiye smiled and stretched out his hand to gently caress her face. Such an action was rude and befitted a cad. However, it seemed incredibly natural when performed by Li Qiye.

She didn’t reject him. Her astral eyes met with his head on. Their gazes locked onto each other and seemed to be crossing time itself back to an untraceable past.

As he touched her pretty face, he slowly closed his eyes while she did the same.

The whole scene turned quiet. Their physical contact assisted her in feeling his aura. Time seemed to have stopped as the two were falling into a deep slumber.

Even the wind stopped blowing and time halted its flow. Nothing in this world wanted to disturb the two.

It was a destined moment decided from long ago. It looked as if they knew each other for a long time and had a deep affection for one another.

After a long time, the two of them opened their eyes at the same time. Their movements were of the same beat.

Li Qiye said with emotion: “Indeed… the eons are too numerous to count, so much have been lost.”

The woman slightly tilted her head. Her eyes indicated her slight confusion and wisdom as she spoke: “Are you a philosopher?”

“No. I’m not a philosopher.” Li Qiye smilingly replied: “Others call me a murderous devil while some prefer the dark hand. There are all kinds of titles, but philosopher is a first.”

“You are a philosopher.” The confused woman still gave this verdict. Despite her slightly bewildered expression, her eyes had cleared up with great conviction.

“Fine, I’m a philosopher then.” Li Qiye gave up: “It is only a title, nothing too important.”

With that, he took his time sitting down and patted at the chair next to him. She also sat down with a leisurely and natural demeanor. It was just a simple action, yet she seemed to be in tune with nature.

“What’s your name?” Ruyan asked with interest while looking at this mysterious beauty.

“Name?” She curiously stared at Ruyan.