Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1297

Chapter 1297: Bones Island

Fairy contemplated Li Qiye’s comment. After a long time, she seemed to have understood something and nodded to herself. The rest of the group still found the conversation to be puzzling and indiscernible.

Of course, they didn’t know that this confusing story was actually referring to the pinnacle of the world, the ultimate topic among cultivators. The things involved were beyond their understanding.

Li Qiye sat in his chair, seemingly deep in sleep, while Fairy kept him company. Her expression was a bit muddled, as if she was shouldering an eternal burden.

After a long time, Li Qiye opened his eyes and told Liu Ruyan: “Before heading to the Bonesea, we’ll take a trip to Bones Island.”

“I’m also tired, so I’ll be resting.” Li Qiye stood up then told Fairy: “You can just follow me.”

“I’ll prepare a room for you, Young Noble.” Jianshi went to accommodate Li Qiye’s daily life.

Before following Jianshi, Li Qiye looked at Xiong Qianbei and flatly said: “You also want to go to the Bonesea, right? Good, find something to do, I don’t keep idle people around.”

“Ah, this lowly one will follow you. Just give me orders whenever you need something.” Qianbei was ecstatic and quickly bowed.

Li Qiye didn’t respond as he left with Fairy.

Bones Island could be considered a famous destination in the Dragon Demon Sea. It was also very strange and creepy.

True to its name, the entire island was made from bones. There were no vegetation or creeks and streams, only bones and more bones.

Walking on the island was akin to walking on bones. Every single inch of the island was paved with this hard and white substance.

Meanwhile, they came in all shapes and sizes. Tibia, ribs, pelvic bones… There were also little pieces that resembled bird claws or arms as big as a bridge.

There were different architectures on the island, acting as pavilions, rooms, and palaces… They were quite scary as well.

A huge skull was upside down on the ground, serving as a house. Huge elbow bones were put together while more bones were embedded on top in order to form pavilions. Other palaces were more intricate with many bones connected together…

At the same time, the residents here were different as well. Unsurprisingly, they were skeletons. Of course, they were not all human skeletons in the ordinary sense.

People would see skeletons with a crocodile’s skull and a human frame with more than ten bone spurs that resembled chicken claws on their backs. The two legs were made from thick and large rhinoceros bones.

These strange skeletons wearing robes and walking on the streets were not strange images at all. The majority of the inhabitants on this island were all skeletons made from strange bones.

A human skeleton was a much stranger sight at Bones Island compared to these weird creations.

When Ruyan’s ship was anchored outside the island, the inhabitants here came to receive them. One of them stood before the docking location.

“Sir, may I ask why you are here at Bones Island?” This thing had an elephant’s skull, a body made out of fishbones, and legs from a crane. Such a frame supporting the large skull was quite unbelievable.

Moreover, its robe was quite loose, resulting in a very amusing scene. Others wouldn’t know what to think of it. If this was another location, a talking skeleton would scare the souls out of people.

Li Qiye looked at it and smiled: “I want to meet your island lord.”

“Ah, Sir, I’m afraid there is a misunderstanding. Bones Island does not have a lord.” The skeleton shook its head and smiled.

Could you imagine a smiling elephant skull? This smile was even uglier than a crying grimace — a truly horrifying scene.

Li Qiye leisurely replied: “Really now? I’ll eat first before seeing him. If he doesn’t come to see me, I’ll destroy this island.”

Such words made Ruyan and Jianshi look at each other. Not too many would dare to make this claim at Bones Island.

The inhabitants here were amalgamations of bones. They didn’t seem to be that powerful as they were only a bunch of bones put together.

However, no one dared to provoke this area. Rumor has it that a very long time ago, a True God believed that he was invincible and wanted to research the mysteries of the island. Alas, he was captured alive and hung on the island. The people here pulled out his bones one by one. They said that this god screamed for nine days and nine nights before dying. Many experts got goosebumps after seeing his corpse.

From then on, all the troublemakers steered clear of this island.

“Sir, you are too funny.” The skeleton didn’t become angry, it only cheerfully said: “If you wish to eat, then please go to the Bones Restaurant. This way.”

With that, it led the way for Li Qiye. Li Qiye smiled and followed it into the island while looking around.

Bones were everywhere in sight. Strangely enough, it was a very clean location and the air was quite fresh.

If it was any other location, the sheer number of bones would definitely result in corpse energy or a bad odor, but not here at Bones Island.

It was outrageously clean to an abnormal level. Each bone was as white as ivory, as if they had been polished countless times.

Li Qiye appreciated the scenes while following the skeleton. With regards to the bizarre circumstances, there were many places in the nine worlds where bones could walk and speak after returning to life.

However, there would be other phenomena accompanied by these creatures. For example, a skeleton in a burial ground would be empowered by a soulfire found in its eye sockets. Another scenario would be that the skeleton absorbed too much evil energy and became a walking corpse.

However, it was completely different here. These skeletons didn’t have soulfires or evil energy. They were made up of pure bones.

This prompted the question, how were they created? What was the power fueling them?

This enigma continued to evade all of the researchers because no one dared to maneuver against the inhabitants here.

In fact, Li Qiye was not the only foreign guest traveling on the island. People from all over the seas came to visit.

In normal times, cultivators from Dragon Demon Sea would come to experience the unique magical properties of the island. But now, it was needless to say that everyone who was on their way to the Bonesea had to go through Bones Island. Because of this, they decided to rest here and check out the wonders at the same time. Thus, it was quite lively with many different races from the outside present.

This skeleton brought Li Qiye to a restaurant made from a huge skull. The two eye sockets acting as doors instilled a chilling sensation.

However, the scarier part was that the restaurant was filled with cultivators from the outside. They came from all over the world while the serving skeletons swerved around them with wine and meals. It was a party in full swing. Of course, these cultivators were here for an adventure and to satiate their curiosity, it wasn’t for the food.

This scene would be horrifying to unwary spectators. They would think that this was a grand feast in the underworld.

“Meow, meow, meow…” When Li Qiye walked into the restaurant, a skeletal cat that was squatting in front of the counter waved towards Li Qiye. It looked like it was meant to be a lucky cat if it were alive.

“Lil’ Bones, our guests are here, take good care of them.” The skeleton told the cat and left.

Even the tables in this restaurant were made from bones. Li Qiye’s table was made out of finger bones while his chair was made from leg bones. There was a chilling sensation whenever someone sat down.

A waiter came and cheerfully smiled at him: “Sir, what would you like?”