Chapter 13 – Chaotic Heart Forest (1)

The disciples also did not like his attitude during the two days that he had been here. Of course, this was understandable since he did threatened to destroy the Nine Saint Demon Gate. The fire and hatred in their eyes could kill Li Qi Ye a hundred times over.

They started to converse amongst themselves.

-Let us kill him as well as the whole Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.

-No, we have to cut off his arms and feet, then use his head as a candle holder.

-A candle holder? That is too humane. This ant wants to marry our princess? We have to imprison him on top of Hawk Cliff. Let the hawks peck at him for a hundred years while we keep him alive with medicinal techniques.

The conversations quickly became yellings; the crowd fueled itself on anger and hatred towards Li Qi Ye. Both Protector Mo and Nan Huai Ren were shaking in fear; their teeth couldn’t stop grinding.  

Li Qi Ye removed himself from the surroundings, and he calmly walked around the pavilion with an arrogant flair. Anyone else would have fainted from being surrounded by so many people that want to eat them alive.


At this moment, Grand Protector Yu He coughed. This seemingly quiet cough overpowered the crowd. No matter how loud the surrounding was, everyone heard it and immediately stopped talking. The aura of a Royal Noble once again dominated the air.

At this time, Protector Hua began to talk:

-If you can successfully compete the trial, then our two sects will be in-laws just like the ancient tradition. If you can’t pass it or die during the test, then it is only a shame that you are not skillful enough.

Li Qi Ye sat down on a chair, then slowly turned towards Protector Hua. He slowly shook his head and smiled.

-One can only say, the Nine Saint Demon Gate is not as eminent as it once was. In that era, why did Nine Saint Virtuous Paragon make that promise? In that era, why did the two sects become in-laws and allies? In that era, the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect was worshipped by the heavens and ruled the Nine Worlds. Simply put, the Nine Saint Demon Gate only wanted the protection of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect; to have a backing in order to grow.

Li Qi Ye did not know all of the stories in the past because his condition was not fully stable at that time. The marriage tradition between the two was not proposed by Immortal Emperor Ming Ren and Nine Saint Virtuous Paragon; it was proposed by their descendants.

Li Qi Ye continued.

-Now, the era has changed, and you guys want to relinquish the promise after having benefitted from it. Your current generation is incomparable to your ancestors.

Protector Hua interjected.

-Hmmph, it is as you said, eras change. If you want to say that the current generation is worse than the past, this statement applies to the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, not us. Now, we rule the country, the Emperor Lineages who want to be our in-laws number more than just one or two, and you think someone like you is worthy of our princess?

-Just let the past go, you can’t change anything by competing in a quarrel.

Grand Protector Yu He started to speak.

-We are giving you a chance to honor the promise that year. If you are afraid, you can leave now. We will not stop or bother you; the promise that year will end here.

-If I am here, then I must take the challenge. What is the trial?

Li Qi Ye prefered Yu He’s attitude a lot more.

-Since your cultivation level is not ideal, our Highness has decided to give you a better chance. The first will not be combat oriented; however, the second will be.

Yu He continued after a short pause:

-The first is very simple. You will have to go into the Chaotic Heart Forest with one of our disciples; the one that travels farther will win. The second is even simpler; it will be a solo fight to determine the victor. There is also a third test, you only need to win two to pass the trial. The third test consists of…

-No need to continue, two tests will suffice.

Li Qi Ye cut off the Protector.

-How arrogant!

Protector Hua yelled at him for being so arrogant. He started to exert pressure towards Li Qi Ye.

-The test hasn’t even started and you want to fight already?

Li Qi Ye narrowed his eyes, he found great joy in aggravating people he did not like.

Grand Protector Yu He coughed once again. The cough cuts off the pressure that Protector Hua was exerting. This made Protector Hua angry; he could kill Li Qi Ye just by lifting his finger. There has never been an insect that has dared to talk to him like this before.

-Alright, let us start this test.

Li Qi Ye rose from his seat.

-Both tests are fine, I want to see the abilities of your princess.

Xu Hui contemptuously laughed:

-You don’t have the qualification for Senior Li to participate herself. I will be the one that you are up against.

Yu He nodded in agreement.

-I heard you have only recently joined the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. We will not cheat you. If the princess personally delivered the test, then you would have zero chance. Here, when it comes to inner talents and potential, the princess is number one. When it comes to current strength, junior Leng is the best. If one of them comes to test you, then after losing, you would claim that it was unfair. Junior Xu Hui has average talents amongst our inner disciples; using him to test the Prime Disciple of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Act should not be too demeaning to your status.

By not sending out their best disciples, the Nine Saint Demon Gate was giving Li Qi Ye a sliver of hope. If the strongest disciple or Li Shuang Yan participated, then even the Six Elders would have problems.

Li Qi Ye didn’t bother to look at Xu Hui. He stared at Yu He and formally said:

-If this is the case, then at least your Nine Saint Demon Gate still has some hope after all. Although you went back on the original promise, you still manage to save a little bit of face and dignity. Fine, since you are allowing me to walk an extra step, I will spare you a yard; just so that in the future, you can’t say that I have bullied the sect. 
(TL: A chinese proverb again)

A character like Yu He had spent many years experiencing everything life had to offer; however, when he was staring at Li Qi Ye, it still puzzled him that there could be someone who was so arrogant and confusing. Does he not know of our strength? Does he has zero concept of cultivation levels? Yu He broke his stoic demeanor with a small laugh.

-Go to the Chaotic Heart Forest. The one that can go the farthest will win.

Seeing that the test had finally begun, people started going towards the Chaotic Heart Forest. In a second, the forest was already surrounded.