Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1302

Chapter 1302: Meng Zhentian

After saying goodbye to Lord Bones, Li Qiye returned to Bones Island. He perused the area and ended with a sigh before turning to leave.

The rest of the group was waiting on their gigantic boat. There was another one parked next to them. Its master was Bao Yujiang.

Mu Shaolong was there with him as well, along with many cultivators from all over the oceans.

“Schoolmaster Zhuo, long time no see.” Bao Yujiang hurriedly greeted Zhuo Jianshi after seeing her.

Jianshi slightly nodded in response.

Yujiang’s eyes lit up after seeing her. Of course, any man would palpitate after seeing a woman like her. This was the natural course of life.

“Schoolmaster Zhuo, would you like to come visit my boat for a while?” Yujiang asked Jianshi with the intention to get closer to her.

Li Qiye smiled and answered before Jianshi could: “Mind your words.”

Yujiang’s expression changed after hearing this. The cultivators following him all stared at Li Qiye with strange looks as well.

“Brother Bao is inviting the schoolmaster, what does that have to do with you?” Mu Shaolong, who was a close friend of Yujiang’s, immediately spoke up for him.

“I’m in charge of this boat right now.” Li Qiye glanced over at Shaolong and slowly stated: “If you want to live on, stay away from the Dream Empyrean.”

Both youths were alarmed after hearing this. This was not only offending Shaolong, he was also provoking Yujiang.

The cultivators nearby didn’t dare to say anything and only took deep breaths. They had all heard of Li Qiye’s notoriety before.

Shaolong turned cold and said: “Is that so? Have I offended you? But even if I did, so what!”

He was very confident. His Celestial Pavilion had never been afraid of anyone before despite its low-key nature. They could still rampage in Heaven Spirit regardless of the occasion.

“While it is true that you haven’t offended me, you should be using your head more.” Li Qiye smiled and pointed at his head: “Don’t embarrass the Mu Clan.”

“You…” Shaolong wasn’t happy to hear such arrogant words and immediately glared at Li Qiye.

“Hmph, Li Qiye, I know that you are very strong!” Yujiang chimed in at this moment: “But Heaven Spirit isn’t a place for you to do as you please—”

“I can rampage wherever I want in the nine worlds and myriad realms.” Li Qiye interrupted him with an indifferent tone: “If you’re not convinced, come at me. See if I dare to kill you or not.”

Such domineering words were incredibly direct and ferocious; they didn’t give Bao Yujiang the slightest bit of face!

Yujiang’s expression was not pretty at this moment as he glared at Li Qiye. However, he really didn’t want to oppose Li Qiye. After all, this was someone who killed Shangguan Feiyan from the Roaring Conch.

Without any seniors acting as his backers while his grandmaster wasn’t close, he was no match for Li Qiye, so he had to endure this anger.

Li Qiye ignored Yujiang and turned towards Shaolong: “The Bonesea will be a troubled land. You better go back to your pavilion to avoid being killed.”

He didn’t care about Shaolong’s response, so after he finished saying what he wanted, he went inside his boat.

While watching Li Qiye walk away, Yujiang gritted his teeth and coldly uttered: “I want to see just how long you can act arrogant for! Whenever my grandmaster comes out will be your doom!”

People quivered behind him. Even though Yujiang’s cultivation couldn’t be considered exceptional, he had a grandmaster that could become an Immortal Emperor!

After Li Qiye sat down in his spot, Ruyan teased with a smile: “Oh? Young Noble, were you jealous?”

Li Qiye glanced at her and replied: “Jealous? What’s that?”

Ruyan blinked and asked: “Then do you have a feud with the Dream Empyrean?”

“Not to that level.” Li Qiye leisurely replied: “If Meng Zhentian wants to come out in this generation for the Heaven’s Will, he will become the bones beneath my feet.”

Ruyan’s mind shuddered. She understood that Li Qiye will definitely obtain the Heaven’s Will, so she emotionally commented: “The path towards the throne is merciless. I have heard news of him coming out as well. It looks like he must have it.”

Li Qiye calmly said: “He is simply courting death.”

Ruyan wryly smiled. Others would never dare to make such a claim. Meng Zhentian was a supreme existence in Heaven Spirit; his emergence was enough to deter the entire world. Experts from all of the nine worlds found him dreadful.

Heaven Spirit greatly valued him and thought that he would become an emperor. After all, no one among the younger generation could compete against him!

However, Li Qiye spoke of him so nonchalantly that it made him seem as if he was only an ant to be trampled on.

The thoughtful Jianshi asked: “Oh, Young Noble, do you have ties with the Celestial Pavilion?” She could see that Li Qiye was purposely trying to protect Mu Shaolong.

Li Qiye only smiled. Even though he tried to be considerate out of nostalgia, if Mu Shaolong keeps on acting naive, he would kill him even if he was from the Mu Clan!

Li Qiye closed his eyes and ordered: “To the Bonesea we go.”

Ruyan immediately commanded her disciples to commence their journey to the Bonesea.

The black star made many people run to the Bonesea. In fact, people usually visited this place either way, but this time was more like a surging tide of people. Nearly all the powerful sects were on their way. The experts from the previous generations couldn’t miss this opportunity for the artifact of immortality.

Countless carriages crossed the sky in recent days. Ships and boats made their way through the tides while sea demons traveled in droves…

They were anxious to arrive as soon as possible. All of them wanted to be the first to obtain the great artifact!

“Rumble!” On this day, a divine aura engulfed the sky due to the presence of a cavalry. It crushed the void with great martial might just like an experienced imperial legion.

Though this cavalry was few in number, every single one of them was powerful and had a cold and awe-inspiring presence. Their armor was branded with a supreme insignia.

This cavalry was only the scouting force, yet it could easily destroy a lineage.

The click-clack noises of a carriage resounded. The moment this particular carriage appeared, many phenomena emerged in the sky. Laws came down like waterfalls everywhere.

A path with flashing divine lights that led all the way to the Bonesea was paved by these laws. The carriage slowly traveled forward. Even though it was very far away, its immortal brilliance was far-reaching and turned into many images. Myriad laws were encompassed within; the gods were protecting it while exotic creatures were right behind…

“Shriek!” A phoenix hymn echoed in the sky. A golden phoenix was the beast pulling this carriage. It looked to be made out of pure gold and had a sharp blade-like gaze capable of cutting through everything.

However, upon closer inspection, there was a difference between this bird and a real phoenix. Its head was still that of an eagle’s.

The carriage was incomparably luxurious with inlaid ancient jades and Immortal Emperor runes. This was a carriage blessed by an emperor, so when it slowly traveled across this world, an imperial aura suppressed the location.

What was even more frightening was that it was completely surrounded by an alternating Yin and Yang, making it clear that a true master was inside.

A treant elder was driving the carriage. He emitted a crimson flame capable of scorching the sky vault since he didn’t bother hiding his Godking aura at all.

This was a driver of the Godking level — a truly shocking sight.

Alas, the most terrifying of all was the aura being exuded from the carriage. Even though no one could see who was inside, this terrifying aura made it seem like an Immortal Emperor sitting in an untouchable throne. Just this aura alone made others want to prostrate in fear. He alone was invincible in this world.

“Just like an Immortal Emperor…” Juniors were completely frightened by this scene. The weaker ones immediately kneeled on the ground due to this suppressive aura.

An older expert saw the insignia and exclaimed: “Meng Zhentian, he really has come into being.”

“Meng Zhentian!” This name struck everyone’s ears like thunder, shocking them all.

Even gods and devils would retreat when they heard this name in Heaven Spirit. All masters would definitely show him some respect.