Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1304

Chapter 1304: Smugness

After hearing the disciple, Liu Ruyan frowned and thought about why Bao Yujiang came here again.

Li Qiye smiled and lightly said: “It looks like he hasn’t given up.”

Ruyan asked the disciple: “What did he come here for?”

In terms of status, Yujiang was not qualified to see Ruyan or Jianshi. In fact, his master was barely on the same level as them.

The disciple hurriedly responded: “He said he is representing the Dream Empyrean to see you, Schoolmaster.”

“Let him in.” Although Ruyan had no interest in this visit of his, if he was representing the empyrean and she were to refuse an audience, it would make the Void Imperfection Schools seem petty.

A bit later, Yujiang came with Mu Shaolong beside him. Their friendship was great, so they came to the Bonesea together; they were completely inseparable.

Yujiang came in and saw Li Qiye. He felt some displeasure since this was the man he didn’t want to see the most. However, this wasn’t his territory, so regardless of his personal annoyance towards Li Qiye, there was no way around it.

“Schoolmaster Liu, Schoolmaster Zhuo, we meet again.” He cupped his fists and handed over an official letter from the Dream Empyrean.

The two glanced at the letter and read the header. It was written by Yujiang’s master, Bao Guojian.

This formal letter meant that it was an official visit and not a personal one from Bao Yujiang.

Jianshi put the letter away and slowly asked: “May I ask what you are here for?”

Yujiang replied: “I am here to talk with Schoolmasters about the direction the world will take in the future.”

Yujiang’s demeanor had drastically changed. He was even more excited and confident made evident by his imposing momentum. He carried himself as if he was equal or even above everyone else.

It was no wonder why he became this emboldened. His grandmaster, Meng Zhentian, had finally emerged to become an emperor. This made him bolder as he walked proudly with a straight posture.

Jianshi smiled gracefully in response to this statement. He made it sound like he was on equal footing with them, like old friends with a deep friendship.

The “future” he spoke of seemed very threatening, as if he was in control of everything. There was a noble intonation to his speech.

Of course, Jianshi was an experienced schoolmaster. She didn’t take this kind of posturing to heart.

She plainly said: “Elaborate.”

Her insipid reaction left him a bit disappointed. At this moment, he was speaking with so much confidence and charisma that anyone would show him some respect. Alas, a beauty like Jianshi was acting nonchalantly, as if it was no big deal, making him feel a bit lost.

He calmed down and replied: “Schoolmaster Zhuo, Schoolmaster Liu, my master entrusted me to discuss an alliance with you two. Our Dream Empyrean is willing to stand together with the Void Imperfection Three Schools in order to create a flourishing world.”

The two girls understood what he meant right away. This so-called alliance was only in name. Meng Zhentian wanted the Heaven’s Will, so he had the ambition to fight the rest of the nine worlds.

As for Bao Guojian, his ambition must also be burning. If he could sway an imperial lineage like Void Imperfect or young geniuses like Liu Ruyan and Zhuo Jianshi to become legion generals for his master in the future, his status would soar in the sect and ultimately, the world.

“You want us to work for your grandmaster?” She gave a charming smile, but there was a chilling touch in her voice.

Even if Meng Zhentian wanted to become an emperor and recruit their sect, Bao Yujiang wouldn’t be qualified to be the messenger.

However, Yujiang was feeling quite complacent, apparent by his smug appearance. He didn’t hear the cold implication in her voice and quickly said: “Schoolmaster Liu, if you become my grandmaster’s general, your future will be even more brilliant. You will have a great position alongside Schoolmaster Zhuo in all the nine worlds…”

Bao Yujiang was elated with pride. He thought he had managed to convince the two of them.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye quietly sat there and watched this recruitment play out. He smiled and eventually dozed off as he was too lazy to reason with him.

Jianshi faintly smiled while an amused glimmer flashed in Ruyan’s eyes.

If Meng Zhentian himself said these words, they would certainly take it more seriously. However, Yujiang was too weak to make such promises. He didn’t have the clout to persuade these two.

Even if Meng Zhentian were to become the next emperor, the Void Imperfection Three Schools was a behemoth in Heaven Spirit. They couldn’t be lobbied this easily by a junior like Bao Yujiang.

After Yujiang finished speaking, Jianshi shook her head in response: “Our sect appreciates your good intentions. However, our schools do not care for competition and power in the nine worlds. Please return and tell Daoist Cao that we accept his kind gesture. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to comply.”

Yujiang grew anxious after hearing the swift refusal. He thought for a bit and said: “Schoolmasters, you shouldn’t reject such an important matter this quickly. You should talk it through with the elders of your schools before making a decision. If you don’t mind, come visit our Dream Empyrean before deciding.”

Yujiang didn’t only want to succeed and complete his task for his master. He also wanted to use this opportunity to get close to the two beauties if they were to accept the recruitment.

Ruyan and Jianshi were supreme beauties with no lack of admirers in the Heaven Spirit World. In the past, Yujiang knew his own limits. It wasn’t his turn to get close to these kingdom-toppling beauties.

But now was a different story. The moment his grandmaster becomes an emperor, he would become an imperial granddisciple. His worth would soar a hundred-fold. At that point, he would be on the same level as the Profound Monarch and Seashield Prince.

If Ruyan and Jianshi were to truly become his grandmaster’s generals, then he — as the imperial granddisciple — would be able to ride his coattails.

“There is nothing to negotiate, please leave.” Ruyan was much more direct than Jianshi with her response.

Even if their schools had ambition, they wouldn’t necessarily join the Dream Empyrean or highly value Meng Zhentian. On the other hand, they were much more optimistic about the mysterious Li Qiye.

“Schoolmaster Liu, you shouldn’t decline so quickly. You really should reconsider.” Mu Shaolong chimed in: “Senior Meng will become an Immortal Emperor, so forming an alliance with the Dream Empyrean will surely benefit Void Imperfection.”

Even though Shaolong and Yujiang hadn’t made a pact of brotherhood, their friendship was just as strong. Because of this, Shaolong was willing to help him.

“Yes, Schoolmasters, there is no harm in thinking it over.” Bao Yujiang busily added: “You two should come visit my Dream Empyrean, we will show you our sincerity—”

But before he could finish, his mouth slowly stopped. His eyes were instantly attracted, and the same went for Mu Shaolong.

Fairy came out from inside with her matchless temperament, instantly drawing the two in.

They looked as if they were struck by lightning and couldn’t focus at all. It was not enough to call Fairy the number one beauty in the nine worlds, so of course these two would be intoxicated the moment they saw her.

Mu Shaolong’s mind returned. He seemed to have forgotten about everything else as he quickly stood up to come before Fairy: “My name is Mu Shaolong from the Celestial Pavilion. May I ask for your name, Goddess?”

Bao Yujiang couldn’t endure it either. He was enamored and didn’t want to lose: “I am Bao Yujiang, hailing from the Dream Empyrean. My grandmaster is Meng Zhentian. To be able to meet a goddess like you is a blessing of three lifetimes…”

Jianshi and Ruyan both laughed after seeing their behavior. They knew too well just how irresistible Fairy was. Yujiang and Shaolong were ordinary men, so they naturally couldn’t resist her charm.

Fairy glanced at them with the same dazed expression and then sat down next to Li Qiye without caring for the two.

This was not due to her arrogance. In fact, ever since she woke up from the coffin, she had been like this, maintaining an indifferent attitude towards everyone except Li Qiye.

Yujiang was immediately filled with jealousy after seeing her next to him. Li Qiye’s special relationship with Ruyan and Jianshi was already enraging enough, but now, this peerless goddess was acting incredibly close to Li Qiye as well. He was going crazy with jealousy.