Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1314

Chapter 1314: Seven Martial Pavilion

The ship began to depart with Li Qiye back inside. He sat down and closed his eyes to relax. What happened earlier was just a mere warm-up for him. No, it couldn’t even be considered a warm-up.

After his training, Li Qiye had mastered space control from the scripture to a peerless level.

While looking at Li Qiye, Zhuo Jianshi said: “The Lithodidae Overlord really went all out.”

The two of them understood the feud between Li Qiye and the overlord. The truth was that it was only a little resentment and not something to an irreconcilable level. The problem was that Li Qiye didn’t give him any respect.

But now, this became an unforgivable feud. He paid a great price for Li Qiye’s life and wouldn’t give up until the deed is done.

“That overlord always likes to think of himself as a ferocious man who enjoys the hunt and won’t give up until the prey is dead.” Ruyan chuckled: “The bounty must have been exorbitant or else someone like Sima Yujian wouldn’t have come.”

“He’s just another ant. After I’m finished with my business, I’ll destroy their Regal Valley.” That’s was the only statement Li Qiye made about the overlord. He didn’t even have the interest to go and kill him right now.

Jianshi and Ruyan glanced at each other. The Regal Valley was a sea god’s lineage, yet Li Qiye made it sound as if it was only a minor sect. However, they didn’t feel that his words were outrageous. Since he said so, the Regal Valley was doomed to be extinct.

After all the commotion, the ladies thought that the trip to the Bonesea would be peaceful again. Alas, they didn’t make it too far before a disciple came in with a message: “An elder from the Seven Martial Pavilion wishes to meet Young Noble Li.”

“Oh? The pavilion.” Jianshi’s eyes became serious.

Ruyan smiled in response: “It looks like even a behemoth like the pavilion can’t sit still. Regardless of their purpose for coming today, it shows that you have entered their sight.”

The pavilion was the most powerful behemoth in the Dragon Demon Sea. It sat at the apex of all sea demons, a place full of masters. It once produced three invincible sea gods.

There was a phrase at the Dragon Demon Sea — if the Roaring Conch could order all sea demons in the world, then the Seven Martial Pavilion could reign supreme in the Dragon Demon Sea.

Someone in Heaven Spirit once speculated that the unfathomable pavilion was not weaker than any lineage with three Immortal Emperors.

“Let him in.” Li Qiye gently waved his sleeve with a smile.

A moment later, an old man was led inside by the disciple. He wore a gray robe and a veiled hat. His blood energy was hidden, true to his low-key appearance.

He saw the trio and bowed: “I am the third elder of the Seven Martial Pavilion. Nice to meet you, Young Noble Li, Schoolmaster Zhuo, and Schoolmaster Liu.”

“Thank you for visiting despite the long journey.” Ruyan, as the host, gracefully responded with a charming smile.

Both the pavilion and the three schools were behemoths, so they have dealt with each other before. As schoolmasters, the girls naturally recognized this elder.

The elder didn’t waste time after the greetings. He brought out a wooden box with both hands and handed it over to Li Qiye: “Young Noble Li, this is our first meeting. Here is a token of goodwill from our pavilion, please accept.”

Li Qiye casually placed it on the table before opening it. A blue light shot out; it was very pure without the slightest flaw as if many stars were stored inside.

The box was filled with gems. Every single one of them was blue, as if they stored an ocean in each.

“Heart of the Sea. It looks like your pavilion is being very cordial this time.” Ruyan chuckled after seeing the contents inside.

A “Heart of the Sea” was an exceedingly rare gem in Heaven Spirit. They were precious and could be used like refined jades. Each one could be traded for a large amount of jades. A box full of these gems was a very extravagant showing.

Anyone else would be quite impressed, but not Li Qiye. He didn’t give the gems a second glance before looking at the third elder with a smile: “It looks like your pavilion has something to ask of me. Allow me to speculate.”

“If I’m not mistaken, you want to invite me to replenish your ancestor’s life.” Li Qiye smiled after stating this conclusion.

“How did you know, Young Noble?” The third elder was taken aback after hearing this.

If this wasn’t a matter discussed only by the highest echelons of the pavilion, he would have thought that some disciples had leaked it.

“Just a guess.” Li Qiye leisurely explained: “Your pavilion wouldn’t be this enthusiastic unless you needed my help. Your sect has no lack of treasures and merit laws, so that’s out of the question. As for recruitment… this probability isn’t high either. You don’t lack talents. Moreover, I have massacred billions of sea demons, so recruiting me would be harmful to the pavilion’s reputation.”

He concluded: “Ultimately, the only thing I have that is worthy of your pavilion’s attention is my supreme alchemy. I have replenished the Peacock Tree’s life, so your pavilion is tempted as well.”

“Incredible!” The elder praised: “Your mind is very meticulous, worthy of admiration.” He bowed his head.

There was no need to hide anything after all that has been said, so he continued: “It is just as you have said, our pavilion wants to invite you to perform your peerless alchemy to prolong our ancestor’s life. As for the payment, you just need to say the word, everything is negotiable.”

Ruyan and Jianshi didn’t interject. They knew Li Qiye was capable of this task, but he wouldn’t do so very easily.

Li Qiye gently shook his head: “I’m not interested. I don’t want to replenish anyone’s life right now. Even if someone is willing to pay handsomely, I still won’t do it.”

The elder quickly added: “But Young Noble, you have done it for the Peacock Tree.”

Li Qiye laughed in response: “I didn’t do so for the payment or because I owed the tree something, I did it because it has been protecting the human race. That alone is enough.”

The elder busily pressed on: “Everything is on the table if you can renew our ancestor’s life.”

Li Qiye replied with a grin: “I don’t need anything. I do not lack treasures or wealth. Since this is the case, why should I perform something as demanding as life replenishment? It is a heaven-defying matter. Even though I don’t really care about the villainous heaven’s opinion, your payment isn’t worth my time.”

“Young Noble, you should reconsider.” The elder still didn’t give up. He handed Li Qiye a list and said: “As long as you are willing to try, it doesn’t matter if you are successful or not, we will pay you well. If successful, we can let you pick a sea god’s weapon and merit law.”

Both the girls were moved after hearing this. These items were very precious, even for a sea god’s lineage.

The pavilion had three sea gods so they possessed more than just a few weapons and merit laws. However, these items were still prized artifacts for their lineage.

None of these great powers would ever use items of this level for trade unless there was no other choice. Who put the prodigal son in charge?

“Now that’s more interesting.” Li Qiye smiled after the elder revealed his cards: “Among your ancestors, few are worthy for your lineage to offer this much in exchange for life replenishment.”

Ancestors were indeed valuable, but not to the level of trading ancestral weapons and merit laws for their lives.

The elder hastily said: “Ah, ah, as long as Young Noble Li is willing, everything is negotiable.”

“Actually, there is only one person who is worthy of this high price.” Li Qiye smiled and continued: “The person whose life you are trying to prolong must be old Hallowed, correct?”

“How, how do you know that?!” The third elder’s expression drastically changed as he tumbled backward.

Li Qiye smirked in response: “Just calculated it with my fingers, that’s all. Outside of the old man that you all call the Hallowed Ancestor, no one else is worth a sea god’s weapon and merit law. To do so for anyone else would be a waste, a form of disrespect towards the forefathers. Yes, the only exception is the Hallowed Ancestor!”