Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1318

Chapter 1318: Swiftdao Celestial God

The War Cliff was relatively close to the Bonesea. Fierce waves slammed against the cliff in a relentless manner.

Cliffs emerged one after another from the sea. Each of them had different cracks and varying amounts of damage. Some had been severed in two while others were in shambles, and even more were pierced through completely while some were pried open…

Today, the cold seawater didn’t give these cliffs any breaks, as if they were recalling the terrifying war of past.

Rumor has it that this place used to be a complete mountain with lush vegetation. Even though it wasn’t considered a continent, it was the home for many cultivators.

However, a war occurred and ravaged this land. The remnants of this fierce battle rendered this land uninhabitable.

The main character of this war back then was the Regal Valley’s progenitor, the Lithodidae Sea God! After those war-torn days, he managed to establish his unshakable position.

At the beginning of his generation, the Trident accepted the Bloodshark Sovereign. Later on, it abandoned him for some unknown reasons and accepted Lithodidae instead. Because of this, a new chapter was written for this existence.

Of course, being accepted by the Trident didn’t mean that they became a sea god right away. The user must train and experience tribulations. Only when they were truly standing at the peak and able to use the laws of sea gods would they be considered a real deity.

Before grasping the laws of the sea, one wasn’t considered a sea god even with the Trident. They were only candidates at best.

In fact, these candidates had been forcibly replaced many times. This was how the second sea god of the Seven Martial Pavilion came to be.

The tales told that in the beginning, the Trident didn’t accept this particular successor of the pavilion. However, the pavilion was too heaven-defying and nurtured a successor with mighty power. He used supreme means to suppress the Trident while killing the current candidate.

This candidate was formidable as well, especially when he had control of the Trident. Alas, he still wasn’t a sea god at that point and couldn’t exert the Trident’s true power without the accompanying laws. In the end, the pavilion was able to subdue the Trident and kill the current candidate.

At the same time, its successor created a supreme grand dao with his matchless momentum and pure bloodline. Ultimately, he was accepted by the Trident and proceeded to master the sea god laws to become an invincible sea god.

This was the famous Deep Blue Sea God, the second of the Seven Martial Pavilion.

Back to the tales of Lithodidae; he was accepted by the Trident at a young age to become a candidate. However, many sea demons defied him. After all, he had a humble origin. It could even be said that him being accepted by the Trident was a confusing and earth-shattering matter.

Just think about it, how could such a candidate be accepted by the Heaven Spirit World? This was doubly true for lineages like the pavilion and the conch. They especially didn’t accept his position.

At that time, these sea god lineages wanted to steal his position. Some even thought about suppressing the Trident then killing him.

Finally, the animosity between the two sides erupted. The Roaring Conch formally commanded the sea demons in this world to fight against Lithodidae at the War Cliff.

The sea god personally led his army to battle against the invincible legion from the Roaring Conch.

This was a world-destroying battle; the sun and moon lost their brilliance. The end of this battle resulted in countless bodies floating in the blood-red Dragon Demon Sea. Even more corpses sank to the seabed.

In the generations to come, some people explored the depths and found mountains of bones. From then on, people were deterred and didn’t dare to dive down again.

From this, one could easily imagine the tragic battle. Of course, Lithodidae paid a great price in the end and won the war. He fortified his status and eventually controlled the laws of the sea to become a real sea god.

Today, the Lithodidae Overlord held a feast here to celebrate his ancestor’s glory. This action made sense because this battle was full of accolades and made his ancestor a sea god. No matter how one looked at it, this was a reasonable choice.

Even though this region had been ravaged by war with cold waves crashing into the cliffs, it was very lively right now.

Vessels made from divine metals were everywhere. Some were gigantic while a few were as small as a leaf…

These ships held the overlord’s people as well as his guests consisting of many experts and geniuses from the great powers. Normally, it wouldn’t be easy to participate in a celebration like this due to the long distance.

However, sects from all over the seas were coming to the Bonesea, so the overlord seized this opportunity.

The participants all knew that this feast was directed at Li Qiye. Some didn’t want to become involved in this storm, but they had to give the overlord some face due to his grand invitations.

This was especially true for his neighbors. If they didn’t show him some consideration today, he might take care of them tomorrow! Thus, many felt nervous about the fallout that was bound to happen.

However, one person’s arrival made them heave a sigh of relief. It was the famous Swiftdao God!

He was the current lord of the Swiftdao Sacred Ground and also Sima Yujian’s junior brother. He came on a leaf boat without excessive pomp. This leaf boat actually flew quickly in the air and made it to the cliff instantly.

Despite being called a celestial god, he appeared quite young and had a mighty heroic aura. He was adorned with a sapphire robe and had a sword lying on his knees, completely inconsistent with his aura.

For someone like him, nothing would be able to deter his path of triumphant regardless of the occasion, location, and difficulty.

Despite looking like a fifteen-year-old, this was not his real age. Of course, he wasn’t much older.

His title of “celestial god” wasn’t his own choice but an honorific given to him by the rest of the world.

There was a story to this particular title. Back then, Sima Yujian suppressed all of her fellow disciples with her Dao Sovereign cultivation while vying for the lord’s position.

However, when the Swiftdao Celestial God appeared, he used the cultivation of a Celestial God to defeat Sima Yujian. His advantages in cultivation were too great, so from then on, people called him the Swiftdao Celestial God for his full title. He was only sixteen at that time.

After reaching Virtuous Paragon, two different paths are available. One was the path of the heavens while the other the path of the grand era. The heaven’s path was one to compete for the Heaven’s Will to become the Immortal Emperor.

There were eight levels on this path: Dao Child, Dao Master, Dao Sovereign, Celestial Mortal, Celestial General, Celestial God, Emperor Reserve, and Emperor Candidate.

When a cultivator was on this path, they must create a grand dao that belonged to themselves. At the Celestial Mortal level, their grand dao could begin to feel the power of the Heaven’s Will.

At the Emperor Reserve level, their grand dao would be accepted by the Heaven’s Will. This was in preparation to obtain it in the future.

At the Emperor Candidate level, the great war for the Heaven’s Will would begin.

It was easy to see how unfathomable he was to reach the Celestial God level at the age of sixteen. Of course, this was partly due to the merit laws from the Swiftdao Sacred Ground, but it shouldn’t diminish the involvement of his peerless talents.

The Lithodidae Overlord personally came out to greet him with great enthusiasm. He said with a smile while cupping his fists: “The arrival of the celestial god is an honor for this lowly one as well as our Regal Valley.”

The Swiftdao God, on his small boat, nodded his head without standing up and slowly said: “I am passing by on my way to the Bonesea. After receiving Brother Lithodidae’s invitation, I’ve decided to stay for a bit.”

The overlord was much older than the celestial god, but he didn’t dare to posture in front of him. He busily received him with a beaming expression.

“That’s the celestial god.” Many people were relieved. Regardless of what happens next, the overlord wouldn’t dare to act recklessly, and Li Qiye wouldn’t attack the celestial god either.

In fact, the celestial god was very respected, especially by the younger generation. They had high hopes for him. In the view of many people, he actually had a good chance of competing for the Heaven’s Will against Meng Zhentian.

Although they didn’t know his current realm, they were aware that he was a celestial god at sixteen years of age. Many speculated that it was likely for him to be at the Emperor Reserve level.

Coupled with the unparalleled merit laws of the Swiftdao Sacred Ground, he could catch up to Meng Zhentian as long as he had another three to five years.