Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1344

When he got back, the group finally felt relieved. The two girls were quite nervous after Li Qiye left the ship.

"With the Heaven's Will Crystal Physique around, even the Indestructible Diamond Physique pales in comparison." The daoist saw Li Qiye dispersing his radiance and smiled wryly.

Li Qiye smiled back: "You are belittling yourself too much. In a certain sense, the crystal physique is more of a trick while the diamond physique is true physical prowess! The latter is eternal. As long as you are alive, your physique will continue to be there. It will protect you for a lifetime while the crystal physique has a time limit. In the beginning, the crystal physique is truly enviable with great advantages because it can evade many powerful enemies. However, it can't compare to the diamond physique at grand completion."

He continued on: "Even an Immortal Emperor can't kill a grand completion diamond physique. At that point, which do you think is better?"

The daoist nodded his head in response: "Brother Li, your guidance is on point."

Li Qiye showed a smile and added: "With your talents and strength, once you are at grand completion, you will be a true Emperor Assailant capable of fighting an emperor without fear. Even if you lose, the emperor would find it exceedingly difficult to kill you. An ordinary emperor might not even be capable of doing so. Will you still envy the crystal physique then?"

The daoist didn't gloat after hearing such praise nor did he show any trace of arrogance. Instead, he happily listened with great focus.

Qiangbei stared at the daoist with admiration while listening. This was an existence who would be unkillable by even Immortal Emperors in the future, what a great achievement!

Ruyan chuckled and asked: "Young Noble, how did you get the crystal physique? Don't tell me you stole it?"

Li Qiye couldn't help but laugh: "It's just a crystal physique, there's no need to steal it. I casually picked it up on the road."

Of course these people didn't believe him. How could someone randomly come across a Heaven's Will Secret Law?

The daoist joked back: "Brother Li, I'll trade my Ancient Purity Blade for your sword, how about it?"

"For my Dao Sword?" Li Qiye looked at the daoist and laughed: "You don't have to trade, just swear your lifelong allegiance to me and I'll give the Dao Sword to you!"

The girls went slack-jawed after hearing this. They were able to tell that this Dao Sword was definitely superior to the Ancient Purity Blade. Remember, this blade was Immortal Emperor Gu Chun's true fate weapon, and he was the first Immortal Emperor!

Thus, one could extrapolate just how frightening and unfathomable the Dao Sword was. Such a sword would be worshipped as the defining treasure that would be passed on for generations in an imperial lineage.

So when Li Qiye agreed to give the sword to the daoist, who would believe such a thing?

The daoist himself was stunned. He naturally knew just how precious the Dao Sword was.

"Does it look like I'm joking?" Li Qiye smiled and repeated: "Swear with your true fate right now and this sword shall be yours."

Earlier, the daoist was just messing around; he didn't expect for Li Qiye to actually agree.

"Young Noble, this is too much." Ruyan chuckled.

Li Qiye replied: "A treasure is easy to come by, unlike a general. If I lack treasures, I can always go and find some. A general capable of resisting an Immortal Emperor — where will I find one among the nine heavens? And someone who can't be killed by an emperor is even more valuable."

She winked and playfully said: "So if we sisters work for you, will you give us treasures like the Dao Sword too?"

Li Qiye flicked her nose while grinning: "Nice thought. I'm not the one asking for you two, it is your school wishing to have me. Why should I commit to such a terrible deal?"

"Hmph, you are being unfair." She coquettishly scowled while sending seductive glances at him. This posture from her could cause even bones to go weak. [1. Just another expression to show someone being swooned by her or falling down. I chose to do it literally this time for variations.]

Li Qiye only smiled in response to being exposed to her erotic posture.

Jianshi was more curious about the skull he got earlier: "Young Noble, what is that skull?"

Li Qiye took it out and answered: "Then took a good look, you may never get another chance to see something this amazing in the future."

This bizarre skull in front of her had a black energy floating around it. Even though it didn't emit a terrifying aura or try to steal souls, others still didn't want to look at it because it induced an instinctive fear. There was a sensation that something was touching the darkest part of their soul.

Since the group consisted of top-level experts, their talents and dao hearts were quite formidable with virtually no rivals among the younger generation, yet this skull was still able to affect them. This spoke volumes of its horrifying nature.

The group struggled to stabilize their minds in order to have a closer look. In the end, they couldn't find any clues from it.

"What's the secret of this skull?" The daoist failed to find something as well.

Li Qiye shook his head: "You won't be able to see through its mysteries right now. The location and time aren't right. Moreover, this item itself is not complete."

Jianshi asked: "Is it really valuable?" The gigantic volcano spewing out treasures and the sword identical to the Ancient Purity Blade were ignored by Li Qiye. He only gave them a single glance, yet he tried to take this skull regardless of the cost by forcefully seizing a fortune not meant for him.

"Very, it is priceless for some people." He gently stroked the skull: "It has been missing for a long time now. Emperors and gods have been looking for it all the same. Who would have thought that it was stranded in this place?"

He let out a soft sigh at this point. A few people had searched through the heaven and earth as well as myriad realms all for naught. In fact, it was surprising for him as well to see it in the Bonesea because he was one of the searchers who failed in the past.

He happily chuckled and put it away. One day, this skull will come in very handy for him.

The frightened Qianbei eventually asked while gulping his saliva: "I thought the treasures here were meant for the fateful people?"

"That just depends on the person. For many, it is indeed up to their own fortune. However, for Immortal Emperors and myself, as long as we want it, nothing is unobtainable." Li Qiye faintly smiled.

This sentence was uttered in a very insipid manner, but it carried tremendous clout. How many in this world would dare to compare themselves to Immortal Emperors?

However, the group found no problems with this statement. Li Qiye had shown his capabilities just now.

Qianbei inquired again: "What kind of fortune is required to obtain these treasures?"

Li Qiye smiled back at him: "No one can be sure. If you are lucky, you can pick up treasures during a leisurely stroll. But with bad luck, you can choke from swallowing on your own saliva. Look, your fortune is coming right now."

He pointed to the front after saying this.

At this time, treasures could be seen floating everywhere in this space while the boneships drifted away. However, no one could grab any of them even if the treasures drifted next to them. It seemed that each treasure was one with space here; they were completely connected. There was no way of taking them down at all.

Suddenly, a golden bell not far from a particular ship appeared. It floated above a young man's head and continuously clicked. Next, the bell sounded before issuing a cracking noise, then it fell into the youth's hand.

Everyone had tried numerous methods to no avail. But now, a treasure suddenly fell down towards someone. This was even more outrageous than a pie falling down from the sky.

The youth was understandably stunned when the bell fell into his hand. He couldn't believe his own eyes since he was not a genius or anything. Why did this unfathomable bell pick him?

An old senior said: "Stop looking silly, you are quite lucky to have met this opportunity." This was also a reminder for him to put away his treasures to avoid the greedy eyes of others.

The youth regained his wits. He became quite excited since this was beyond his wildest dreams. He had been graced with great luck, so he busily put away the bell.

Many were envious to see such an ordinary youth obtain this fortune and treasure.