Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1346

"Crash!" Water splashed. The boneships struck the surface right away and began to float. This process was too fast. It wasn't a process of floating up from the bottom of the sea, it was entering from another world.

An immense gust of wind assaulted everyone; it could only be described with the word "death".

The sisters and the daoist were all experienced members of society. However, they were shocked to see the scene ahead. Of course, they had read records in their sect describing the Bonesea. Alas, reading and personally seeing were two completely different matters.

True to its name, this sea was full of bones! When standing above, regardless of the location, only bones were in sight. A sea made out of bones might be the most appropriate way to describe this region.

They piled into mountains, creating an astounding spectacle. Because of these piles, this sea seemed to be divided. It was difficult to see the whole ocean due to these bony protrusions. The visible water looked like narrow rivers, allowing the little ships to pass through the ghastly hills.

Anyone would be creeped out while being so close to death. The more timid crowd would forever be stained with this shadow for the rest of their life. Stray bones were also floating among the cold splashing waves. The majority of the skeletons here remained relatively intact, making it seem as if something had eaten the flesh while leaving the bones behind.

There were all kinds of skeletons from different creatures, not just humans. Their varied shapes exceeded one's imagination. Some were unreasonably large while others were wonderfully small. Looking around, one would see a small pheasant-like skeleton next to a mountain-sized skeleton. The large ones came in a variety as well. There was an elephant head with its ivory tusks stretched out for dozens of miles, and another looked just like a dragon. This might be an ancient python; it spanned for several thousand miles just like a mountain range. One could easily imagine just how large and mighty it used to be when it was alive.

There was also a skeleton that looked like a peak protruding out of the sea all the way to the white clouds. A single glance wasn't sufficient to discern the creature. However, upon closer inspection, one would find that this sky-piercing peak was only part of a finger, so just how large was the hand below the sea?

This was an example of gigantic humanoid skeletons beside great beasts. They looked just like continents half-immersed in the sea while their ribs looked like small mountain ranges.

These giants were true to the phrase "head wearing the sky and feet stomping the ground." [1. Idiom used to describe heroic men. In this sense, it is more literal to describe the size of these skeletons.]

Ruyan's group was astounded to see it. They had imagined these kinds of giants in their minds before, but the real thing was simply too shocking.

In the end, the daoist emotionally commented: "So this is the Bonesea..." He felt that there was no title better for this place than "Bonesea." The two girls were speechless for a while as well.

"My god!" Qianbei was stunned and his legs went soft. He slumped down to the deck while shaking nonstop. With a pale complexion, he murmured: "Was this a world destruction? If all creatures in myriad realms die, it couldn't be worse than this."

Li Qiye calmly looked at it before answering with a faint smile: "The Bonesea is not the most dangerous among the twelve burial grounds, but it is definitely the cruelest."

Ruyan's expression turned unnatural as she stood up and mumbled: "How did this happen? There are so many skeletons here... It's not like every creature can come here to die."

Li Qiye didn't answer right away, he only continued his quiet contemplation. Eventually, he replied: "This is a place from a distant era where events more brutal than what you can imagine took place. Back then, all of these creatures were mere ants…"

In fact, all the cultivators on their boneships shared this mournful feeling. Even those who had been here before were shaken all the same and dumbfounded.

No one knew what actually happened in this place and why there were so many bones. What happened to create such a scene? Everything had been buried in the endless river of time.

Of course, their imagination played a role in the depiction of what had transpired, much to their chagrin. They were creeped out by it; this would be a cause for many sleepless nights.

In this moment when many spectators were dumbfounded, Fairy suddenly trembled as if she was hit by a blow and had to take several thumping steps back. Her body emitted a bright yet unstable brilliance like a candle in the wind.

Her changes woke the rest of the group from their rumination. Li Qiye, on the other hand, didn't find this surprising. He immediately held her, paying close attention to any minute changes.

"I'm not feeling good." Her pale face had an unnatural demeanor that consisted of sadness, anger, confusion, and helplessness.

This surprised everyone else. In their minds, she was absolutely invincible. Just one finger could easily defeat the diamond physique. Such an invincible character shouldn't be scared by the Bonesea.

Li Qiye helped her sit down and said in a serious manner: "Calm down, let your feelings flow. There's no need to suppress or control it, let it tell you how to feel." With that, he gently touched her forehead.

It suddenly lit up as white as the moon. Her forehead seemed to be opening up a new world. With this development, the gentle light being exuded around her increased in purity. With the accompaniment of her smile, it seemed as if she was having a happy thought.

Her beauty was unparalleled. Even Ruyan and Jianshi who were exceptionally pretty were overshadowed.

When she faintly smiled like this, it was the prettiest smile in the world and more than enough to drive anyone crazy.

"What's wrong with her?" Jianshi grew worried as well after seeing Fairy sitting like that on the ground.

Li Qiye answered: "She's finding herself."

"Finding herself?" Ruyan added: "You mean, she's trying to find her own memories?"

After her addition to the group, everyone could tell that she had amnesia, but they didn't state it out loud.

Li Qiye stared at Fairy and said: "It's not that simple. She isn't only trying to find her memories, and the process isn't that easy. It requires a long period for her to settle down. I hope she will be able to surpass the tribulation of the past, otherwise…"

"Otherwise what?" Li Qiye's sudden stop made the daoist's heart skip a beat. He had an ominous feeling.

Li Qiye loudly laughed: "Just try to imagine what happens when an Immortal Emperor becomes angry. No, even worse, an existence above an Immortal Emperor going crazy, what do you think will happen?"

Li Qiye's laughter made the daoist take several steps back from fear. He spoke with skepticism: "Are, are you joking?"

He had experienced Fairy's might firsthand, and the fear still lingered in his mind. Li Qiye's words just now horrified him completely.

The girls slightly trembled as well. This answer just now contained many hidden matters.

Qianbei was tongue-tied. This topic was too out-of-reach for him. Immortal Emperors — these were existences he didn't dare to even think about.