Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1349

Jianshi and Ruyan were very curious about this conversation. The Hallowed Ancestor was someone who had trained two sea gods. He definitely was unmatched in certain aspects. If he was willing to bet on Li Qiye, it showed that he had an even greater plan than just grooming another sea god. The two girls wondered just what was it that he wanted to do.

Li Qiye laughed and said: "I won't force you since it is a confidential matter. However, do you mind if I take a guess?"

"Well…" The elder wryly smiled. He was fairly helpless because Li Qiye had guessed correctly twice already. This youth was too devilish.

"Actually, it's not that hard to guess." Li Qiye chuckled without caring if the elder agrees or not. He went on: "There is only one thing your Hallowed Ancestor wishes to do, and that is to sever the sea demon root from all of you!"

The third elder was aghast after hearing this! Even though the ancestor didn't explain in detail, he could extrapolate that this was indeed the case from their conversation. So now, when Li Qiye pinpointed the crux of the matter, it truly frightened him.

Li Qiye faintly smiled and continued: "If I am not mistaken, your ancestor wants to move the Seven Martial Pavilion out of Heaven Spirit! Even if the entire sect cannot leave, at the very least, a portion of your disciples must do so! Because of this, your pavilion wants my imperial bloodline. Only my powerful human bloodline will help your pavilion take root in a different world!"

He stared straight at the elder and declared: "Your ancestor's target is the Mortal Emperor World's Northern Grand Sea!"

The third elder was astounded to hear this and instinctively backed away from Li Qiye in disbelief. The two girls were surprised as well since this was outside of their imagination.

Some sea demons have left Heaven Spirit before, but ultimately, they would return to their roots unless it was an untimely death.

No one had heard of a sea demon lineage wishing to relocate from Heaven Spirit. This was because in the nine worlds, no other location would be more suitable for their race, especially the Dragon Demon Sea. This was truly their home territory!

For a living creature, there was no better place than home. Sea demons were simply happy fish in water here. As for the Seven Martial Pavilion, wanting to relocate should be even stranger. They were the leaders of the Dragon Demon Sea, an untouchable behemoth among sea demons. However, they still wanted to leave Heaven Spirit. No one would be able to imagine their thought process.

It would be considered ridiculous if one didn't hear it with their own ears. It wasn't easy for a lineage to establish their own base. It required countless efforts from their ancestors. Just imagine, three sea gods have contributed to the pavilion, resulting in them having the largest territory in the Dragon Demon Sea. No one would be willing to give up such a solid foundation and inheritance.

"This is impossible. Sea demons can't leave and they definitely can't cut off their bloodline, their connection to Heaven Spirit." Ruyan found the statement incredible.

Li Qiye chuckled and said: "This depends on their bloodline. If I become an Immortal Emperor and breed with a sea god, the descendants will be able to sever this root due to my ancient bloodline! After several more generations, the pavilion will be able to implement their plan! The Golden Isle has tested my bloodline... it looks like your pavilion is quite good at getting reliable information."

Both the girls glanced at each other then stared at the elder whose face has become cloudy and uncertain. He didn't know what to say for a while.

Li Qiye smiled and continued: "The Hallowed Ancestor must have wanted to do this long ago, but unfortunately, he couldn't find the right candidate. It's not that simple to have both an Immortal Emperor and a sea god at the same time. Plus, an Immortal Emperor might not give your pavilion any face."

In the end, the elder bowed his head and earnestly said: "Young Noble Li, your wisdom is as vast as the sea. You have grasped everything. Your knowledge can only be described as matchless."

Even though he didn't directly admit it, this was essentially accepting Li Qiye's conjecture. Both the girls shivered. As schoolmasters, they thought about a deeper issue. Just why did the pavilion want to abandon their inheritance here and leave Heaven Spirit?

The more they thought about it, the more afraid they got. An existence like the Hallowed Ancestor was not able to alarm them. The reasoning behind his actions must be earth-shattering.

Li Qiye smilingly said: "That's the Hallowed Ancestor for you, worthy of being an existence that has trained two sea gods. He sees further than others and is even willing to make such a gamble."

The elder was elated. He hurriedly replied: "Then do you agree?"

"No, don't be happy just yet, I still haven't accepted." Li Qiye shook his head: "The truth is that your condition isn't enough to move me."

"Well…" The elder awkwardly backed away after being disappointed.

Li Qiye laughed: "Elder, there's no need to try and hide it from me by bargaining every step of the way. Be honest, what is the bottom line of your ancestor? Four styles or perhaps five? In my opinion, five is his limit. The seven styles are indeed unbeatable, but I'm only interested in the last three. The first four might be incredible, but that's all they are. This is not the case for the last three. Their profundities are worth pondering, especially the final style. This style, for any cultivator, is truly worth researching; even Immortal Emperors are no exceptions."

The elder was tongue-tied once more. None of his thoughts could elude Li Qiye's eyes.

Li Qiye continued after seeing his expression: "If necessary, your ancestor could bear trading the first four moves. The fifth is the limit while the sixth is something he absolutely doesn't want to put up. Due to his mastery of the styles, he knows more than anyone just how priceless the last two are. The sixth is a sure-kill attack; the moment it comes out, it can determine the outcome of the battle. As for the seventh, it can reverse the tides of the universe. Because of this, he absolutely won't trade the last two." 

Having said that, Li Qiye waited for the third elder to answer.

In the end, the elder acquiesced: "Young Noble, your insight is beyond my sphere of understanding."

This was not flattery since it came from the heart. Even as an elder of the pavilion, he knew less about the seven styles compared to an outsider like Li Qiye. At the same time, Li Qiye was undoubtedly correct. The Hallowed Ancestor gave permission for the first four styles. If Li Qiye insisted on the fifth, he must personally talk to the Hallowed Ancestor.

"If you wish for the fifth, our ancestor is willing to talk with you about it." He honestly revealed the bottom line.

At this point, he nervously stared at the youth. He truly wished for a successful negotiation. After all, this would be considered a great merit for him.

"You should already know that I want all seven." Li Qiye smiled.

The elder wryly smiled back: "I won't hide it from you, Young Noble. It is simply impossible for us to give you all seven, absolutely impossible. It might be bad news, but it is the truth. I am being sincere this time, so I won't lie to you."

Li Qiye said: "I know. The reason why this conversation is happening is because of your respectful attitude."

The elder continued: "Without talking about the last two styles, we can sincerely talk about other conditions that you might have." The elder spoke with honesty and frankness.

Li Qiye didn't respond right away. He quietly stared at the waves outside. The elder leisurely stood there without bothering him, waiting for him to make a decision.

After a while, Li Qiye looked back and slowly said: "I can replenish the Hallowed Ancestor's life as well as not want the seven styles! But I do have one condition."

The elder asked for confirmation: "No more seven styles?" All three in the room were surprised. They didn't understand why he chose to give up on the seven styles.

Li Qiye seriously responded: "Yes. I can do without the seven styles."

The elder was ecstatic and quickly asked: "Everything else is negotiable then. What do you want, Young Noble?"

Li Qiye nonchalantly declared: "It's very simple, I want to see the Prime Sea God!"

"Prime Sea God?" The elder thought he misheard and had to ask again: "You said you want to see the Prime Sea God?"

Li Qiye flatly and earnestly confirmed: "You heard correctly, that's who I want to see."