Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1351

Ruyan and Jianshi took note of Li Qiye staring at Fairy. They were slightly moved and instantly realized something at the same time. Intuition told them that his change of heart might have something to do with Fairy. However, they recalled the events and found this to be implausible.

Upon their first meeting, Li Qiye had already met Fairy but he still wanted the seven styles. Him wanting to see the Prime Sea God now might not have anything to do with Fairy. Thus, there were some timing inconsistencies with this particular notion.

They didn't know where the problem was, but they ultimately thought that this was somewhat related to Fairy. Nevertheless, the real reason for his decision eluded them.

Li Qiye stared at Fairy and gently lamented in his mind. This was him choosing to protect the nine worlds!

In his heart, he didn't care about the survival of the sea demons and treants, not even the charming spirits. Until now, he had no worries about how others evaluated him. For millions of years, other cursed him as a murderous devil or butcher while some praised him as the savior and guardian of the nine worlds.

Regardless of whether he was reviled or praised, he didn't take any of them to heart. However, Fairy's words had touched the deepest part of his heart. Perhaps this could be his last visit to Heaven Spirit, so he should leave certain things behind.

"What is impossible to deceive in this world? Maybe only the judgement of the heaven and earth." After a long daze, he eventually sighed gently.

Ruyan softly asked: "What did you say, Young Noble?"

He regained his wits and wryly smiled while shaking his head: "Nothing, let's go."

The ship began to move towards their destination once more. They met many skeletons and spirits along the way. Some launched an offense on the ship, but the daoist's group easily took care of these weaker creatures. Li Qiye eventually stopped the ship and smiled towards the group: "Boys and girls, are you ready? A tough battle is about to begin."

The group looked forward and saw that the water ahead was even muddier than before; it was to the point where it was just black, truly creeping out the spectators.

They could feel a seemingly taboo power assaulting the air once the ship stopped. Even top experts like them put on serious expressions.

The Bonesea had always been a dangerous place. Even Godkings wouldn't necessarily come out unscathed. Today, the daoist knew that the power of the Bonesea would far exceed his expectations.

Li Qiye smiled at the serious-looking crowd before slowly controlling his boat to set sail once more. Upon entry, the entire ship quaked as if it was being suppressed by the power here and almost sunk into the sea.

He smirked: "Unfortunately, it's me who you are facing." Under his palms, the rudder suddenly lit up. The runic gears turned resplendent like an extremely complicated component and started to rapidly rotate. They seemed to be powering the ship, allowing it to withstand the powerful suppression and continued to float on the surface.

It continued on slowly as the group noticed that something was different about this region compared to the other locations. Although there were mountains of bones, the majority were small ones piled on top of each other. The gigantic ones were a minority.

However, in this current area, each skeleton was the size of a mountain that rose above the surface. Some were as large as mountain ranges!

Moreover, there were unique spectacles to this region. For example, some skeletons were swimming in the sea while others were soaring in the sky. There was something different about these skeletons and spirits. As for the exact disparity, the group couldn't tell. However, the intuition of a master was telling them so.

Among these monstrous bones, there were some that looked like giants squatting on the sea with half of their bodies exposed. Their fangs were hundreds of meter long like two sharp blades. After countless years, they still had a flashing glint. Another resembled a giant crane with only one leg left half submerged in the water. The single leg looked like a pillar upholding a gigantic city of bones.

The most shocking scene was a humanoid skeleton; it must have belonged to a gargantuan race that occupied an entire sphere by itself. The water could only reach its calves, so one can just imagine how gigantic it must have been. Another wondrous spectacle was the great sword pinned right into its chest.

In other words, this sword was approximately ten thousand miles long. A casual strike from it could split even stars. If this was in Heaven Spirit, it could divide the Dragon Demon Sea into two!

These skeletons have weathered the river of time, yet they were still as fair as jade. The other ones outside were either yellow or charred, unlike those found here. Nevertheless, their divinity had been ground down to a very low level.

It was precisely these characteristics that showed just how mighty they once were. Though they died in a distant era, the divinity in their corpses was still present!

This giant humanoid corpse shocked the daoist's group. He couldn't help but murmur: "There are people this big in this world?"

The girls stood there looking silly. Cultivators could create avatars of enormous sizes. Of course, those were mere avatars. They had never seen a real body of this magnitude before. Heaven Spirit had its fair share of giants, but they seemed like ants before this skeleton.

Xiong Qianbei had never seen such an incredible scene like this. His butt met the deck once more as he watched on in a daze.

Jianshi eventually asked: "What is that race?"

Li Qiye insipidly spoke while looking at the great creature: "A very ancient race that was wiped out a long time ago."

In this area, even the playful corpses were astonishing.

"Splash!" In the distance, a monstrous wave appeared. A gigantic skeleton was swimming around. Sometimes it leaped above the sea while others it dove into the depths just like a whale.

The two girls were especially moved. Jianshi asked with uncertainty: "Is that an ancestral whale?"

Li Qiye chuckled in response: "To be exact, it is a Kun, another race that has been made extinct back then. Your school's ancestral whale is related to this Kun, the only family member lucky enough to survive till now."

The two took a deep breath after hearing this. They knew their ancestral whale was a monstrous fish, but they didn't know of its origin or family line.

"Screech!" Next was the cry of a phoenix. A flame surged in the sky. In the blink of an eye, a gigantic skeletal bird flew by. Its entire body was engulfed in flames. These flames seemed to be coming from every single bone.

Its tail dragged along with it a fiery ray that stayed in the sky for thousands of miles. This ray contained all kinds of colors, just like the tail of a phoenix.

Xiong Qianbei rubbed his eyes in astonishment and shouted at the sight of the bird: "Is that a phoenix?"

Li Qiye watched the bird fly away and answered: "That's not a phoenix either. However, it isn't far from being a real phoenix. At the very least, it has half of a phoenix's bloodline."

Daoist Puresun murmured: "Just what the hell is this place? Why have all of these powerful creatures turned into bones!"

Such a place was too surreal. What exactly was the Bonesea? How could all of the large creatures eventually leave their remains in this place?