Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1353

"Zzz!" Daoist Puresun's caved-in chest seemed to be remolding as if he was a bronze statue. It fully recovered without leaving behind a visible scar.

However, it was quite strange for an evil looking skeleton like the Fiendmother to actually use a supreme mudra of the buddhist doctrine. It was incongruent to see a buddhist seal from this creature.

"Die!" The daoist wasn't afraid of this mighty creature. He sent out another slash with an extremely dominating momentum. He wanted a direct confrontation.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye had already traveled far away with his boneship.

"Splash!" A huge bony hand came out of the sea. It was gigantic and could only be described as being capable of holding up the heavens!

Its five fingers were spread like Mount Wu Xing in a way that could easily pluck the stars from the sky. [1]

The group thought that a giant was about to stand up from the sea. However, the next scene left them dumbfounded.

"Splash!" At this time, the owner of this gigantic palm emerged. It was not a giant like they imagined but a skeletal monkey no different from an ordinary monkey. Anyone would find it unthinkable to see such a skeleton have this big of a palm. How could it grow on such a little body?

Ruyan asked while still surprised: "What is it this time?"

Li Qiye chuckled and replied: "Massive Palm Divine Monkey, Jianshi will face it." With that, another boneship flew out of the main ship.

Jianshi didn't question him and immediately jumped onto the other boat in order to fight this skeletal monkey.

"Clank!" Her imperial sword left its scabbard. With lightning speed, she slashed towards the monkey with a billowing aura that rampaged across the sky!

"Bang!" The monkey slammed its gigantic palm down with astonishing speed. Despite the visual oddity of the size disparity, its attack was seamless, smooth, and even faster than lightning.

"Bang!" She couldn't block the attack despite being covered in an imperial aura. She was blown away through the sky but luckily fell onto a different giant skeleton.

"Rumble!" She returned to the ship with more fury than before. Her blood energy instantly erupted.

In terms of cultivation, she was no match for Daoist Puresun. However, he was inferior with regards to blood energy. Under the Sacred Spring Physique, her blood energy was as vast as an ocean and seemingly saturated the entire Bonesea beyond its limit!

The divine monkey slammed down once more with a world-destroying palm. A ten-thousand-meter tall wave was created by this force.

"Bang!" Jianshi chose to directly confront this incoming attack. The exchange went even, but she didn't want to let up at all.

At this time, she was actually wielding a huge axe no smaller than the gigantic palm of the divine monkey.

It had an ancient style with a diagram of mountains and rivers carved on it. It seemed that this diagram would give the axe immeasurable weight.

Myriad Earth Axe — her weapon of choice. Her most powerful weapon was this axe, not her imperial sword or some true treasure. This was due to its tailored suitability for her. An elegant and graceful beauty carrying an axe larger than a mountain was simply outrageous.

"Bang!" She swung her axe once again at the divine monkey's palm. Under her wild blood energy, the axe crazily accelerated with more weight and power behind it! Its sundering blow left a scar in the sky.

Possessing boundless blood energy was the same as possessing all things. This was the magical property of the Sacred Spring Physique. It could empower every technique to be extraordinarily powerful with greater speed and weight!

Of course, its speed augmentation was not as great as the Soaring Immortal Physique, its additional weight was no match for the Hell Suppression Physique, and it couldn't empower something to the level of the Sky Destroyer Physique! Nevertheless, its endless blood energy made each move quite invincible!

The monkey screamed. Its palm turned into a fist that could seal the six dao and headed straight for the axe.

"Rumble!" The battle between the two continued, causing the sky to crack and the entire region to quake.

Qianbei was astounded. He couldn't imagine a slender girl like Jianshi wielding such a great axe. Li Qiye was amused at the scene but continued forward without thinking too much about it.

They didn't get far before he batted an eye and smiled towards Ruyan: "Your turn to protect the ship, don't destroy it."

Ruyan charmingly smiled in response: "Don't worry, Young Noble. Leave it to me."

Having said that, she jumped to the deck and summoned an immortal cauldron. The moment she opened it, a bunch of smoke came out along with endless fire. In a split second, this heat incinerated the entire ship.

So it turned out that strands of bone had come out of the sea and suddenly spread across the entire ship as if wanting to grow on it. At this moment, Ruyan controlled her fire and burned all of these silk-like strands off the ship. Even though it was ruthlessly burning these bone strands away, it didn't harm the ship at all.

Oddly enough, under the gushing torrents of fire, these bony strands sizzled but weren't burn to death. The stronger the flame, the faster they grew. In the blink of an eye, they filled the entire ship.

"A bit interesting." Ruyan smirked and controller her cauldron. Her body suddenly lit up with the activation of her Heaven Devourer Evil Physique.

At this time, a terrifying vortex appeared inside the cauldron as black flames came out. This new flame burned countless bony strands to ashes. Don't underestimate her cauldron, its name was the Evil Physique Immortal Cauldron, personally cast by her school's progenitor.

As a grand completion user, this progenitor actually used her own bones to create this cauldron! It had an extremely terrifying power. If a disciple who trained in the evil physique controlled this cauldron, its power would be amplified multiples times.

Under Ruyan's fire, the bony strands crazily rushed back time and time again, but all were rendered to ashes. Qianbei could only sit on the deck and watch Ruyan resist this crazy bony growth. His cultivation was too weak, so he couldn't help her at all.

"Zzz—" In the midst of his daze, a very quiet noise came about.

"Help!" By the time he realized, he found that a bony strand had snuck onto his body. It crazily grew and appeared all over his body, scaring the soul out of him.

He frantically pulled the strands off from his body. It looked like he had a thousand hands while doing this. It made sense why people called him Xiong Qianbei. [2]

Alas, no matter how quickly he shredded them off, his speed was not as fast as the rate of their growth.

"Help me!" He was completely covered, so he shouted at Li Qiye and Ruyan for help.

However, Li Qiye only smiled at the old man. He was completely indifferent; not only did he not help, he even watched this scene with great amusement.

Ruyan found this strange and noticed Li Qiye's behavior, so she didn't try to help him either.

In the blink of an eye, he was covered in layers upon layers of bony strands. He couldn't cry out anymore as his body convulsed. It was very painful. Eventually, his struggling weakened. It was obvious that he would die to these strands.

Suddenly, a loud blast resounded the moment before death. A blood energy swelled as if a thousand dragons were roaring in his body. His bloodline instantly grew stronger.

"Boom!" The muscles all over his body enlarged as if to make room for dragons flying out of his body. They shattered all of the bony strands that were wrapped around his body!

[1] Five Elements Mountain. There is a real mountain in Vietnam with this name, but I'm sure the author is referring to the artificial mountains made from Buddha's fingers to trap the Monkey King.

[2] Qian = Thousand, Bei = Arm.