Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1356

While the rest of the group was trying to capture their legacy treasures, Li Qiye didn't try to take any of them. He simply wandered around this area on his boneship in an aimless manner. He even let the ship drift to wherever it wanted.

Qianbei curiously asked: "Young Noble, are you not trying to get any of these artifacts?" He believed that with Li Qiye's abilities, he could take any of the treasures here with ease.

Li Qiye looked at the calm sea before lightly smilingly: "I'm not here for these legacies."

For Li Qiye, bringing the group here was only a side benefit. His goal was not this place. However, since he was already here, he wanted to take a look because of a particular legend. Few had heard of it and even less believed in it. Nevertheless, Li Qiye was hopeful since he was certain that what he wanted to find was here.

Qianbei was surprised to hear this, but he eventually understood after thinking about it. Li Qiye was very heaven-defying, so he didn't care about treasures. Or maybe for someone like him, it was too easy to take whatever he wanted.

The ship continued to aimlessly drift with the two silently watching the sceneries. This region was very tranquil. There were no flying skeletons, not even waves. This might be the safest location in the Bonesea.

Li Qiye gently shook his head after seeing the serene sea. He felt that he wasn't meant to see it in this generation. Suddenly, the calm water began to sway with surging waves.

"Buzz!" A sword hymn resounded across the region. A bright ray rose back at the giant's location, illuminating the entire area.

Qianbei looked back and happily exclaimed: "Schoolmaster Zhuo has done it!"

At this time, Jianshi was standing on the giant's head after successfully pulling the colossal sword up high. Its horrifying sword light engulfed the entire sky with a crushing sword intent. All existences trembled before its might. This imperial sword was large enough to encompass the entire world.

Jianshi herself was also emitting a divine aura. All of her blood energy gathered above her head like a true dragon. Its claws were tearing the sky apart with a suppressive momentum.

"Clank!" The sword continued to sing its hymn in the clouds. She was very small compared to the sword, but she had turned into an empress of the nine heavens — noble and unfathomable. This sword energy could crush the firmaments.

"So powerful. With that sword in her hand, she shall be matchless." Qianbei turned pale from the pressure of Jianshi with her colossal sword and couldn't stand up from the deck.

Eventually, she recalled the sword into her palace while still standing above the gigantic skull in a transcendent manner like a flawless fairy.

"Boom!" At the location of the island where Ruyan was located, a black light erupted. The entire location turned dark as if something was enveloping the heaven and earth.

"What's going on?" Qianbei was astonished once more as he looked around to find the cause for the sudden darkness.

Bursts of explosions resounded as if something was in the process of devouring everything. If a powerful cultivator were to open their heavenly gaze, they would see a shocking scene. The tablet on that island was opening its jaws and swallowing the darkness in the sky. It looked as if even the stars up above weren't spared.

The sky eventually regained its brightness as the darkness rescinded like a tide from being completely devoured by the tablet.

The entire process gave the feeling of the coming of a devil, but in a split second, it was defeated and the light returned.

Qianbei stared at the sky and couldn't calm down due to his lack of awareness of the current situation.

Jianshi's boneship floated back during this time. She jumped back on the deck.

Li Qiye smiled after seeing her: "Nice sword, it really suits you."

"Thank you for giving me this creation." She bowed deeply towards him. Even though she earned it due to her own efforts, Li Qiye's guidance also played a large part in the acquisition.

"Congratulations on obtaining the sword, Senior Sister." At this time, Ruyan also drifted back with her boat and smiled at Jianshi.

Before Jianshi could say anything, Ruyan calmly pulled Li Qiye's arm like a spoiled child and said: "Young Noble, she obtained a divine sword and even has the Sacred Spring Physique, I'm afraid I'll never be able to lift my head again when she decides to bully me. There will be no peace for me at the Void Imperfection Three Schools! You have to show me the way, don't let me live the rest of my life in such a miserable manner…"

Here, her eyes moistened, resulting in a delicate appearance. She was already a seductress, so acting cute and lovable could melt someone with a steel heart.

Li Qiye gently flicked her forehead and scolded: "Don't play cute with me. Your tablet is not inferior to the Colossal Immortal Sword, so stop being greedy."

"As long as it is something you give, I will want more and more." She was still coquettishly holding onto his arm. This playful appearance could steal souls.

Li Qiye smiled and looked into the distance. After a while, he said: "Daoist Puresun is back."

Everyone looked over and sure enough, they saw the daoist returning on his own ship. His sleeves were fluttering in an otherworldly manner. However, he seemed a bit ragged with his clothes torn in many places.

Ruyan gave him the side-eye and teased: "Daoist Puresun, did you go to a dragon's nest or something? Why do you look so down? Don't tell me you tore off your own clothes in order to act pitiful?"

The daoist didn't mind and smiled in response: "You are pretty on point. It was ninety percent death and ten percent survival, I almost couldn't make it back."

"That is to say, you must have gotten something peerless?" Jianshi was surprised too. The daoist was stronger than her, so something that could make him look this embarrassed must have been quite dangerous.

The daoist smilingly replied: "I was lucky. I took a trip to the gates of hell and after a harrowing encounter, I finally found something in return."

His content appearance revealed his amazing harvest. After all, someone of his status wouldn't care for ordinary treasures.

Li Qiye smiled and shook his head: "Do you need to exaggerate so much? It was definitely hard work, but what is this about the gates of hell and a harrowing encounter?"

The daoist coughed with a slightly embarrassed demeanor after being called out by Li Qiye. He curiously asked afterward: "Brother Li, have you been there before?"

Li Qiye only smiled without answering.

Ruyan cheerfully told him: "Take out your treasure so everyone can have a look."

The daoist grinned: "It's only an egg, it can't compare to the two magnificent treasures the two of you obtained." Nevertheless, he didn't try to hide it and took it out.

What he obtained was a golden egg several times larger than an ordinary one. An adult couldn't hold it in one hand. It was glittering as if the whole egg was made out of gold.

Jianshi asked: "What is this golden egg?"

Ruyan quipped: "Such a big egg, how about we cook it? It's more than enough for us to have a full meal."

Having said that, she reached forward and knocked on the egg. A very crisp "boom" resounded. The light on the shell rippled and emanated everywhere like waves. It seemed to be issuing a faint noise, as if she has woken up the creature inside.

"Is this a phoenix egg?" Qianbei's jaw almost dropped after seeing this strange scene. He mustered up some courage to touch the egg. It felt quite warm.

Li Qiye cheerfully said: "Wishful thinking. If this was a phoenix egg, I would have taken it already instead of letting someone else do so."

Jianshi curiously asked: "What kind of egg is it then?" Even the unaware would realize that this golden egg was incredible.

The daoist commented with a grin: "It should be an egg of an immortal bird. Even if it isn't a phoenix, it should have the bloodline of a divine beast."