Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1358

In the midst of this tranquil drifting, Li Qiye continued to stare at the sea in silence. It was as if something was attracting his attention.

After a while, Jianshi gently asked: "Young Noble, are you looking for something?"

There were countless skeletons and legacy artifacts in this region, but Li Qiye didn't bother giving them a single glance. It was as if these treasures were merely scrap metal in his eyes. Only the calm sea warranted his attention.

Li Qiye looked back at her and replied: "Yes. To be exact, I'm waiting for something."

Ruyan's eyes lit up as she curiously asked: "For what? A treasure? Is there one at the bottom of the sea?"

"I'm not here for treasures." Li Qiye shook his head: "I'm here to chase after a legend, to dispel an unsolvable question."

"What kind of legend?" The daoist found this topic interesting. His sect had many records of the Bonesea, but he had not heard of this legend before.

"It's a legend about eternal life." Li Qiye answered with a mysterious smile.

"Legend of eternal life?" The group was stirred after hearing this. The daoist spoke with a changed expression: "So the rumors about the Bonesea having an item that grants immortality is true?"

"Really?" Jianshi was also surprised. It was no wonder the world all found themselves wanting it. Even someone like Meng Zhentian couldn't sit still and had to personally visit the Bonesea.

"It's false." Li Qiye laughed: "If this place actually had an item like that, it wouldn't be this generation's turn, and especially not someone like Meng Zhentian. Throughout history, many emperors have been here before, and some made it to the deepest location of the Bonesea. Do you think people in this generation will still have a turn in this?"

After hearing this, the group felt that it made sense. Who could be stronger than Immortal Emperors? In fact, even sea gods and treefathers had been here before. These characters would have taken away the item of immortality if it actually existed.

"So it's a lie, you almost scared me to death." Ruyan playfully protested: "What kind of legend is it? Hurry and tell us."

Li Qiye stared at the sea and eventually said: "A legend about a shadow."

"A shadow?" Jianshi wasn't clear: "What kind of legend could there be about a shadow?"

Li Qiye replied: "Because it has existed forever, it became a legend. In a distant era, some passages regarding this legend were written, but they are very few in number so not many are aware of it. It goes like this: ever since the Bonesea was known to be, there has been a shadow in the waters here. It is just like a ghost, appearing and disappearing for millions of years. Generations passed, but this shadow continues to be. It is an eternal existence in the Bonesea."

He continued gazing at the calm waters while speaking.

"Ever since the formation of the Bonesea?" The daoist shuddered. According to his sect's records, the Bonesea was beyond traceability. Some even said that it was impossible to try and figure out its beginning.

Keep in mind that Gu Chun's four branches were among the top two oldest lineages in Heaven Spirit. Immortal Emperor Gu Chun was the first emperor and lived during the Desolate Era. However, even his sect didn't have any clues on the origin of the Bonesea. From this, one could see just how ancient it was.

A shadow in the waters existing at the start of the Bonesea — such a timeless existence was very interesting.

Jianshi asked: "What is this shadow?"

Li Qiye smiled as his eyes turned quite profound: "This is where it gets interesting. Some believe that it is an existence, others say that it is just a projection of the Bonesea. Another speculation states that it is an unrelenting ghost… In short, no one has seen what it is, or at least what its true form is."

"Can someone actually see a shadow in this type of water?" Ruyan looked at the sea and grew curious. It was very cloudy, and some of the regions even had water as black as ink. How could anyone see a shadow within these waves?

Li Qiye didn't answer. He continued on with his task as the ship freely drifted about. The rest of the group joined in while holding their breaths in eager anticipation for this legendary shadow to appear.

Time passed, but there were no signs of it. Nevertheless, they were great characters, so they could remain patient in this endeavor.

After a long while, Li Qiye stopped looking and gently sighed: "Some things are only meant for the fated ones, you can't force it when the time isn't ripe."

Having said that, he returned inside to look at Fairy. He heaved a sigh of relief after seeing that she was doing well.

Li Qiye held the rudder and smiled at the group: "Okay, let's leave this place. It's time for us to hunt some treasures."

"A treasure hunt? Aren't there a lot of legacy treasures before us right now?" Ruyan chuckled.

Li Qiye smiled and shook his head: "Everything must be in moderation. We can't take too many treasures and fortunes from here. There are many places to visit at the Bonesea, so there's no need to waste too much time here. If we're lucky, maybe we can find the missing item from your schools." He laughed loudly after mentioning this.

"Really?" Jianshi's eyes lit up, accentuating her mature allurement even more.

Li Qiye replied: "I said maybe. However, the chance is quite high in this generation. Your luck can be said to be very good from having met me. The Bonesea is different this time too, so some items that should appear will appear!" His eyes flashed at this point.

Despite his answer, the two girls were still quite elated. If they could get back their lost Windchase Break, it would be a marvelous deed for their schools.

The ship acted like a flood dragon under Li Qiye's control as it quickly left this region while braving the winds and billows. They left this calm sea that seemed to be acting as a haven.

Right afterward, they entered another dangerous zone. The group made preparations to kill the powerful skeletons at a moment's notice. However, contrary to their expectations, this dangerous zone was strangely calm. There were no flying skeletons or anything that came to attack them.

"What's going on?" Ruyan took a look around and discovered the calmness of the sea. Outside of the large skeletons on the surface, nothing else could be found. The whole place gave an empty and silent feel.

When they got here earlier, this place was very lively with flying and swimming skeletons everywhere. They killed the fiendmother and the divine monkey residing here. At this moment, the moving skeletons were gone; they seemingly evacuated overnight.

Li Qiye casually asked from the helm: "What's the matter?"

"The skeletons are all gone." Ruyan said: "When we came here, they were everywhere, but not one can be seen right now."

Li Qiye batted his eyes. His figure shifted and immediately appeared on the deck. His gaze was particularly sharp as it swept through the area like lightning.

Li Qiye slowly said: "It's time."

The group was surprised. Jianshi asked: "Time for what?"

Li Qiye elaborated: "The shadow of the Bonesea is coming. Only with its emergence will the skeletons go away. That's the reason why we didn't face any of them at the place with the legacy treasures and why this place is so quiet right now."

The daoist asked: "Was that treasure land the lair of the shadow?"

Li Qiye shook his head: "No, but it will first appear in that location if it decides to show up at all. That's why it is a safe zone without any evil spirits."

"Look, what is that, that shadow!" Ruyan suddenly shouted and pointed to the left.

Everyone looked in the direction she pointed to. There was indeed a shadow slowly moving in the sea at a snail's pace.

Remember that the seawater was very muddy. Logically speaking, such a shadow shouldn't be visible at all, but for some strange reason, this shadow could be clearly seen in these muddy waters.