Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1364

Not even in their dreams would their group have thought that this continent ahead was made from the body of the mythical Kun Peng.

The daoist regained his wits and asked: "This, is this really its body?" Of course, he realized just how superfluous this question was after it left his mouth.

Li Qiye looked ahead and said: "A Kun Peng! Even if it was more powerful and invincible, it still couldn't withstand the erosion of time. Whenever this landmass presents itself in the Bonesea, it would emit many wondrous lights. Immortal Emperors who wanted to understand the mysteries of the dao could learn from watching these strange lights. Look, a Kun Peng's innate gift, how matchless and magnificent! It can only be considered a miracle."

Ruyan couldn't help but ask after hearing the high praise: "What is the gift of a Kun Peng?"

Li Qiye took his time appreciating the land ahead before answering: "Its gift is having a primordial grand dao! Because of this gift, it induces strange visions. Even emperors would want to come here to learn! All the ones that had been here obtained fruitful harvests."

"Can we still be enlightened?" The daoist became slightly excited. A place where even emperors would want to learn from? This was multiple times more precious than any treasure or merit law, at least for people with great talents like the daoist.

Li Qiye smiled and shook his head: "It's different now. Do you see any visions right now? So much time has passed that it has caused many things to vanish. The Kun Peng's divinity — I'm afraid not much is left. You can no longer see the great brilliance and visions anymore."

He paused for a moment before continuing: "It was already incredible that its body could turn into a continent. Any other creature would have decayed to mere bones."

This made the group realize the strength of the Kun Peng once more. All of the skeletons here were powerful creatures, but ultimately, their death left them with nothing but bones. However, this Kun Peng could turn into a continent. This was already horrifying enough.

"So divine beasts do exist in the nine worlds." Jianshi movingly sighed.

Li Qiye rejected this comment: "No, this Kun Peng does not belong to our era. The distant era it came from is not the same as our current nine worlds. Even though that era was truly exceptional, a creature like a Kun Peng would rarely appear. This was unexpected to the inhabitants of that time as well. Many things remain unclear about the past, but our nine worlds can no longer give birth or even handle the existence of a creature at this level!"

"How could such a mighty beast have fallen in this place?" Ruyan thought of something else: "This Kun Peng is probably stronger than an emperor."

Li Qiye shook his head: "It's hard to say about just how powerful it is. Even if an emperor dies and turns into bones, it doesn't mean that they are weaker than a Kun Peng. A divine beast is unique. Plus, there are gaps between emperors as well."

The group pondered a bit. They remembered that Immortal Emperor Yan Shi stated that this realm had nine levels.

Even though their current cultivation and power left them unable to understand the realm of emperors, according to her words, one could see that there is a power disparity between the emperors.

"Your Immortal Emperor Wu Gou created the Windchase Break here." Li Qiye told the contemplating sisters: "In this process, he carved the supreme mysteries of the technique onto a piece of bone."

The two were startled after hearing this after connected the dots. Ruyan quickly exclaimed: "A bone from the Kun Peng!"

Li Qiye nodded: "Yes, a Kun Peng's bone. The emperor did it in order to understand the attack even more so that he could fuse it perfectly with his Immortal Physique. Because he enlightened himself with the technique from watching the Kun Peng's bright totem, he wanted to feel its power through its bone. Only with that would he be able to truly cultivate the Windchase Break. Without doing so, even if you forcefully learn it, the power of the strike would be greatly reduced and your Immortal Physique itself would be injured after using it."

Here, he took his time explaining: "I'm afraid none of the ancestors from your sect understand its true mysteries, but after learning the secrets, they brought this bone here to borrow the power of the continent to expedite the learning process. Unfortunately, these ancestors embarked on a path with no return."

The two girls looked at each other. This was undoubtedly good news for them. At the very least, they knew where the Windchase Break was located, they no longer had to search around like headless flies.

"Brother Li, is it true that no more amazing brilliance and visual phenomena will come out from this continent?" The daoist was more concerned about this issue. He wanted to comprehend the dao just like the wise emperors more than anything because his sect already had enough treasures. Comprehending the dao, on the other hand, would benefit him for a lifetime.

"Maybe, maybe not." Li Qiye shook his head: "There might not be much divinity left after such a long time. If you are lucky, maybe you will be able to see some."

"Let's try to find a place like that." His hope was rekindled.


Many had climbed up this continent. Some chose to abandon their ships while others used the rivers to float through it. The majority came here for treasures because the sudden appearance of this continent sounded promising. Moreover, the object of immortality might be hidden here as well.

The place became very lively for a while. Some dug up every corner of the earth in order to find hidden artifacts, but they were disappointed very quickly. There were no signs of treasures. It was as if only mud and soil were to be found, not even a blade of grass could be seen.

Right when many cultivators felt upset, some people finally found places that spewed out a brilliance. In just one day, there were two known locations that people started running over to. They assumed that there were supreme treasures hidden underground or even possibly the object of immortality.

However, this excitement didn't last long. One of the locations was instantly occupied and no one could interfere.

This particular location was located in the middle of a ridge. The brilliance here made it seem like a magnificent portal to an immortal realm. It looked like a long belt that haunted the entire mountain. Little particles would fall into the ground and turn into profound ancient runes. Each of these dao runes was like flowers and plants since they would blossom then wither. This whole process was very short as if they were deriving a supreme grand dao.

Many people started to palpitate before this scene. A knowledgeable paragon realized something right away and exclaimed: "This is not a place to find immortal treasures. It is meant for dao enlightenment."

By the time people realized, it was already too late. The area was occupied immediately, and those who occupied it had no intention of sharing. The person who took over was Meng Zhentian. His carriage slowly climbed to the top of this mountain. His generals and soldiers immediately drove all the cultivators away.

This land initially didn't belong to anyone. A dao land like this should be shared with everyone, but Meng Zhentian took it for himself. This made many people unhappy, but their discontent remained unvoiced. No one dared to oppose Meng Zhentian, so they quietly left after being chased away. His regiment surrounded the whole mountain, not allowing anyone to get close.

A cultivator couldn't help but mutter against this overbearing action: "Why so arrogant? This isn't your house. Everyone should have a share, so on what basis is he chasing us away?"

Before he could finish, his seniors had covered his mouth and quietly scolded: "Are you tired of living?! This is the future Immortal Emperor, opposing him is the same as courting death. Even if you want to die, don't drag the sect down with you!"

Just like this senior, everyone was angry but didn't dare to speak out. They all knew that in the current generation, Meng Zhentian will be undefeated. Nothing can stop him. His momentum to reach the Heaven's Will was unstoppable already. Smart people would obediently make way for him lest a disaster strikes them in the near future.