Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1365

The other area with the great brilliance was at a lake inside the continent. When it emerged from the Bonesea, the seawater flowed back which made up many rivers and lakes in the area. This lake with the brilliance was one of them.

It was quite large. Standing on one side and looking forward made it seem like an ocean. Of course, because the water was the same as the currents in the Bonesea, one required a boneship in order to enter the lake. Because of this, the cultivators who chose to remain on their ships were much luckier than the ones who abandoned them.

At this time, the center of the lake was already full of people with many anchored ships. There were some large ones present as well.

The huge wooden vessels were made out of Crocodile Yin-bone. This type of wood was very strange, contained a great amount of Yin energy, and could only be found at the Bonesea in very little amounts.

Rumor has it that only the Roaring Conch had this type of wood, so they were the only sect who could create the wooden vessels to enter this place. Its progenitor was lucky enough to find some of this wood and began the construction of these vessels. Of course, this sect wasn't the only one who had them right now. For example, Meng Zhentian was sitting on a vessel gifted to him by the Roaring Conch.

At this time, a huge building appeared on the lake. It looked like a huge altar made from some unknown rocks. On the altar was an octagonal tower also built from unknown materials. It carried an ancient and simplistic style.

The entire tower wasn't decorated with sculptures or complicated lines. It seemed to be built directly from a huge boulder and looked quite rough as if it was built by an uncivilized prehistoric group. They made it to be simple and practical.

This type of tower was actually emitting strands of incredible lights as if there was a supreme treasure within. These rays would also turn into archaic runes. After a while, these runes would transform into weapons that had ancient writings carved on them. These words seemed to be granting them incomparable strength.

After the appearance of these weapons, the tower became heavily guarded like an uncrossable pond of lightning.

Many cultivators were excited and wanted to enter the tower on top of this altar to see if there was an amazing fortune inside. However, whoever took a step forward would be attacked by the weapons present. They were mighty like ancient divine weapons. It didn't matter how strong the intruder was, the weapons spared no lives.

At first, there was immense excitement among the crowd as they scrambled to board the altar. However, screams came soon after due to the weapons floating above the altar. Even paragons were no exceptions.

"Activate!" A God-Monarch didn't give up. He cried out and wielded a supreme weapon to rush towards the altar. He was quite mighty and rushed forward with great momentum.

"Rumble!" He used his weapon to stop the offense and made it to the front of the tower; he was only inches away.

At the time of success, a loud bang suddenly could be heard. A little tower descended from the sky, also with an octagonal style. However, it was much smaller than the real tower — a miniature version.

Under the suppression of this little tower, everyone could hear a shrill scream. This God-Monarch was crushed to a bloody pulp.

The spectators were creeped out with fear after seeing a God-Monarch die to a little tower. Shortly after, no one dared to venture near the altar again. They must think twice about their own strength compared to that God-Monarch just now.

Eventually, one person stood before the altar with one sword. He attracted everyone's attention due to his dazzling style.

"Swiftdao Celestial God!" Many shouted out his name after seeing his arrival.

This name was no stranger to the crowd. As a Celestial God on the path of the heavens, he was qualified to compete for the throne. However, his spotlight was stolen after Meng Zhentian came into being.

Nevertheless, in the minds of many, he was still a powerful youth and a wondrous savant. They held their breaths and had their eyes fixated on his back as he entered the stage.

"Buzz!" His blood energy erupted, transforming him from a handsome young man into a Celestial God!

"Bang!" This energy condensed into a tall figure that emitted a heavenly aura. It looked as if he came from above with the will of the heavens. At this moment, the entire universe was within the youth's grasp.

Suddenly, the crowd felt as if their lives were in his hands, as if he could kill them with a single thought. Even paragons were trembling in fear in the face of this grand figure. They felt insignificant before the Swiftdao God.

"Clank!" One sword to shake the nine heavens; one slash to illuminate the entire world. In a split second, he took action. His sword came swiftly without any complex techniques or variations.

It carried his will that had entered the sword. It was ferocious and domineering. This was a slash that could end gods.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!" The weapons on the altar came to stop him, but they were split into two before his advance. Just like that, his sword put down thousands of his enemy's weapons. One sword was the ruler of them all, allowing him to rapidly move forward in an unstoppable manner.

Everyone was shaken to see this, including ancestors from the Roaring Conch and kings from treant lineages. Today, they finally saw his strength. The God-Monarch earlier used his divine weapon to stop the onslaught of the weapons, but he couldn't destroy them.

However, the Swiftdao God's sword was able to break these artifacts. Such an invincible demonstration left many experts in shame and robbed many geniuses of their radiance.

It was no wonder why people said that if Meng Zhentian didn't come out, he would be the most promising candidate to be emperor. This was truly not a phrase of flattery; he indeed possessed the strength.

In the blink of an eye, he made it to the front of the octagonal tower.

"Boom!" To be expected, the same miniature tower that had just crushed a God-Monarch slammed down again from the sky.

"Clank!" The Swiftdao God instantly slashed his sword towards the sky to suppress the incoming tower. "Bang!" Sparks flew everywhere with the successful block.

The crowd was once impressed once more. Earlier, that God-Monarch didn't even have a chance to resist and died instantly. However, a single slash was able to stop the miniature tower. 

They felt suffocated by this scene. The youth stood there with his lofty and invincible figure.

"Clang, clang, clang." His long sword continued to echo while the miniature tower continued to press down. His sword was bending more and more. Further suppression could eventually break it.