Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1368

Li Qiye's arrival made the majority of the crowd fearful. In the present, his notoriety was well-known. In the eyes of many, he would kill wherever he went and was more vicious than any of his contemporaries.

He first refined a billion teeming fish then destroyed Wyvern and the Bloodshark Village as well as the Regal Valley just a while back. This valley was a sea god lineage and was even protected by one, yet such a powerful lineage was easily extinguished. Not even broken bricks were left behind, let alone buildings.

Many eyes batted with his appearance. Some even felt a gripping horror. Today, his title of "Fierce" was not a joke. His path was destined to be riddled with the stench of blood and death.

As for Cao Guojiao and the Roaring Conch's ancestors, their eyes turned fierce with a bloodthirst for his life.

"He's wounded." Some people with sharp eyes noticed the fragmented ship and knew that he had experienced an earth-shattering battle.

Moreover, Li Qiye was pale and needed Ruyan and Jianshi to help him stand. This made his injuries even more apparent. Some had glimmers flash across their eyes, making their insidious intentions clear.

This was, no doubt, the best chance for his enemies to kill him due to his grievous wounds. One couldn't be blamed for taking advantage of the situation. Moreover, the cultivation world obeyed the law of the jungle. Not everyone would try to act upright like a gentleman.

Li Qiye didn't bother looking at people for his eyes fell on the ancient octagonal tower. He sighed and commented: "The wisdom of the forefathers is great beyond imagination."

After a bit, Li Qiye told the two girls: "What you want is in there."

They were startled after hearing this due to both excitement and anxiety. Their schools had finally found the whereabouts of the Windchase Break. If they could reclaim it, then this would be a great contribution to be recorded in their historical records.

At the same time, they glanced at each other. The Windchase Break was created by their emperor while watching the visual totems of a Kun Peng. This tower with radiating lights was built on top of a Kun Peng's body. Perhaps their emperor had been here before and even studied the dao in there. Maybe one could learn the technique in this place or else their ancestor wouldn't have brought along the beast's bone that eventually led to its disappearance.

As Li Qiye was looking at the tower, a person came out and placed his palms together to say: "Li Qiye, it is time for us to settle our grudge."

This person was quite young and wore a daoist robe. He was quite dashing and, more importantly, his image was very neat and clean, giving off a very pleasant feeling.

"The master of the Immaculate Expanse is also here." Someone made note of this in their mind.

Li Qiye withdrew his gaze and looked at this daoist: "Who are you?"

This nonchalant response changed the man's expression. After all, he was a genius in Heaven Spirit and could be ranked among the top experts. However, Li Qiye's indifferent demeanor was not only ignoring him, it was also wantonly provoking him.

The daoist replied: "This daoist is the master of the Immaculate Expanse. People call me Daoist Lin."

Even those who had never met him before would be surprised to hear this name. The Immaculate Expanse Master has been rumored long ago to have a half completion Immortal Physique. Some said that he was one of the best among ordinary God-Monarchs. If these two claims were true, then even a Godking would have to give him some face.

The daoist slowly spoke: "Li Qiye, you killed my dao attendant and my Turtle General. You have crossed the line, so it is time for us to settle this feud. Today, one of us will die!"

Having said that, his eyes turned cold and out came a blatantly murderous glint. He had declared his intention to avenge his lost followers. Of course, as the master of his sect, he should indeed seek justice, but many people took it differently. Even a fool could see that because Li Qiye was wounded, this was the best time for the daoist to challenge Li Qiye.

Taking his life while Li Qiye was wounded was a must-seize advantage if revenge was on his mind. Normally, people wouldn't be optimistic about his chance. Even though he was a talented prodigy and could be considered quite famous for his cultivation and Immortal Physique, Li Qiye's notoriety was at an all-time high. His momentum was so fierce that he was without rivals among the younger generation.

No one would think that Daoist Lin had the slightest chance of success in this duel. Alas, Li Qiye was currently injured. People mused the circumstances and found that this was a great opportunity. Even if the daoist had to lose his reputation, he couldn't give up on this chance.

Li Qiye casually smiled, not really caring about this challenge. The daoist grimaced after noticing his lack of interest and coldly uttered: "Li Qiye, as one walks through life, one must also pay their debts. Do you wish to be a cowardly turtle for the rest of your life? Since you have always boasted about being unbeatable and qualified to reach the Heaven's Will, come out and fight me. A coward will never become an Immortal Emperor."

His goading made Li Qiye laugh loudly, but Daoist Puresun stepped in before Li Qiye could answer: "Daoist Lin, if you wish to fight, I'll have a spar with you. If you can beat me by half a move, then you can find Brother Li for revenge afterward."

Puresun stood out to back Li Qiye up. The group knew that Li Qiye was tired from appeasing Fairy so he wasn't suitable to fight.

The spectators didn't recognize the daoist. After all, he rarely showed himself, so he wasn't famous in Heaven Spirit. Only those who interacted with the four branches might recognize him.

Daoist Lin raised his eyes after seeing Puresun: "Daoist Puresun!"

"Daoist Puresun? Is that the sect master of the Puresun River?" People were strangers to this name. Some even mistook his origin.

Such a name was often confused with the Puresun River's sect master, another branch of Gu Chun. Of course, they were essentially the same sect.

"No, he's the lord of the Ancient Spirit Island." Someone corrected the erroneous statement.

Puresun calmly smiled and said: "I would like to show my slight skills."

Even at his level, he was still indifferent without great desires. There was no supreme aura or pressure coming from him. It was no wonder people didn't think he was that frightening.

Daoist Lin was slightly alarmed. He wasn't a fool without eyes. Even though he had never seen Puresun in action before, he had heard of this person's tales and rumors about his diamond physique.

He raised his voice: "Puresun Island Lord, this is a personal feud between me and Li Qiye! This has nothing to do with Gu Chun's Four Branches, so I hope you will reconsider."

Puresun didn't mind at all as he replied: "No matter. Let this be considered my challenge to you. Do you dare to accept or not?"

The crowd carefully considered his words. As a sect master of one of the four branches, he was actually going out of his way to interfere in order to help Li Qiye. Many found this astonishing.

While Daoist Lin was already too far in to back off, someone else came and stated: "Puresun Island Lord, if you want to fight, I'll gladly entertain you. I'm sure you aren't afraid of accepting challenges."

This was another youth with a crown on his head and a body that spewed out sunfire. An imperial aura engulfed the sky. The moment he stood out, the sun brightened; it was as if he was a god presiding over the palace of the sun. He was the one controlling the ups and downs of this celestial.

Quite a few recognized his identity and exclaimed: "Extreme Yang Monarch!"

This youth was the Extreme Yang Schoolmaster, a renowned and promising prodigy that exceeded even Daoist Lin. His Extreme Yang Physique was quite domineering.

Daoist Puresun was not angry to see the challenge and smiled: "Oh, so it's you. Do you want to interfere on Daoist Lin's behalf?"

"It's fine if you think of it like that." The Extreme Yang Monarch indifferently replied: "You should have thought of this outcome after stepping out for Li Qiye. The four branches might be the leaders of the charming spirits, but it doesn't mean that you can do whatever you want."