Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1377

Guojian's complexion reddened while Furious had him by the neck. He tried to struggle to no avail and had difficulty breathing.

In the end, he had to yell: "Master, save me!"

The majority quickly looked towards the distant mountain after hearing the cry for help. Everyone knew that his master, Meng Zhentian, was over yonder.

"Fellow Daoist, my disciple was ignorant, please forgive his offense!" A voice echoed from the mountain.

It wasn't decrepit in the slightest but rather full of vitality and vigor.

"Meng Zhentian!" Anyone would feel deterred by this voice. Those who were more cowardly would find their legs give way. No one would dare to look down on Zhentian, the most promising candidate to be emperor. Moreover, his strength was at its peak. In all of Heaven Spirit, there were only a few from the older generation who could match him.

Guojian felt relieved after hearing his master's voice. As long as his master took action, his life would be saved regardless of the opponent.

In a split moment, many glances were sent to Li Qiye. Everyone wanted to know what he would do when facing Meng Zhentian.

"No." He didn't think at all and refused Zhentian's plea immediately.

The spectators gasped in unison. In the entire world, how many would dare to refuse Zhentian? Li Qiye certainly did and in a public manner at that!

"How outrageously domineering!" People could only use these words to evaluate Li Qiye. He was the only one who could oppose Meng Zhentian for the Heaven's Will.

"In that case, you must excuse me!" Zhentian was also very direct. A palm stretched out from the mountain to grab Cao Guojian.

He chose not to come here in person and maneuvered through space instead. Without a doubt, he was completely confident in his power. There were no dazzling lights or bright colors or even universal laws, his hand alone made others feel that the sky was collapsing. The grand dao was being crushed and gods and devil were being repressed. Everyone started to suffocate.

Those with shallow cultivations directly dropped butt-first onto the ground. The stronger ones were astonished after feeling the pressure; even Godkings had trouble breathing.

Zhentian's strength was beyond doubt. His palm seemed to be that of the heavens, grasping the universe as the ruler of all. It seemed that all existences in the nine worlds belonged in his hand. This single hand could crush all lives. No matter what kind of existence they might be, everyone and everything was only an insect before him!

Even Puresun turned serious while looking at this hand that approached. Everyone had heard of Zhentian's fame, but they had never seen him in action before in this generation, especially the youths. In fact, no one among the younger generation was worthy for Zhentian to personally make a move.

However, he was about to shock the world this instant. The myriad realms of the nine worlds trembled in fear. The clouds and winds changed their direction in the face of this existence infinitely close to Immortal Emperor.

"Boom!" Li Qiye retaliated a split second after by summoning the powerful Heaven Sealing Pentagate and using its ultimate attack.

"Boom!" This explosion shook the entire Bonesea. All living beings prostrated on the ground before this ultimate blow. They all felt insignificant and helpless as this was a blow even Emperor Assailants would be wary of.

At this time, the entire area was sealed by the Pentadao Timeless Seal. Nothing could break through this eternal seal.

"Bang!" Zhentian's giant hand was stopped by this defensive technique. His casual attack simply couldn't break this ultimate attack!

The shockwave from the impact created a tidal wave across the Bonesea, making it seem as if the end of days was approaching. People's souls flew away and scattered from fear.

Li Qiye smiled and said: "Meng Zhentian, right? Let's see just how strong you are."

Having said that, he spread his palm and space suddenly melted. A huge portal opened on the mountain where Meng Zhentian was. The moment it opened, a loud blast resounded like a heavenly thunder.

Boundless lightning with dark shimmers rushed out of the portal as if it was the judgment of an eternal overlord of darkness. These rays of black lightning poured down like a flood; this was more than enough to destroy everything in this world. This was a dark judgment ready to harvest all creatures in the nearby vicinity.

Just one ray alone could easily kill an ordinary Grand Godking. Even deities and heretics would meet their end on this judgment day.

Many were awestruck by this lightning. This was no different from the power of a heavenly tribulation. They felt an instinctive fear as if this judgment was gauging the darkness in the depths of their hearts. One couldn't escape it regardless of how strong they might be.

Godkings found it difficult to resist and could only resort to fleeing!

"Boom!" Even Meng Zhentian didn't dare to be careless against this dark judgment. He withdrew his palm and the same immortal brilliance that contained the four divine beasts gushed forward on the mountain. This power from Meng Zhentian engulfed the entire Bonesea. It was as if he had suddenly turned into an Immortal Emperor capable of dealing with all tribulations. Anyone would be in awe of this display of might.

His immortal brilliance braced the incoming lightning, but this dark lightning didn't stop. It continued to descend as if it wanted to judge him!

"Activate!" Meng Zhentian shouted with laws pouring down like waterfalls. These laws channeled the power of the world itself, making it seem as if the Heaven's Will was appearing. He became the new ruler, the true arbitrator of all.

These laws wove together to form a giant shield to stop the endless darkness. The two sides went back and forth with no one having an upper-hand.

"What is this power?" Many people found this stalemate unbelievable. In their minds, Zhentian was unbeatable, but he still couldn't defeat this dark judgment.

In the midst of their confusion, they stared at Li Qiye in order to find the answer.

Li Qiye only smiled while Daoist Puresun noticed it and gently sighed: "This is the power of the forbidden zone, the dark judgment brought through the Space Connection technique. It is capable of turning an Apex Godking to ashes in the blink of an eye!"

The crowd was creeped out after hearing this. The majority of the Bonesea was open. Even though there were dangers, the powerful or lucky could still survive. However, the central area was a forbidden zone. Even Godkings could die at any moment in there. Rumor has it that only Immortal Emperors could invade that area and come out alive.

So now, when Li Qiye led the power of the forbidden zone here, it was no wonder that Meng Zhentian took this so seriously.

"Made and ruined because of the Bonesea." Li Qiye chuckled after seeing this. He used Space Connection to draw the power of the forbidden zone, but this was greatly restricted.

It would be exceedingly difficult to draw on this power from outside. Even if Li Qiye had great mastery over this art, he would need to make preparations and expend a tremendous amount of effort because the Bonesea itself was a sealed space. It had an eternal and invincible defensive barrier.

It was much easier to connect the space when inside the Bonesea. Because of this, he was able to draw the power of the forbidden zone relatively easily. Of course, he was still subjected to the suppression within, so he could only direct a little bit of this power. Otherwise, its full force would have rendered Zhentian to ashes in an instant. This was a force that not even emperors could necessarily challenge!