Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1408

She didn’t overreact to his analysis and coldly replied: “An assassin is never afraid of death!”

Li Qiye disagreed: “Wrong. What are the rules of an assassin? The first is to stay alive, the second is to complete the mission. Only by staying alive would you be able to complete your mission.”

He slowly continued: “Any assassin must make ample preparation before a mission. For example, knowing the target’s identity, strength, habits, weaknesses, and so on and so forth… By knowing the enemy, you will emerge victorious one hundred times in one hundred battles. It is meaningless to sacrifice oneself to complete a mission. That would render you a puppet, a tool for murder. You would be unable to go further on the dao of assassination…”

He turned dignified and said in a serious manner: “I won’t comment on the other assassin groups, but in my eyes, this dao is a type of cultivation, a study or even a strategy. It is not only about killing the target regardless of the price. The most important aspect about this dao is whether the user can carry out the overall strategy while evaluating whether it is worth doing. This is the rule of the Godslaying Night Corps and the reason for its glorious exploits!”

Yujian’s expression changed after hearing this. Not only was this person familiar with assassins, the scary part was him revealing her lineage! In Heaven Spirit, no one knew their name anymore! Li Qiye’s knowledge has shaken her completely.

How could he not be familiar with it? He was the one who created this organization.

“I have made ample preparations!” She was as cold as ice. A qualified assassin would never be stirred by others.

“I don’t care who you are trying to take down from the Spirit Abyss, but I can assure you that you don’t understand it well enough. I don’t know who is in charge of the corps right now either, but your information regarding the abyss is lacking. Entering it means that you can easily expose your whereabouts. Assassinating their members in their home isn’t wise either. This abyss holds unbelievable power in Godhalt, outsiders simply can’t understand this.” Li Qiye well-meaningly advised her.

She stared at him coldly and left without saying anything. Despite knowing how strong the abyss was, she has accepted this mission so she must complete it without hesitation even if it was impossible.

Plus, not only did she not know him, he was also her previous target. How could she give up on the mission just because of him?

“Take this drop of blood with you.” He called her back and took out his own blood then flatly said: “You can find me or communicate with me through it if you are in danger.”

Yujian maintained her indifferent attitude while staring at him. He didn’t seem to mind and put the drop of blood into a small bottle before placing it in her hand.

“Why?” She uttered emotionlessly, not knowing why this person was suddenly being so nice to her.

Of course, she wouldn’t think that it was out of infatuation. Li Qiye had no lack of women and furthermore, who would like an assassin? Of course, she didn’t think that he was seeking a favor either. An assassin was readily available as long as there was payment.

He insipidly replied: “Because of the Godslaying Night Corps, that’s all.”

If others dared to assassinate him, he would have killed them long ago, not to mention lending them a hand. However, he was more lenient towards Yujian.

She had inherited the skills of the night corps and only lacked experience and polishing. If she could gain both, she would be able to utilize the night corps’ skills to the fullest.

In the past, this regiment gained many illustrious exploits for Li Qiye while hiding in the shadows. The future generations didn’t know that they had an indelible contribution in bringing light back to the nine worlds.

They retired after the end of the Ancient Ming Era. They never asked for anything, and the members either retired to live a mortal life or died from old age. Some hid in the mountains to never appear in the world again. Thus, if the situation permits, he would help Yujian who was a successor of the night corps.

She emotionlessly looked at him one last time before leaving. However, she stopped and told him a piece of information: “The Lunargrasp Fairy of the Celestial Pavilion has come into being, she will surely be a great opponent for you.” She flew and left afterward.

Yujian thought that these two would compete for the Heaven’s Will. Anyone would be wary of a terrifying existence like Lunargrasp.

After receiving the message, Li Qiye turned silent as his eyes glazed over while staring into the distance. He eventually murmured: “The inevitable will come, no one can escape.” With that, he began his journey once more.

His destination was the Divine Tree Ridge. However, his goal was not for treasures this time, he was only going to observe. Step by step, he walked towards the ridge as if he needed to walk across the entire continent first.

Unfortunately for him, he didn’t get far before becoming the victim of a robbery. In fact, this was a very strange event. In the cultivation world, robbery was quite rare. It was even more incredible when it took place near the Divine Tree Ridge.

Everyone knew that the Godhalt Continent was sparsely populated. Finding a fat sheep to rob along the way had a lower probability than randomly finding gold on the street.

Only an idiot would carry out this operation at Godhalt. Alas, there was indeed such a stupid person in this world.

“Bang!” In front of his path, a figure suddenly jumped down from a tree and blocked him.

It was a tall treant with branches growing from its body. On the main trunk were two huge eyes that looked like they belonged on an ox.

“I opened this road and planted the trees here. If you want to pass, you must pay the toll!” The treant shouted with the cliche line of a common robber.

After saying these lines, it looked at Li Qiye and said: “Li… you, hand the fee over!”

Li Qiye smiled and looked at the treant from top to bottom.

“You... hurry up and leave your money behind.” The treant shouted again since Li Qiye didn’t answer.

He continued smiling as he said: “Okay little girl, don't try to trick me.”

“Little girl? What little girl?!” The treant looked at him in a daze with a confused expression.

“Little Ye Xiaoxiao, you may be hiding your true form, but it can’t fool my eyes.” Li Qiye shook his head.

“Hmph, you’re not fun at all!” The treant snorted and shook its body to transform. It was the young lady from the Golden Isle, Ye Xiaoxiao!

Li Qiye didn’t know what to say to this fourteen-year-old girl.

“Hey, how did you see through me? It can’t be a wild guess, right? I robbed some cultivators already and they couldn’t recognize me.” She was very unhappy with him, evident by her glare.

Li Qiye chuckled in response: “Nothing in this world can elude my eyes.”

“Ugh, so narcissistic and shameless, always bragging. In my opinion, you were definitely guessing, my concealment art is peerless in this world, no one can see through it.” She had a disdainful look on her face.

He leisurely smiled and said: “It’s good that you are here, it will save me a lot of effort.”

In fact, he planned on bringing her to Godhalt eventually, but it wasn’t a pressing matter. Therefore, her being here already couldn’t be more convenient.