Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1411

Xiaoxiao wanted to laugh at this charming spirit's description because it was her bandit appearance. Of course, she managed to restrain herself.

She solemnly asked: "What about this treant?"

The charming spirit immediately turned serious and coldly uttered: "You don't need to ask more. If you see it, report its location to our Spirit Abyss at once for a reward."

His attitude made the whole thing sound very forceful and unlike a type of reward. This was understandable. Who was the strongest in Godhalt? It was his lineage, the Spirit Abyss.

More amazingly, the disciples from the Spirit Abyss were completely unsuppressed in Godhalt. Thus, this was their world! As for the reason why they were spared from the suppression, this remained a secret even until now. The Spirit Abyss would never tell an outsider. One could only speculate that this might have something to do with their bloodline.

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There were many charming spirit lineages in Heaven Spirit. However, not too many people would dare to claim that they had the oldest bloodline other than the Spirit Abyss. They even believed that they were the origin of the entire race.

Of course, the majority of the other charming spirit lineages rejected this notion. They would never agree that the Spirit Abyss was the source of their race. Alas, numerous charming spirits did accept that the abyss was the oldest lineage.

Perhaps this was the reason why Godhalt didn't suppress them and allowed their disciples to be unbridled across this land. No matter how strong one might be, there was no escaping the suppression, so they might require help from the abyss.

The Spirit Abyss might have limited influence in the other parts of the world, but they were the tyrants in Godhalt because of this. All the other sects and experts would have to give them some sensibility.

Of course, Ye Xiaoxiao didn't think so. As the favorite daughter of the Golden Isle, she simply couldn't lower her head to a disciple from the abyss.

She was amused at the start, but after seeing the disciple's outrageous attitude, her expression dimmed as she coldly uttered: "Why must we report to your Spirit Abyss?"

She had robbed a few disciples from the abyss, infuriating the entire sect. Who would dare to rob them in Godhalt? If dragons were here, they must coil; if tigers arrived, they must lie down! But now, someone dared to loom over their heads like this? How could the abyss not be angered?

From then on, the master of the abyss gave the order for all disciples outside to search for this treant. Moreover, any visiting cultivator upon finding the location of this person must report to the abyss as well for considerable rewards.

"Why?" This disciple's expression turned fierce as he declared: "Those who do not report are accomplices and will be subjected to our punishment!"

This disciple didn't know Ye Xiaoxiao, but that wasn't important. They had grown used to being the boss at Godhalt, so it didn't matter who was visiting. All of these newcomers must tuck their tails obediently at Godhalt!

"Such a big tone." Xiaoxiao felt angry. This young lady has never been afraid of anyone, so she sneered: "Your abyss thinks it can punish whoever they want?"

"You got it! In Godhalt, we make the decisions. Whoever doesn't listen is our enemy!" The disciple didn't give an inch and fiercely spoke with a cold glare: "It looks like the two of you must be that treant's accomplices. Will you submit or do I have to force you?"

Ye Xiaoxiao found this astonishing. She had met many unreasonable people, but this disciple was simply outrageous.

"Who says we are that treant's accomplices?!" She retorted with an angry expression.

The disciple acted imperiously and glared at her: "Little girl, this must be your first time at Godhalt. Here, our abyss' orders are unquestionable. If I say you are their accomplice, then it's a fact!"

"How tyrannical!" She snorted with rising rage.

On the other hand, Li Qiye was still nonchalant while standing there. He leisurely smiled and said: "Little girl, didn't you say you wanted to see how a withered transforms?"

This disciple had been in Godhalt for a long time, so he immediately understood the implications. With a greatly changed expression, he ruthlessly said: "You ignorant fool, you actually dare to run your mouth? I will enjoy teaching you two a lesson. Let's start by breaking your legs." Having said that, he grasped towards Li Qiye.

This disciple was full of contempt towards these two and treated them as if they were nothing. In his eyes, Li Qiye couldn't be any more ordinary while Xiaoxiao was only a little girl that couldn't reach the apex.

In fact, even if these two were strong, they would be under the suppression of Godhalt, allowing the abyss' disciples to slay them easily.

However, time seemed to have skipped several seconds after this disciple attacked. He didn't even touch Li Qiye's sleeve before being held by the neck in the air. He couldn't move at all and had trouble breathing as his face reddened.

Li Qiye insipidly said: "I was going to bring the brat to see a withered's transformation, but this is perfect since you have come along."

The disciple didn't expect to have kicked an iron wall. He became both angry and frightened, yet he still resoundingly spoke: "You, if you two dare to touch a hair of mine, our, our Spirit Abyss will definitely not let this go! Don't even think about leaving Godhalt alive—"

"Crack!" He had yet to finish his spiel before his neck was wrung by Li Qiye, breathing his last breath.

His eyes widened in disbelief. Not even in his dreams did he think that someone would actually dare to kill an abyss' disciple on Godhalt and oppose their sect.

"Spirit Abyss?" Li Qiye chuckled: "It is better to start acting smart or prepare to take out your full arsenal to even stand a chance at fighting me."

This disciple died a blind death. He simply didn't know the type of existence he had just provoked.

"Okay, ready to watch the transformation?" Li Qiye smiled.

"Of course! How do they do it?" Xiaoxiao didn't mind offending the Spirit Abyss either. Due to the disciple's attitude, she would have taught him a lesson if Li Qiye didn't.

"This place is very close to the withereds' village, so I'm sure there are seeds around." Li Qiye looked around then casually threw a corpse on the ground and smiled: "Wait and watch, something fun will come soon." He pulled Xiaoxiao to one side.

The instant the body touched the ground, one could hear a strange noise.

"It looks like there are a lot of seeds here." He waited with amusement while speaking to Xiaoxiao: "Watch carefully, especially the corpse's forehead."

She held her breath and carefully observed the mentioned location.

"Pop!" A very faint sound came about like a bean maturing with its shell cracked. A seed jumped out of the bean but made virtually no sound. One wouldn't be able to hear it if they weren't carefully waiting for it.

This seed jumped straight into the spot between the eyebrows of the corpse. It was incredibly small like a sesame seed which was why a keen observation was necessary. In a split second, this seed drilled into the forehead and disappeared.

After noticing the lack of change as time passed, Xiaoxiao asked: "This is it?"

He whispered: "Shh, be patient."

The body actually moved a bit after he spoke. In the beginning, the fingers were slightly twitching. Next, the entire body trembled like someone having an epileptic seizure. The twitching became even more violently as if this was a grievously-ill person.

Xiaoxiao found this a bit difficult to believe. If it wasn't for her seeing Li Qiye crush the person to death earlier, she would have thought that he was still savable at this moment.

In the end, the body arched up high and shaped itself like a bow with the chest pointing upward.