Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1425

She stood there coldly after getting dressed in silence. She wanted to say thanks, but the words wouldn’t come out. This was her nature, and the path of an assassin had only amplified it. The words “thank you” were too difficult to say since self-reliance was her way of life.

He gestured for her: “Come.”

She hesitated for a moment but still walked in front of him. He placed his right hand on her breast, causing her feminine mind to tremble.

This sudden move from Li Qiye made her take a step back. After all, an innocent girl like her had never experienced something like this before.

“I’ve seen everything already.” Li Qiye looked at her and flatly said: “If I wanted to take advantage of you, would I need to wait until now?”

Recently, she had been heartless as if she was transforming into an ice sculpture. Her emotions rarely swayed due to being an assassin. However, after hearing this, she felt an urge to beat Li Qiye up. It could be said that this man was really asking for it by saying such words.

In the end, she took a deep breath and took one step forward to stand in front of him again. His right hand met her chest again and the same shudder ran through her mind.

She could feel his strong palm through the thin clothings and its calluses. It was rough yet powerful, instilling a sense of security. A feeling of pins and needles emanated from her chest to the rest of her body. This was a strange feeling she never had before.

“Whoosh!” His hand lit up like a lamp and her body followed suit.

“Clank!” A metallic noise came about as laws intertwined together around his palm. Space seemed to have been dislocated since it lit up around Sima Yujian. She saw these chain-like laws locking her space and suppressing her.

At this time, the laws entered her body and lit up the space within. With this, everything became sealed both inside and out.

“Clank!” Unlocking noises resounded. The laws that have entered this space seemed to be unlocking one shackle after another.

After these mysterious shackles were unlocked, the mysterious laws in this space retreated like spirit snakes and vanished without a trace.

In the blink of an eye, her entire body trembled. She felt the lock pressing down on her body disappearing. A loud blast ensued as her vitality erupted majestically and returned like a soaring dragon.

She was quite startled and finally understood that he has opened the suppression from Godhalt on her body. Her regular cultivation was back at last.

“You can actually undo the oppression of Godhalt?” Xiaoxiao asked him after seeing this.

Li Qiye looked at her and said flatly: “Nothing’s strange about it. At Godhalt, there are secrets and rules to follow. Why is it that so many people come to the abyss for help after arriving here? It is because they can undo this suppression. However, unlike me, they rely on treasures to do so.”

“And what about you?” Even the aloof Yujian had to ask.

Li Qiye chuckled in response: “As long as I follow the rules, everything can be undo. Godhalt has obscured mysteries so as long as you understand them, you can undo the suppression.”

Of course, it wasn’t easy to ponder these mysteries. Just this alone required Li Qiye as the Dark Crow to spend a long time and many trips to this place before achieving success.

Yujian reverted to her frosty and silent demeanor. It gave a piercing feeling and made others not want to go near her. Li Qiye looked at her and said: “Even though I won’t accept a disciple, from today on, you will follow me so that I can teach you the Godslaying Dao!”

This prompted her to stare intensely at him. As a woman with few words, she actually wanted to question him to remove her skepticism.

She didn’t believe that he could guide her on this path. After all, an outsider couldn’t possibly teach her the Godslaying Dao.

“I can cultivate it myself.” She coldly refused him.

Li Qiye gave her the side-eye in response: “Doing it yourself? Too slow! You think I want to bring  an unwanted stepchild everywhere? Your dao is at this level yet you dare to come to the abyss for a mission? Don’t smear the reputation of the Godslaying Night Corps! To let someone as weak as you inherit the corps’ ultimate techniques is an affront to its prestige!”

“You…” She was livid after hearing this despite being an emotionless assassin and glared at him.

“No need to stare angrily at me in disagreement.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “If you have truly grasped the essences of the Godslaying Dao, you wouldn’t have failed today. Moreover, the Coiling Dragon Sword would be in your possession as well. Even though you are selected as the successor, you are not at the level to wield the sword, the weapon that represent the supreme prestige of the Godslaying Dao!”

She had no response to his claim. Despite feeling some anger, he indeed pointed out her insufficiency correctly.

“Come, let me have a look at your sea of memories.” He commanded again.

She immediately retreated after hearing this. For any cultivator, this wasn’t something they could show to anyone, not even the closest confidants.

He noticed her guard and said lightly: “You think there’s a point being cautious against me? If I want to see your memories, there is no escaping since you can’t resist me. Besides, if I want the merit laws and secret of the night corpses, I wouldn’t need to use you either since your knowledge is too limited! As long as I give the command, your masters would tell me everything!”

Yujian didn’t lower her vigilance and stood there motionlessly.

“Come here!” Li Qiye glared with a mighty aura. When he became serious, others would become nervous instantly in fear. He has become a supreme existence handing out orders!

Yujian was shaken and felt a primal fear. This wasn’t because she wasn’t strong enough. For some unknown reasons, she couldn’t refuse him and walked forward as if possessed.

His dignified demeanor left no room for resistance. She felt as if he was the king of the night, the ruler of darkness. He possessed a charisma that she had no answer for. In fact, she was strong enough to resist even a Godking. Unfortunately for her, she has met Li Qiye. He could be considered the creator of the Godslaying Dao, the unquestionable lord of the Godslaying Night Corps, its real master.

Thus, he left an inerasable mark on this dao. In the past, he has ruled over the entire corps so how could she resist him, the king of the night?

Even Xiaoxiao was greatly affected by Li Qiye’s temperament. When he became dignified, she was startled and found it difficult to refuse him. Anyone would feel the the urge to obey.

Regardless of how strong one might be, the moment this supreme tyrant became angry, they would quickly prostrate before him.

Yujian quickly stood inches from Li Qiye. He raised her icy face and stared profoundly into her. She felt no choice but to obediently raise her head to meet his gaze.

“Whoosh!” His eyes illuminated her sea of memories as well as the deepest depth of her soul!

However, an even more incredible thing happened. The sealed location in her mind suddenly unlocked completely with a clicking noise.

Keep in mind that every lineages had their own methods. After each disciple learned a particular merit law, certain parts of their memories would be sealed so that outsiders couldn’t forcefully open it or risk their mind blowing up.

This type of sealing domain was mainly used to prevent their disciples falling into the hands of masters that would forcefully read their memories. It rendered stealing entirely impossible.