Chapter 143: Alchemist God’s Grand Canon (1)

“I said it does not know this world, and does not know that this world would not allow for the Evil Typha Tree to grow, wanting to escape out of this place was impossible.”

Seeing this scene, Li Qiye happily smiled.

Chen Baojiao and her old servant didn’t know where this young branch came from, but seeing it slashed the entire sky, they were extremely frightened. This young branch was even more horrifying than a godly sword. Under its power, didn’t matter whether one was an Enlightened Being or Ancient Saint, death is their only fate!

Li Shuangyan and Niu Fen on the other hand knew exactly where this branch came from. They took a deep breath, no wonder Li Qiye said that the Cassia Lotus could compare to the gods. This was a frightening existence, only a young branch was this terrible, not to mention the entire Cassia Lotus Tree as big as a mountain.

The Cassia Lotus Tree was born from the Six Dao Lotus. After the battle with the Evil Typha Tree that year, the Six Dao Lotus Tree lost its primordial foundation, on the brink of death. Afterward, Li Qiye and Immortal Emperor Xue Xi moved it into the Moon Cassia Tree, and used a heavenly method to keep it alive, but it was no longer the Six Dao Lotus from then on!

The Six Dao Lotus and the Evil Typha Tree were mortal enemies, once the Evil Typha Tree’s root entered its territory, it would be slain by the Cassia Lotus Tree.


At this point, the bony outgrowth along with the mountain of corpses had fallen down under the might of the blood spear.

Finally, all of the evil roots were dragged into the black hole and were devoured. The main root also suffered the same fate, it bellowed as it died a terrible death.

As Chen Baojiao’s group was in a daze, the dao platform withdrawn its black hole along with all the evil blood. The supreme immortal door in the sky closed and the grand formation dissipated. In a flash, the sky was bright again, as if nothing had happened.

Then the dao platform sunk into the ground once more, waiting for the next time when the evil roots would appear again.

Li Qiye jumped to the ground, and got on top of Niu Fen’s back. He patted his shell and smiled:

“Finally finished everything. This trip was very smooth and successful, and my task is completed.”

Li Shuangyan was used to the mysteriousness of Li Qiye. No matter what heaven frightening thing he did, she wouldn’t be shock anymore. As for Chen Baojiao and the old servant, they were silent. This matter was just like a dream to them.

Several ten thousand experts, including Royal Nobles, Enlightened Beings, and even an Ancient Saint were annihilated. All the geniuses of the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom and Heavenly God Sect did not escape death.

Everyone would lose their colors since no one could oppose Evil Typha Tree. But it was merely an item in his hand, part of his calculation. No matter how powerful it was, it was not enough to reach the apex, simple enough for him to crush it.

The old servant who had experienced many things had to look at this fifteen year old boy with a different eyes. Even if someone beat him to death later, he still wouldn’t want to oppose this boy. He is too scary, and chaotically nefarious!

Chen Baojiao was also contemplating for a long time. At this moment, she understood why Li Shuangyan was willing to follow this fifteen year old boy.

Li Shuangyan was one of the most promising geniuses in the Grand Middle Territory. She not only have the qualifications that others couldn’t compare to, but also peerless beauty and alluring charm. Countless people courted her and many proposed marriages but she chose to follow this youth with Mortal physique and Mortal Fate, becoming the sword by his side.

Other people would surely think that she is crazy! In the beginning, Chen bao Jiao was also perplexed, this was an unimaginable thing. Why did the unreachable Li Shuangyan, the focus of all the love from the heaven was willing to follow such an ordinary disciple?

Now, Chen Baojiao understood that geniuses and heaven’s proud daughters in front of this young man were not enough to reach the apex!

“Good, grand matter is completed, we can go pick up the treasure now.”

Li Qiye finally said.

Li Qiye brought everyone back to the Cassia Lotus Tree. Chen Baojiao and the old servant seeing this tree in amazement, they finally knew what the thing that killed the progenitor root of the Evil Lotus Tree was!

“Okay, you guys are free now.”

Li Qiye announced to all the disciples:

“At this moment, everyone is free to pick up spirit plants, but you all shouldn’t disturb the Heavenly Beasts and Longevity Spirits. As long as you don’t provoke them, they will not attack. Remember, don’t be too greedy, this is our private property. Whether it is treasure digging or spirit plants picking, if you see three, leave one behind, don’t exhaust the source.”

Hearing this, the disciples were ecstatic. Even Elder Gu was glad. He borrowed the power of a Heavenly Mirror to watch the grand battle at the Evil Typha Tree’s place, he was very shocked then.

Seeing Li Qiye able to slaughter thousands of experts while smiling, this left them speechless. At this time, the elders agreed that picking Li Qiye as the one to revive the sect was too correct.

After hearing Li Qiye’s command, Elder Gu’s group led the excited disciples to go mine the treasure metals and pick the spirit plants.

“Qiye, you will not go along with us for the treasure seeking?”

Seeing Li Qiye not wanting to go along, Elder Gu asked.

“I have something to do.”

Li Qiye shook his head, then stared towards the north, and said in a serious manner:

“I want to go north once.”

Seeing Li Qiye’s expression, Elder Gu didn’t ask anything else. Whatever he wanted to do, as the First Elder, he fully supported!

Eventually, Li Qiye left Gu Tieshou’s group and brought Li Shuangyan while riding her snail to the north. But at this time, Chen Baojiao also followed along with her old servant.

Seeing her wanting to come, Li Qiye glanced at her, but didn’t reject. They went north straight to the deepest area.

After the grand battle with the Evil Typha Root exerting its dominance along with the Emperor’s gate opening, they threatened all existences in the Evil Infested Ridge. Li Qiye’s group didn’t see any fierce beasts, even the one million year ones were hiding inside their nest, not daring to come outside.

Along the way north, they picked up quite a few spirit plants, and the harvest was amazing. Chen Baojiao was quite ecstatic.

They then stopped at the deepest area of the north. Even if they didn’t want to stop, they had no other way to go, their path was blocked.

In front were flying magical runes, blinding the sky with immortal rune rays encompassing the heaven and earth. Countless magical runes like the waterfall coming down from the heavens, like the volcanos gushing from the bottom of the earth.

The magical runes covering the sky were hovering without order, as if this was just as a storm. There was no pattern or order.

Even so, they exuded a frightening presence. Any existences in this place would be shivering in fear, even bowing down in woship.

“Oh my mother, this is emperor’s runes! This place has the suppression of an Immortal Emperor!”

Within the group, Niu Fen knew what was going on. Seeing the magical runes, he lost his colors and muttered:

“This is an area suppressed by an Immortal Emperor personally. He sealed the heavens and earths. What is this thing that is being suppressed here!?”
At this point, Li Qiye’s gaze became cold as he stared at the scene ahead. He had guessed it earlier but after personally seeing the suppression, he still coldly scowled.

As Li Qiye observed the place, the hearts of Niu Fen’s group sunk down. They felt the wrath of Li Qiye. Even someone as powerful as Niu Fen was shivering in fear under this rage. They felt a chill in the hearts, as if everything would be slaughtered within millions of miles.

At this time, Li Qiye took out his ancient zither while staring at the magical runes blocking the sky, and started to pull the strings.

“Zheng, zheng, zheng…”

The musical sounds of the zither resonated creating an emperor aura that encompassed the heaven and earth. When Li Qiye plucked the strings, the aura swept through the world and drowned the entire Evil Infested Ridge.

Such aura caused everyone inside the ridge to be palely frightened with anxiety. Gu Tieshou looked towards the north and he knew that it was Li Qiye’s doing, since he brought along the Patriarch’s ancient zither.

Gu Tieshou lost his colors because he knew that it would absolutely be a powerful enemy to force Li Qiye to utilize the emperor aura and immortal will.


Finally, the aura that encompassed the heaven and earth solidified into an immortal sword made out of blood, capable of slaying immortals and annihilating gods. One sword across the world puts the stars to shame, and the yin yang dao became silent!


At this second, Li Qiye roared and his fingers like the storm played the most violent of tunes!

“Zheng zheng—”

This one sword slashed all things in this world carrying an invincible emperor aura with the most brutality. My aura is invincible and will cut down all enemies.

This one sword instantly exuded a bright brilliance, illuminating the entire Evil Infested Ridge, the frightening emperor aura swept through the four directions and reigned over the heaven and earth.

At this moment, all the magical runes inside the light ahead were woven into an emperor tome, floating in the sky, turning into the word “Amnesty”. This word amnesty pardoned all sins, even the gods had to retreat!


An explosion shook the entire ridge. Under this one blow, not mentioning the group of Gu Tieshou, all existences inside all fell to the ground.

The immortal will of an Immortal Emperor within the magical runes along with the grand suppressing formation collided with the emperor’s zither, destroying the horizon. The yin and yang turned into chaos. If this strike was not directly struck on the formation, then the entire Evil Infested Ridge would have been shattered.