Chapter 144: Alchemist God’s Grand Canon (2)

One invincible sword versus one eternal “Amnesty”. This impact overshadowed everything. Even though this sword slashed off the word “Amnesty”, but the endless magical runes were still moving without stops, with lights piercing the sky like the volcano spewing.

Without a doubt, this sword was not able to cut into the grand formation! The ancient zither in Li Qiye’s embrace became fainter. This strike was a huge loss to its immortal will, if he continued then the ancient zither would shatter like the Invisible Dual Blades, becoming a mortal item!

“Impact of two emperors!”

Finally, Niu Fen struggled to stand up, and murmured.

Needless to mention Chen Baojiao, even the old servant next to her was deadly pale. Not everyone could oppose the emperor’s power. Death was a sure thing under the emperor’s suppression.

They were also frightened because Li Qiye was also carrying an Emperor’s possession on him. No one dared to provoke someone with an Emperor’s possession, unless they also an Emperor’s possession of Emperor Treasures, or they have a Virtuous Paragon with them.

The group of Niu Fen stared at the repressive wall where the runes were still rampant and lights were still spewing. Even though the runes no longer emitted the oppressive emperor’s power, but it was still very frightening. The simple runes from an Immortal Emperor would have been enough to kill them.

What was this powerful thing that made an Immortal Emperor personally suppress? Thinking about this gave the group of Niu Fen the creeps.

“So mighty~”

At this moment, Li Qiye’s gaze became cold, and slowly spoke:
“Think about it really well, otherwise the next time I come here, I will destroy your emperor’s lineage.”

Li Qiye’s words frightened Chen Baojiao and the old servant. Even though he was only whispering, but they knew he was talking to the oppressive grand formation. This was a threat to the Immortal Emperor who left behind the formation here, this was a threat to the Immortal Emperor’s will! How arrogant and overbearing!

Threatening the Immortal Emperor’s will, not too many people were this domineering. In the eyes of others, Li Qiye would appear to be an arrogant brat, but at this moment, both Chen Baojiao and the old servant did not think that Li Qiye was being foolish.

What frightened them was that they have never seen someone who threatened the Immortal Emperor’s will like this before.

Finally, Li Qiye didn’t stay here long. He jumped on the snail and left the endless runes behind.

On the road, Li Qiye didn’t speak, but Li Shuangyan as his personal maid asked:

“Not opening the Emperor’s Gate?”

More so than outsiders, Li Shuangyan understood Li Qiye. She knew that his methods were not limited to just that. Li Qiye left without obtaining anything, this was not his character, so she asked him.

Li Qiye looked back at the deepest part, and gently shook his head and said:

“I didn’t come here to kill this time. If I opened the Emperor’s Gate and released all of its murderous rampage, then everything in the north would cease to exist.”

Hearing this left Li Shuangyan in contemplation. The truth was she wanted to ask what the thing being suppressed in the north was or what type of person, but since Li Qiye didnt say it, Li Shuangyan didn’t pry further.

Chen Baojiao and her old servant were also in a daze, what was the north suppressing in the end? Which Immortal Emperor did it? It was clear that it was not Immortal Emperor Min Ren, which meant that there was a second Immortal Emperor who came here! This caused them to think about many different conjectures. A place that two Immortal Emperors came to must have an unusual significance!

Chen Baojiao understood then that the Evil Infested Ridge was not simple like it appeared. It couldn’t just be a training ground for the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect that year. South had the great tree, north had the great suppression, and east had the evil existence… If Li Qiye didn’t bring her along, then she wouldn’t know about all of the heaven frightening secrets behind the Evil Infested Ridge.

When Li Qiye and others returned safely, Gu Tieshou finally breathed a sigh of relief. Li Qiye having to use the emperor’s possession made Gu Tieshou quite afraid, and thought that Li Qiye had met a powerful enemy.

In the end, the disciples of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect picked many spirit medicines and a lot of life metals. There was even one disciple who managed to dig out a True Fate Godly Ore; the sect had a great harvest this trip.

Seeing the sealing time of the Evil Infested Ridge was near, Li Qiye commanded and had all the disciples leave the Evil Infested Ridge.

Everyone became relieved after stepping outside, especially Chen Baojiao and the old servant – they were glad to finally see the true sunlight again. Thinking about this trip, the old servant was quite shaken. All the sects and countries were almost completely annihilated. Outside of him and his young miss, only the Violet Cloud Sect, and the experts from the Flying Dragon Lake made it out. As for the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom, Heavenly God Sect, Jiang Zuo Clan, and Heavenly Southern Kingdom were completely wiped out, even an Ancient Saint perished.

Thinking of this, the old servant secretly rejoiced, if they didn’t go together with Li Qiye, they would have suffered their ends inside.

“Little girl, think about it, I am saving a place for you by my side, but, don’t think for too long, my patience is wearing thin!”

At the time of parting, Li Qiye looked at Chen Baojiao in the eyes, and said slowly.

Being called a little girl by a younger man made Chen Baojiao more than slightly annoyed. She glared at Li Qiye- such a country toppling beauty, every frowns and every smiles aroused people’s souls, truly the definition of a femme fatale.

Many other disciples of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect were also amazed and envious, only their oldest brother would have such audacity. When goddess Li was already by his side, yet he still wanted to have the princess of the Jade Valley Country as well! What was even bolder was that goddess Li was standing next to him, yet he still spoke so nonchalantly, truly domineering, the hero in their hearts.

One breath to capture two great beauties, how despotic was this, many disciples couldn’t stop admiring.
After Chen Baojiao left with her old servant, Li Qiye went back to the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect with the disciples.

When they returned, the atmosphere was very jubilant. This trip had great harvest along with very few losses for the disciples. Checking their current inventory, all the elders and protectors who didn’t come along were surprised and ecstatic.

The sect originally didn’t have the qualification to enter the Evil Infested Ridge but now, not only did they enter, but they also had great success, how could the upper echelon not be excited?

Gu Tieshou administered a meeting after the trip, so he also invited Su Yonghuang, to show his respect to the sect master.

Even though she was the sect master before, but was always in the border area, and never participated in the important meeting. This meeting also officialized her status within the sect.

Gu Tieshou also wanted to invite Li Qiye, but he wasn’t interested in these types of meetings.

During the meeting, Gu Tieshou disclosed the entire account of the Evil Infested trip. After hearing all the stories, all the elders and protectors were shocked in disbeliefs, some were even stunned in a daze.

This time, they glanced at each other, and they marveled at how wise the choice of picking Li Qiye as the person to revitalize the sect was.

Even Su Yonghuang was surprised. Coming from the Su Clan, she knew the situation of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, but having heard Gu Tieshou’s story, she took a deep breath and muttered:

“Can’t believe the Evil Infested Ridge had such a big secret!”

As for Li Qiye, the first thing he did after returning to the sect was finding a buddhist temple block, and placed the frog on the table, then murmured:

“Finally found it again, should let it see the sun again.”

With that, Li Qiye slowly tapped the temple block, “Duuu, duuu, duuu….” The sound of the rhythmic tapping continued in a slow manner like a melody and an indescribable Dao patterns!!

“Duuu, duuu, duuu….”

As the temple block’s sounds were ringing, the frog began to shake in the same rhythm as the temple block.


A while later, a small sound emerged, and the back of the frog lit up, revealing magical runes. These magical runes basked in countless moons, as if it had gone through countless ages!

“Finally back!”

Seeing the magical runes, Li Qiye became happy. His Fate Palace opened and his True Fate sucked in all the magical runes into his head and into his sea of memories, turning into texts.

When the runes branded in Li Qiye’s sea of memories, his erased memories began to surface once again.

Supreme Alchemy God’s Grand Canon! This was a supreme alchemy scripture written by the alchemist progenitor! In reality, this scripture was not only written by the Alchemist God alone, but Li Qiye also expended numerous effort for its completion in the lost past era.