Chapter 148 : Six Dao Sword (2)


“When the universe was still in its infancy stage, the primordial chaos arrived. From the primordial chaos, the grand beginning spawned. The grand beginning gave birth to the Nine Words, the Nine Words created the Nine Treasures, and from the Nine Treasures came the Nine Scriptures.”

Li Shuangyan memorized these verses.

To the people on his side, Li Qiye trusted Li Shuangyan. She had successfully passed through his test of loyalty, so she would surely hide the secret of the physiques. She would definitely never tell a second person.

“My Nine Scriptures stand along side with the heaven and earth, eternal since the beginning of time. How could the Evil Typha Tree compare to this physique law, it is nothing.”

Li Qiye shook his head and smiled towards Li Shuangyan:

“You should have confidence in your Void Imperfection Physique, it will absolutely be able to suppress it. On the contrary, the evil property of the Evil Typha Tree will be refined by your physique, and your cultivation will increase.”

Hearing Li Qiye’s words, Li Shuangyan finally breathed a sigh of relief. At the moment she was cultivating a supreme immortal merit law, and the power she could exert from it was gradually increasing.

“This sword is not just a simple sword.”

Li Qiye looked at Li Shuangyan and said:

“It was formed from the Progenitor Foundations of the Six Dao Lotus and the Evil Typha Tree from the ancient ages. It contained the grand dao along with the profound truths of the worlds. Then the heaven and earth refined the minto a sword, and it had transcended the grand dao boundaries of the Six Dao Lotus along with the Evil Typha Tree. It even contained the mysteries of the heaven, and from this sword, you could peek and see the heavenly dao! Take your time to be enlightened, because maybe one day you could create your own heavenly dao!”

Hearing this, Li Shuangyan was shocked, heavenly dao! This was the highest existence to her knowledge. Once the heavenly dao reached grand completion, this meant that in the future, she would be able to become an Immortal Emperor and shoulder the Heaven’s Will!

“What about you?”

Li Shuangyan calmed down. She understood the priceless and peerless value of the Six Dao Sword, and its worth was no less than an Immortal Emperor’s Life Treasure! It was not only a weapon, but it also contained the heaven and earth’s grand dao.

“I have grasped it for some time, everyone has different opportunities, and our understandings are also different. You go ahead and ponder it, when I need it, I will ask you for it.”

Li Qiye said. When he grasped the Six Dao Sword, he was able to extract its profound mysteriousness for an enlightenment.

Although he was only of Mortal Fate, but he had experience on the road of cultivation, and ordinary couldn’t compare to him! So when he was researching the sword, he learned a new sword technique!

After Li Shuangyan left, Li Qiye took out the Wan Heavenly Cauldron and shouted:


The frog left his hand and turned into a Heavenly Cauldron on the ground.

The cauldron opened its mouth wide and Li Qiye with the cauldron followed the supreme dao of the Alchemy God Grand Canon to fuel the furnace.

“Huuu— Huuu— Huu–”

After fueling the furnace, the flame that traveled inside became the medicinal pot, but Li Qiye did not stop there and continued the technique.

One after another medicinal pots were formed afterward. This creation continued throughout the process, and medicinal pot was formed one after another…

The creations of these medicinal pots were unbelievable. In general, the origin flame would only form one medicinal pot, only a few extremely valuable Heavenly Cauldrons or the Alchemy God’s Heavenly Cauldron would be able to create two or more medicinal pots.

However, at this point there were medicinal pots forming one after another inside the Wan Heavenly Cauldron and it was not stopping. Any alchemy masters would be stunned at this scene.

This was an impossible matter, but it was appearing in the hand of Li Qiye. This was a supreme treasure, and absolutely would cause greed in others, and start a new murderous competition for it.

As time passed, Li Qiye was immersed in the Heavenly Cauldron, and his medicinal pots became higher and higher, forming more than five hundred medicinal pots. At this moment, he began to realize that his cultivation was not enough, and his blood energy along with the world’s energy was not enough to support the cauldron’s flame.

If anyone saw Li Qiye creating more than five hundred fiery cauldrons in just one breath, they would be astonished from this scene. It was likely that no one had ever done this before.

Of course, this is the heaven defying peerlessness of the Wan Heavenly Cauldron. It had lived for so long and swallowed countless flame sparks. What was more frightening was that when Li Qiye along with the Alchemy God were grooming it, they collected countless flame sparks, spirit medicines, along with immortal grasses to grow it from the entire Nine Worlds.

It would not to be an exaggeration to say that during that era, there was no treasure in the world that had not been tasted by the Wan Heavenly Cauldron before.

If anyone knew the luxurious feeding the Wan Heavenly Cauldron enjoyed, they would be scared silly and thought that only a mad mad would such such a thing.

In fact, the Alchemy God was considered half crazy at the time, which is why the Dark Crow Li Qiye called him the alchemy lunatic!

Meanwhile, Li Qiye was reaching his limited, so he changed his goal and no longer tried to complete the cauldron, but to practice the art of controlling the flames.

Inside the cauldron under Li Qiye’s continuous refinement were many lively flames. Sometimes they turned into stallions, sometimes into flying eagles and swimming fishes, and others into the flowing water…

To alchemy masters, regardless of whether they were boiling physique pastes or blood medicines along with fate pills, the control of the flame was just as important as their dan creation techniques. The Fate Palace directly affected the mastery of the Heavenly Cauldron’s flames.

The mastery of the flames correlated directly with the alchemy masters’ capabilities.

There was no one in this world that could exceed the realm of the Alchemy God and Dark Crow Li Qiye in the past. Because Li Qiye helped wrote half of the Alchemy God’s Grand Canon, Li Qiye was simply walking on an old familiar road at this moment. His mastery of the flame controlling arts had quickly reached a perfection beyond imagination.

If people accidentally saw Li Qiye’ amazing improvement at flame mastery, they would be be convinced by his peerless and supreme talents, and considered him to be a natural born alchemist!

Of course they wouldn’t know that Li Qiye’s seemingly easy achievement was all due to the prices he paid in the past millions years.

With a firm grasp on flame controlling mastery, Li Qiye began to refine pills He began to refine only one cauldron, and he chose longevity medicine.

There was a phrase among alchemists: boil physique paste, process longevity medicine, and refine fate pill! Within the three arts, physique paste was the easiest to create, longevity medicine second, and fate pill was the hardest.

Li Qiye began with longevity medicine as a warm up for his first time with the Heavenly cauldron. Fate pill was his true aim…

Li Qiye was immersed in the dan refinement for several months with no one in the sect rashly disturbing him. One day, there was a sudden guest to the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect and asked specifically for Li Qiye.

As the carriage drove up to the top of the mountain. In addition to the driver, there were three other people. There was a peerless beauty capable of toppling kingdoms and cities, while the other two were adorned in full black outfits with their faces hidden by a black hat. They held the beauty to come inside.

This kingdom toppling beauty was the Jade Valley Country’s Chen Bao Jiao. At this moment, she was helped by the two black clothed people with pale face, unable to walk straight.

Nevertheless, this did not affect her supreme beauty. Her pale face made others lovingly sympathized even more.

“I accept your proposal—”

Once she saw Li Qiye, Chen Baojiao weakly said.

Even though this was a bit unexpected, especially Chen Baojiao’s state, Li Qiye observed for a moment as she sat down, and exclaimed:

“You destroyed your dao foundation!”

At this point, Chen Baojiao forced a charming and incomparable smile with an untold bitterness like a withered flower along with a dejected mournful bleakness.

“Will you take in a useless person like me!”

Chen Baojiao smiled bitterly, but she was still acting strong and sitting up straight. She did not feel self-pity as she said such words.


Li Qiye said:

“Only a destroyed dao foundation. To me, it is not a big deal. However, you deciding to join me so fast, this was a bit unexpected.”

“I left the Chen Clan, left the Jade Valley Country, and left the Jade Pillar Sacred School!”

Chen Baojiao said with untold sorrow, and continued:

“I returned everything to the clan, to the school, all the treasures, all the mysterious items, and even my dao foundation along with merit laws, returned everything.”

Hearing Chen Baojiao’s words, Li Shuangyan was moved. Chen Baojiao paid countless effort in order to reach the Named Hero realm, but she destroyed everything along with her dao foundation. To cultivators, this was a fate worse than death, a true fatal blow.