Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1485

The white general turned pale while looking at his broken spear. This was an extremely precious true treasure, yet it was still split in half by the Benevolent Saber!

He was silent for a while. Without an Immortal Emperor True Treasure, he shouldn’t even think about fighting against Li Qiye even if he was an Apex Godking.

Many inhaled a deep breath after seeing death. Some even turned white. In the past, the multitude haven’t had the pleasure of seeing Li Qiye in action but now, they finally understood just how strong he was. Just three slashes were enough to take down an Apex Godking. The white general would have died if Zhentian didn’t help him.

Even though Li Qiye had the advantage of using a imperial true treasure, one couldn’t deny his own strength and qualification to compete against Zhentian.

The white general quietly retreated to the side. This was his master’s turn to fight.

“Buzz!” More ice chains began to lock onto Li Qiye, wishing to freeze him.

“Look, the fox’s tail is exposed.” Li Qiye laughed at Zhentian.

Despite both being in the valley, Li Qiye was affected while the master and disciple duo were completely fine. Even the blind would know what was going on.

“You and I have nothing else to say.” Zhentian said with a dark expression.

“That’s true.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “Unfortunately, the prince’s group won’t show their face so this little formation is useless. We’ll fight after I break it.”

“Clank!” The Benevolent Saber cut down causing the world to turn bright. It splitted the entire valley right down the middle to reveal the ice formation hidden beneath. Of course, this formation weren’t spared either.

“Now there’s nothing left to hold us back. It’s time for us to have a simple fight then. Your bones shall pave the way for my ascension.” Li Qiye smilingly declared.

“Having too much confidence is called arrogance!” Zhentian calmly retorted.

“I am arrogant indeed.” Li Qiye said with a smile: “Watch, I’ll become even more arrogant by not using the Benevolent Saber to defeat you. Otherwise, once you lose, you’ll be unconvinced and think that I need an Immortal Emperor True Treasure to beat you.”

Zhentian’s eyes condensed after hearing this. Just like he has said earlier, this was too much complacency. However, he couldn’t see the reasons why Li Qiye was so confident.  He was startled to see his opponent putting the saber away.

The mass held their breath after seeing the two facing each other. Everyone understood that this was the prelude to the war for the throne. After this battle ended, Heaven Spirit would have its candidate!

Regardless of the result, the winner would become the representative of Heaven Spirit!

At this moment, some people wished for Zhentian’s victory. After all, he was a charming spirit; it would be the race’s honor for him to be its representative.

At the same time, others wanted Li Qiye to win. It would become a miracle. To be able to kill an Era Evader? Just how proud and ferocious would this feat be?

The atmosphere became tense right away for the people outside of the valley with their heart hanging on a thread. Of course, there was no lack of excitement. Not even in their dreams would they thought that one day, they would be able to watch a fight for the throne in person!

“I haven’t personally fought for a long time now.” Zhentian’s eyes turned cold with a blinding radiance. There were suns and moons floating inside. His entire being suddenly became gigantic.

“Forget it, I’ll refrain from making a joke out of you before the battle by exposing your past. It would be a bit too despicable to make your dao heart waver beforehand.”

Having heard that, Zhentian’s eyes emitted an endless bloodthirst. Even the world felt the chill from this murderous intent along with everyone else.

Those who didn’t attend the myriad races’ convention didn’t know what Li Qiye was referring to. However, those who were privy glanced at each other and really wanted to know whether this was the truth or not.

There has always been a popular belief in Heaven Spirit, that Zhentian went into seclusion out of love for his brother, Immortal Emperor Ta Kong. Because of this, the emperor still called him big brother after becoming emperor.

All along, many experts in Heaven Spirit believed this story. Many charming spirits viewed Zhentian as their pride. After all, the position of emperor was too tempting for anyone. Just how grand and respectable was it to give up this position for his brother? Such a wonderful sentiment.

However, during the convention, Li Qiye uncovered Zhentian’s old tales. He didn’t evade the era because of brotherhood. He did so because his legion was named Heaven Suppression and the Black Dragon King scolded him for this. This was the reason why he didn’t dare to compete for the Heaven’s Will

Some did believe this particular tale. After all, who would be willing to give up the throne? Alas, many charming spirit cultivators still think that Li Qiye was simply defaming him.

Thus, the main question looming in everyone’s mind was about the truth in the past. Did Zhentian gave up on the throne out of brotherly love or was it out of fear towards the Black Dragon King?

“Come, time to fight.” Li Qiye stepped towards the sky.

Zhentian didn’t hesitate and soared upward as well to confront Li Qiye.

“Bang!” Li Qiye casually swung his arm and a gigantic battle stage descended onto the sky. This thing was initially hovering in the air but it was pulled down by Li Qiye.

It was ancient and mottled with divine runes covering it. These runes were quite powerful and seemed to have been refined by some wise sages back in the olden days into this battle stage.

There were cracks and holes everywhere. When a stage of this magnitude received this type of damage, it meant that the fights taken place here were incredible.

“Come.” Li Qiye slowly told Zhentian while standing on the stage.

Zhentian stepped inside, ready to fight.

The cultivators nearly immediately flew up as well in order to watch this earth-shattering duel.

Everyone knew that if this level of duel was done outside of a battle stage, the world itself might shatter from the black holes and scars left behind.

“If you lose, you must quit immediately.” Zhentian stared at Li Qiye and uttered.

“Quite confident.” Li Qiye leisurely glanced at him and said: “You alone or will the prince and the others join too?”

This prompted many cultivators to glance at each other. Some even opened their heavenly gaze to sweep through the area. However, no one found the prince’s group.

“Li Qiye, you are too presumptuous!” Zhentian uttered: “Are you so certain of victory already?”

Li Qiye smiled and said: “I don’t want to make you feel bad so early but my victory is assured. Since you want to fight, we can raise the stake. I’m not a nice person anyway so let’s make this a fight to the death. If you lose, leave your life behind. I wouldn’t mind watching you cut off your own head.”

Zhentian glared at him. He wasn’t a nice person either so he retorted: “Very well, if you lose, you have to cut off your head as well. I also want to see it.”

“Very well.” Li Qiye agreed right away: “However, you won’t have that chance since your death is guaranteed after opposing me.” 

“Hmph.” Zhentian scowled. Even though he didn’t become angry, his demeanor already showed his annoyance.

“Boom!” He released his vitality. In the blink of an eye, it engulfed the world as if he wanted to overfill it. With this invasion of power, everything else seemed so insignificant. His blood energy was an endless sea. The world itself was only a tiny boat that could capsize when a storm came.

All other experts here also felt trivial as if under Zhentian’s rage, his energy alone could annihilate everyone while his wrath could slaughter billions.