Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1489

“Bang!” In this split second, Zhentian’s clear-as-jade divine reflection emitted a blinding light full of golden strings and powder. The entire world was basked in this golden light.

Many spectators were stunned to see the golden light oozing from the reflection. No one had seen this type of reflection before, it was simply too bizarre.

“Whoosh!” At this moment, it seemed to be opening a new world. One could see its shape within the mirror-like power.

Within this world lied a chaotic expanse as well as an endless power that came from the origin. It had the ability to open the sky and split the earth, a world-creating power. Perhaps this was the form of the nine worlds with the gathering of all kinds of forces before it was created.

“Boom!” A figure stepped out from this primordial chaos. Each step seemed to be guiding the world towards completion as if it was shouldering myriad realms.

Eventually, the chaos was opened and a complete figure came out. A golden man was standing there as if it was the oldest creature in existence.

Its figure of endless height towered into the sky. People couldn’t even see its face when they looked up due to its monstrous size. This figure looked like the ruler of all ages. A simple gesture from it could create a world. Another would make the nine worlds tremble and quake.

All the experts here felt the urge to prostrate. In fact, many of them were already on the ground, especially the charming spirits. The urge to worship was even stronger inside them as if this golden creation possessed their race’s power. It made their eyes brim with tears of excitement.

A charming spirit lying on the ground even murmured: “Is that our progenitor?”

No one could give an answer since they hadn’t seen the charming spirit progenitor before. However, this golden man ahead did give them the feeling of an ancient power from their race. Even if this figure wasn’t their progenitor, it certainly had their progenitor’s power.

“What is that?” Even older charming spirits didn’t know what this existence was.

“A legend.” An old God-Monarch from their race paled and murmured: “A legend from the Dream Empyrean. Shen Mengtian might have come from the Spirit Abyss, but he was also blessed by the origin power of our race. This allowed him to have our progenitor’s power. Because of this, he was able to leave the abyss and create his own sect. Who would have thought that after him, Meng Zhentian would also inherit this power? This is too unbelievable.”

The old man felt envious after saying this.

“Boom!” The golden man’s chest shot out even more rays that instantly soared towards Li Qiye.

They carried an unstoppable power capable of piercing through Heaven Spirit itself. If there were deities in the nine heavens, these rays would make short work of them.

The experts were stunned to see this attack. It was very overbearing and mighty and seemed as if nothing could stop it.

“Bring it.” Li Qiye laughed in the face of this attack and unleashed a ten fist combination.

Under this punch, everything collapsed and returned to the source.

“Rumble!” Loud explosions erupted. His punch and Zhentian’s golden rays finally slammed into each other. It was as if Li Qiye was punching a gigantic meteorite in the form of these rays.

“Boom!” His combination fist had difficulty stopping the brilliant rays.

He couldn’t stand still in the face of this offense and was forced back. Even though he had sealed this location, the space beneath his feet still shattered to pieces.

This was a power capable of annihilating space itself. Others would find it difficult to withstand.

“This is way too strong. Only Li Qiye’s invincible fist can do this well against it.” Someone spoke with admiration even though Li Qiye was being pushed back continuously.

“Activate!” Li Qiye laughed maniacally. 

“Boom! Boom!” In this split second, his right hand trembled twice. In the blink of an eye, time emerged with a sacred glimmer.

At this moment, the final two fists, the Eternal and Void Imperfection Fists, came out. The power of time and holiness instantly enveloped his right fist.

“Boom!” The combination of all twelve gave birth to a sacred flame around his fist. It seemed to no longer be part of this world and made him look like a high immortal.

“Rumble!” The tide was instantly reversed with this twelve fist combination. It seemed to be cutting through or even reversing time itself. It didn’t only wield every type of force in this world, everything else was passing away with time itself.

The sacred flame disintegrated the golden light. Earlier, the attacking golden light seemed to be an unstoppable weapon. However, this tool of war dispersed like golden powder as it couldn’t withstand a single blow from Li Qiye’s fist.

After the initial blast, Li Qiye somehow re-created Zhentian’s golden brilliance then shot it back at him. If Zhentian couldn’t stop this, he would be turned into ashes.

Many people gasped after seeing the attack get reflected back at Zhentian. He himself was aghast and crazily roared: “Suppress!”

With his shout, his fate palaces flew out one by one.

Someone started counting and exclaimed: “Ten fate palaces!”

It wasn’t shocking for Zhentian to have ten. For many people, this was a matter of course. After all, he was a brilliant Era Evader, so he should have this many palaces.

However, having ten palaces was indeed enviable. It was a representative symbol for one’s talents, a badge of proof and a kind of glory.

“Ten embodies extreme perfection.” The old charming spirit God-Monarch spoke with astonishment: “Such a proud thing to have. If I had ten, no, even nine palaces, I could have become a Godking instead of stopping at the God-Monarch realm.”

The majority agreed with his sentiment. This was a proud achievement indeed. It made sense that someone like Zhentian was able to become the most amazing genius in Heaven Spirit.

The ten palaces instantly formed a kingdom with a majestic primordial power as if it was its own world.

“Whoosh!” A large divine reflection appeared within. It was of an unimaginable size and blotted out the sky in the kingdom!

“Whoa!” Everyone was dazzled by this large mirror. This might be the first time anyone has ever seen such a huge divine reflection.

“Boom!” The great reflection in the kingdom fused with Zhentian’s own reflection.

“Rumble!” After this fusion, a huge reflection appeared above him. It was even larger than the sky itself and completely golden in color just like an immeasurable moon!

The golden man inside the mirror grew several dozen times bigger than before. He must be millions and millions of meters tall, the largest of all in this world.