Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1506

While everyone was raving about current events, Li Qiye and Su Yonghuang returned to True Martial Island. His triumphant return was within Dantai Ruonan’s expectation.

“It is one thing if you don’t do anything, but once you do, it will be earth-shattering, young master.” Ruonan smiled and said.

She wasn’t surprised at all about the massacre since she was aware that characters like Zhentian were no big deal to her young master, not worth mentioning.

“Only child’s play.” Li Qiye smiled freely: “If Emperor Assailants don’t join in, can’t even warm up at all, let alone going all out.”

People would be scared silly if they were to hear this conversation. Massacring Zhentian’s level of character was only child’s play? Then what would going all out look like?

“In terms of real assailants, Heaven Spirit actually has three or five. I’m afraid these people have more or less heard about your stories. If you are here, they wouldn’t dare to show their face even if they were ten times more courageous. As for these other Emperor Assailants, they are in title only.” Ruonan joked.

For the world, to be able to fight against an emperor for one to two hundred moves was an Emperor Assailant. This was already invincible enough. The other Godkings wouldn’t be able to contend at this level.

However, for Li Qiye and Ruonan, they had a different definition of an Emperor Assailant, a much higher standard.

“The Roaring Conch can get someone.” Li Qiye smiled casually: “But no big deal, the sooner they come, the faster we can deal with it. I actually want to slaughter them all so it won’t be too bad.” Having said that, he stared towards the Divine Tree Ridge in the distant.

He was very frivolous with his comment. Ruonan understood that he didn’t really care about them.

“You have something else troubling you?” She gently asked.

As a long-time confidant, she understood him more than anyone else. Ordinary matters wouldn’t trouble him like this.

“I had a few ace cards that I couldn’t use so I’m a bit down.” Li Qiye eventually laughed and said.

“You were waiting for even more shocking characters to come out?” She looked at the ridge in the distant and asked while standing side by side with him.

“The remaining ones are no big deal, can’t reach the apex. I’ll flatten them if they come. I was talking about the ridge but it looks like that won’t happen. I entered the inner world and took a few things as well as the nine leaves but the place is still calm.” He explained.

“Maybe it is in awe of your reputation.” She said.

He chuckled and shook his head: “Perhaps, perhaps not. Even though I have played with the Bonesea and the ridge a couple of times already, it isn’t that easy to force them into submission. I came this time with this goal in mind but they remained silent still.”

“They are simply recharging and do not want to fight against you under these circumstances.” Ruonan was aware of the undercurrent.

“Right, this makes it even more clear that the great disaster is approaching.” He said slowly.

She pondered for a bit before replying: “Did you want to flip the ridge over? Or just a straight sweep to the golden palace itself?” 

“No.” He elaborated: “I just wanted to talk to the ridge, even more so than the Bonesea.”

“That’s not your style though, young master.” She was surprised to hear this response.

He chuckled pleasantly: “Ruonan, you make it sound like I love war so much. I do like fighting and all but there are times when I can happily sit down and talk too. If certain things are negotiable, why not do it? Plus, there’s no harm even if it doesn’t work out.”

She sniggered after hearing this. After a while, she continued: “You aren’t someone who negotiates with others. Plus, you have fought before already so if you were actually determined, you would have plow your way to the palace.” 

“I wouldn’t care of it was for personal reasons. Declaring war is no problem.” He gently sighed: “However, I really wanted to talk this time. I have a good understanding of the ridge but not as much as the Bonesea. When that day comes, a sea of blood will engulf Heaven Spirit. At that point, maybe charming spirits, treants, and sea demons will have to face genocide.”

“Are you worried about me?” Ruonan asked softly.

He smiled and patted her head: “I have never worried about you before. With your power, even if the disaster was present, you could still leave. However, I know that you wouldn’t, and especially not during the disaster.”

She didn’t answer because the young master was correct.

“The Ruonan I know have always faced the challenge boldly without trepidation.” He laughed sentimentally.

“I feel satisfied to be praised like this.” She let out a beautiful smile.

He smiled wryly and shook his head again: “I have left behind a few things, some preparations that can be useful for you in the future. It is too bad that I can’t personally help you pave the way and shoulder the sky.”

“No.” She grabbed his hand and stared at him solemnly: “You have done more than enough for me. Though the world all think that I am very gifted, I wouldn’t have the same achievements today without you. Plus, I don’t blame you at all, this is my own choice. You have already paved the way for me to the point of removing all obstacles towards the throne. The reality is that I have disappointed you by choosing to stay.”

With that, even a strong woman like her felt a strange melancholy.

A very long time ago after the end of Immortal Emperor Min Ren’s generation, Ruonan had many choices because she has severed her bloodline. She could leave Heaven Spirit for good even.

If she chose to become emperor, she would have become one already. With that, she could follow her young master above the nine heavens to the world with emperors and gods.

Alas, she ultimately chose to stay in Heaven Spirit instead. This was the most hopeless choice, the path that her father didn’t want to see. 

She went on to say: “Young master, you don’t owe me anything, it is the opposite. I know that you once hoped for me to become emperor and made sufficient preparations for the day when I embark on that path. I have failed to meet your expectations in that regards.”

Li Qiye said helplessly while staring at her: “You really don’t owe me anything but it is a pity that I couldn’t force you. Just like the wise sages back at the Dongting Lake, they had many choices as well, such as picking other fertile lands in the nine worlds to be their home. But ultimately, just like you, they chose to stay in Heaven Spirit. This is your choice and theirs. Though I could have commanded all of you to do otherwise, that would be going against your own pursuit. This is your beloved home so you want to contribute, not wanting to see the day when it turns into ashes.” He ended with a sigh.

“It’s not just me.” Ruonan gently said with melancholy: “Many people have chosen this path with great struggles. Immortal Emperors fought on; treefathers used all the opportunities and sea gods continued to compromise! Despite being powerless to an extent, they still tried their best to win a glimmer of hope for this land. My father may not have wanted me to stay here but as his daughter, I should take up this mantle and try my best, whether it is because of my love for this world, the True Martial Island, or the sea demons. If my father was able to face everything, I will not disgrace his lifelong prestige either.” 

1. Just to clarify, I’m not sure if golden palace here is an actual place or the author just made up a phrase meaning, sweeping to the end. Going to do it in a more literal manner just to be safe. Maybe the ridge has a golden palace or something for the end boss