Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1512

The entire Heaven Spirit World enjoyed serenity within the last five days. Many experts held their breath waiting for the day to come.

It passed by quickly but it seemed like an eternity to these experts. Everyone wanted to know the result right away.

All the lineages and cultivators here understood that the fate of Heaven Spirit would change after this battle.

If Li Qiye were to win, it meant that he was strong enough to deal with all of Heaven Spirit or even the nine worlds. Nothing could hinder his path if he could slay the five masters.

At that point, both imperial lineages and sea god’s sects would have to lower their head and submit to his rule.

However, if the five masters were to win, it might be the start of an oligarchy. Heaven Spirit would be under the shadows of these masters for a long period.

Thus, this battle will decide the fate of the world. There was a risk that it would end the golden era of Heaven Spirit as well because Zhentian has fallen. If Li Qiye were to die as well, it meant that Heaven Spirit would have to forfeit the competition for Immortal Emperor.

Everyone had a conflicting opinion about the outcome. Many sects that had relations with the Spirit Abyss, Roaring Conch, and the Ancestral Terra wanted Ling Fengyun’s group to win because it would be their time to reign afterward.

On the other hand, a larger side hoped for Li Qiye’s victory since he would be able to usher in a new generation with Heaven Spirit being at the top of the nine worlds!

“I hope that Li Qiye can create another miracle and kill the five masters to ascend to the throne.” A few charming spirit lineages became very hopeful.

Even some powers who supported Zhentian before wanted Li Qiye to come out victoriously in this earthshaking battle.

“Li Qiye’s victory is imminent!” The slogans could be heard around the world by his fans.

Of course, some sects that did want Li Qiye to win didn’t dare to express it publicly out of fear due to his strong opponents.

The five days have tortured the experts of this world long enough despite passing by quickly. The entire world was waiting with great anticipation for the ultimate war.

“Boom!” Finally, the first to mobilize after the deadline was the Spirit Abyss from Godhalt. Moreover, they didn’t use a dao portal but directly crossed the world instead.

It looked like a huge fortress opening its icy doors. A cavalry rushed out like a tsunami and soared to the sky. The atmosphere was engulfed with a murderous chill. Darkness emerged as if a nightmare was assaulting the world and suffocating its inhabitants.

This cavalry consisted of several ten thousand troops. They all had full black armor so no one could see their face. A person sat on a throne raised by eight old men inside the cavalry. 

This throne was pitch black as if it was created from a supreme draconic rune metal. The old man on top looked just like an untouchable godfiend.

His old face was covered with wrinkles but his black hair betrayed his other features. It was actually shimmering with a black luster. His eyes were naturally black with flashing darkness. When he opened his eyes, it resembled the opening of a dark world. This was a dark ruler, the harbinger of darkness.

However, this wasn’t the most terrible factor. Despite being carried by others, everyone had an illusion that this old man was one with the cavalry itself. The cavalry was an extension of his arms. He could freely control it as if it was part of his body.

“That’s the legendary Stygian Legion from the abyss.” A knowledgeable ancestor felt a chill as he murmured.

“Why does he want to take a legion along for this highest level of battle? Such a legion can’t possibly stop Li Qiye.” A few juniors didn’t understand why the monarch brought along his legion at all.

“Blood energy, they will share blood energy.” An older ancestor explained: “Because it is such a high-level battle, he has to take his legion along. This will be an ultimate and ferocious battle. Their group is older with withered vitality on the verge of death. After such a battle, even if they were to win, they would die from exerting too much strength after returning.”

“They want to borrow their juniors’ vitality?” A different youth was surprised.

“That’s one way to put it but it isn’t that simple.” The ancestor continued: “You can’t just use your juniors’ vitality even if they agree. Everyone’s vitality is different since they cultivated different merit laws. Forcefully fusing this type of blood energy would lead to contention and even qi deviation…”

“As for this Stygian Legion, it has been trained carefully with each disciple handpicked. Their cultivation laws are very particular as well. Some were even taught by the monarch so their vitality could resonate with his own.”

He paused for a bit before continuing: “Such a legion required a great amount of resources. Moreover, after each member died, the cost of replacing them would be quite unbelievable. Because of this, this legion could share their vitality with the monarch. It is the pillar of the Spirit Abyss, its strongest legion and ace card.”

The monarch and his legion traveled forward with a magnificent and unstoppable momentum, capable of slaying both gods and devils standing in their way.

After the Stygian Monarch left, it was Shen Mengtian’s turn. He was indeed from the Spirit Abyss since his action coincided with the monarch.

“Buzz!” At the ancestral ground of the Dream Empyrean, a door was opened on the moon hanging in the sky. Two rows of experts dressed in white completely came out.

Eventually, they numbered in the tens of thousands and filled the world with their boundless light.

The aura of this legion was completely different from the Stygian Legion. They emitted a holy light as if they were the messengers of the divine race. When they appeared in the sky, holy totems showed up as well.

These totems seemingly bathed Heaven Spirit in a holy light. A divine race was descending to the world.

Next, Shen Mengtian came out of the moon. The astonishing part was that he only looked around forty instead of being old and feeble.

His aura wasn’t earth-shattering. On the contrary, he purposely hid it so he looked very scholarly. Nevertheless, each of his actions still seemed so dominating as if he was the ruler of the gods. He was born to be unreachable.

“Aren’t people saying that Shen Mengtian in on the verge of death? He looks so young right now, in the middle of his prime even.” Many were shocked to see his appearance.

“That’s only his flesh.” A big shot from the last generation replied: “Once you are strong enough and open your heavenly gaze, you will find that below this vessel is a withering divinity and vitality. At his level, maintaining his external appearance isn’t hard. It can’t hide his weakening true form though.”

The junior understood after hearing this explanation. Even if he had opened his heavenly gaze, he still wouldn’t be able to see through anything because he wasn’t strong enough.

“Buzz!” Each expert in this legion opened their divine reflection and pointed it at the same source. Next, this ray of light instantly reached the Broken God Cliff and turned into a dao portal.

The legion and Shen Mengtian disappeared right away and emerged again at the cliff in the next second.

Everyone was amazed by this scene because they haven’t seen such a transmission on this scale before.

“That’s Shen Mengtian for you.” One supreme ancestor from the charming spirit race had to admit: “He has cultivated these divine reflections to the limit so he could do whatever he pleases.”

Many charming spirits became envious at this spectacle.

“They are bringing their legion along to make up for their own lack of vitality. So now, will Li Qiye be able to handle it?” Some people started to worry.

In the past, all felt that Li Qiye’s biggest advantage was his youth and vigor so he could last longer than these two.

In other words, even if he couldn’t kill them, he could drag out the battle until they die on their own. Alas, the legions brought along solved this particular problem.