Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1515

The crowd was surprised to see this. Everyone knew that Ling Fengyun was here for the Roaring Conch, seeking vengeance for the dead Conch Overlord.

However, he was actually putting in good words for Li Qiye with a more pacifistic inching. It took everyone by surprise.

“He ought to do this.” One old ancestor agreed with his view and nodded: “The thirteen palaces is only and only in history. Heaven Spirit should work together to groom a talent like Li Qiye so he could become an emperor, the best of all time. At that point, those who help him will become meritorious heroes and the myriad races in the nine worlds will come to Heaven Spirit offering their tributes.”

In fact, many insightful ancestors and big shots agreed with Fengyun and felt that taking down Li Qiye would be too regrettable.

“Is this your personal opinion or are you representing everyone here?” Li Qiye became greatly amused and smiled.

Fengyun looked at him and slowly elaborated: “If you are willing to take a step back, I can deliberate with everyone here. And as for your feud with the Roaring Conch, I can be the arbitrator as well. You just need to confess your crimes and sincerely apologize and everything shall be dropped.”

“Fengyun is indeed a wise character, to be so benevolent. Ordinary people can’t compare to him.” Many couldn’t help but sigh after hearing this.

“If Brother Fengyun wishes for a truce, it isn’t hard either.” Shen Mengtian stared at Li Qiye for a long time before adding.

“I can also let go of this feud but there needs to be a deal.” Dualchild joined in.

“No animosity lasts forever in this world.” Creek Bamboo finally spoke: “It just depends on whether you are willing or not.”

In an instant, the tense atmosphere that could erupt at any moment eased down due to Ling Fengyun’s change of attitude.

“I hope they don’t fight.” Someone clench their fist and said: “If Heaven Spirit could have solidarity with six invincible characters protecting Li Qiye, he will definitely be unstoppable in the nine worlds. Who will be able to compete against him?”

Thus, many hoped for a peaceful outcome between the two sides since it would be very beneficial for Heaven Spirit.

“What’s the condition?” Li Qiye was not anxious at all in his response.

“The Reincarnation Nine-Leaves!” Driedtree took the initiative before the others; “As long as you hand over the grass, everything is negotiable.”

The others glanced at each other and didn’t speak just yet.

“So you want the grass?” Li Qiye leisurely said: “This is a supreme immortal medicine. With it, one would have the chance to reincarnate with their previous memories. So many people have coveted this item throughout history. Even emperors want to keep it around as a backup plan for the future.”

“What? This grass can actually do that?” Those who didn’t know about the medicine was shocked.

In Godhalt, everyone knew that it was an immortal medicine. Some even thought that it would grant eternal life but no one knew the exact details until now.

“Who wouldn’t want to be reborn again?” Even the most stoic ancestor swallowed their saliva with greed.

There was indeed a chance at rebirth with the Reincarnation Nine-Leaves. One leaf had a twenty percent chance of success. However, the outcome was not always the same. The chance of keeping one’s memories was even lower than a regular reincarnation.

For other experts, this gamble might be worth it but an emperor wouldn’t necessarily want to place everything on such a low probability.

In fact, Shen Mengtian and the Stygian Monarch were gulping after hearing this and were clearly tempted.

This wasn’t strange at all. All of them outside of Ling Fengyun had a withering lifespan. Moreover, they have prolonged it many times in the past so that was no longer an option.

They had two choices at this moment. Either wait for death or to take a chance in eating the grass. In their eyes, nothing was more tempting than a rebirth. Even if it was only twenty percent chance, they would still take it!

Fengyun, on the other hand, was the youngest and full of vitality. Because of this, he was the only one who didn’t need the nine leaves.

“There is only one, how will you all divide it?” Li Qiye chuckled and stared at the group.

The group reached a consensus in a short time. Of course, outsiders didn’t know their agreements.

“None of your business.” Meng Shentian said: “Just hand over the grass and everything is negotiable. We might not even hurt you at all.”

The spectators using their mirror became anxious. Some started to see the dawn, a chance for this storm to end.

“Then there must be other conditions?” Li Qiye wasn’t surprised at all.

The group glanced at each other and Fengyun began: “Gentlemen, if you don’t mind, I can act as the mediator. As long as Li Qiye hand the grass over, everyone won’t need to make it difficult for him. He just needs to make a small compensation instead.”

“That’s Ling Fengyun for you, worthy of his fame as a hero. He is so much more benevolent compared to others and really loves talents.” A few older characters praised him right away.

The discerning crowd could see that though the other five claimed to be here for revenge, their true goal was most likely the nine leaves.

Unlike the others, Ling Fengyun didn’t need the nine-leaves at his age. To a large extent, he was here to pay off his life debt to the Roaring Conch.

In a short time, the parties became quiet. Peace was indeed possible for them since their ultimate goal was the nine leaves. Obtaining justice for their juniors came after.

Of course, they would be glad to teach Li Qiye a lesson as well. However, Fengyun’s change of attitude as the mediator forced them to give him some face.

They might be more powerful than him but he was too young and vigorous. Thus, sensibilities were the right course of action.

Alas, they found it hard to accept if it was only a light punishment. After all, letting Li Qiye off easy would be damaging towards their prestige as well as their sects’ position.

Eventually, the five of them came to a tacit understanding after glancing at each other for a bit.

“We don’t need to pursue this any further.” In the end, Stygian said: “Outside of the nine leaves, Li Qiye need to hand over the method to cultivate the thirteen palaces. With that, all past feuds will be wiped out!”

“I have no objection to this.” Shen Mengtian smiled.

“I can also accept this.” Creek Bamboo nodded.

Dualchild and Driedtree agreed as well. Their purpose, in the beginning, was the leaves since they had no enmity against Li Qiye. Why would they say no for a chance of obtaining thirteen palaces?

Everyone held their breath before their mirror and felt that this was impossible. The thirteen palaces was a unique achievement. Li Qiye has broken all common sense to be the first in history with thirteen.

Just think about it, this was a merit law capable of creating thirteen palaces. Just how precious was it? It was even above Immortal Physique Laws. Perhaps all the laws in this world weren’t as valuable as this one.

No one would surrender such a method due to its immeasurable value.

“Li Qiye won’t agree for sure.” Experts who have seen him several times before murmured: “A fierce person like him would never submit or make compromises, let alone handing over something so precious.”