Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1525

Li Qiye smiled casually while looking at the hesitating Fengyun: “My patience is limited, don’t make me wait. Answer now or wait for the destruction of the Roaring Conch!”

Fengyun gritted his teeth before answering with a serious tone: “Fine, I agree to surrender. The Roaring Conch will be yours as well, but you must spare its disciples.”

Li Qiye flatly replied: “I won’t trouble the obedient, but any resistance shall be put down without mercy.”

Fengyun had no response. He wasn’t an ancestor from there so he couldn’t force all of its disciples to give up. This was the best that he could do.

Heaven Spirit was silenced by this scene. Many people became sentimental at the ultimate fate of this fallen hero.

Even though he has surrendered, no one would mock or look down on him.

He simply came this time at the beseech of the Roaring Conch. He still acted honorably before this outcome and could fight to the end if he didn’t care for the Roaring Conch’s fate. If he were to die in battle, his name would still spread to the future generations.

However, he chose to give up. Everyone understood that he would die anyway, but he still chose this disgraceful exit in order to save the conch’s disciples despite not being from the sect.

Thus, many found his submission to be worthy of admiration and respect instead of scorn. He didn’t say anything else and quietly stood to the side while waiting for Li Qiye to make his decision.

In the past, his battle with Immortal Emperor Hao Hai was only a personal bout. However, the battle today was due to grievances between the conch and Li Qiye, so he had no other choice.

He quietly lamented. During his youth, the conch saved his life so today, he shall pay it back to the sect!

“Have you all make up your minds yet?” Li Qiye glanced at Creek Bamboo’s group and chuckled.

“I have nothing to choose. Li Qiye, if you want to kill me, my only response is to fight. I refuse to surrender.” Dualchild laughed and was the first to respond.

He didn’t have any options either unless there was a place in the world where he could hide from Li Qiye’s pursuit. Otherwise, Li Qiye wouldn’t spare him.

Compared to Creek Bamboo, Dualchild was able to let it go since he was alone without any worries or restraints. Even if he were to die in battle, it would be his personal problem.

“A bit brave, not dishonoring your father’s prestige at least.” Li Qiye smiled at him.

“Time waits for no one.” Li Qiye then stared at the other three: “Make your decisions.”

The three promptly glanced at each other to read their intents. They cherished their lives and feared death. After all, living a crappy life was still better than dying honorably in their eyes. Alas, it was time for them to make their choice under the eager eyes of the spectators.

“If you all wish to fight, we can fight together.” Dualchild laughed while the three couldn’t make up their minds.

Among the five masters right now, Dualchild chose to fight while Ling Fengyun chose to surrender. However, these three weren’t the same as Dualchild since he was completely untethered and the only one responsible for his actions.

“Young Noble Li, very well.” In the end, Stygian made his choice: “The winner takes all. We have lost today so I agree to kill myself. However, you must spare the Spirit Abyss!”

“I’m afraid you misunderstood me.” Li Qiye said with a smile: “Before the battle, I could have accepted your appeal via suicide, but it is too late now. Your life is worthless after losing. However, if you wish, I can give you some conditions. First, commit suicide, second, hand over your treasure, third, hand over the abyss just like the conch. With that, I will not massacre your future generations.” With that, he pointed at the treasure floating above the abyss.

“That’s impossible!” The monarch immediately refused.

Li Qiye elaborated: “Remember, I’m giving you the choice. None of you are qualified to negotiate with me. I can kill everyone along with your sects. However, since I am a benevolent person, I’m simply giving your future generations a chance.”

Shortly after, the three’s expressions turned unsightly to the extreme.

“The same goes for you, Creek Bamboo. I will spare you future generations if you commit suicide and hand over the Ancestral Terra. Shen Mengtian as well. Hand over the jade and the empyrean’s ancestral ground and I shall show mercy to your children.”

Shen Mengtian shouted: “You are pushing us too far!”

Such conditions made it impossible for him to accept. The jade was a priceless treasure. Even though he has cultivated his divine reflection to its limit, the jade itself greatly helped him. Because of it, he was able to calculate the karmic and samsara cycles. This was the reason why even emperors would ask him about certain things.

Moreover, losing the ancestral ground meant that his disciples would lose their home. From then on, the Dream Empyrean would be no more.

“The end result for me is the same regardless of your choice since I can still kill everyone and take your treasures.” Li Qiye leisurely smiled: “The only reason why I am giving you a choice is that I don’t want to massacre too many people.”

“Unfortunately.” He gently shook his head: “As ancestors, you didn’t think about your descendants. This is a disaster you brought upon them, so when I destroy your sects, do not blame me for being ruthless. I have given you a chance.”

Creek Bamboo coldly uttered: “Li Qiye, not everything will go the way you want.”

In his eyes, if it was only him committing suicide, he could still accept this in order to barter some peace for the terra. However, asking them to leave their ancestral ground was impossible unless he killed all of them.

“You still think your terra is unbreakable, right? I know, you are still very optimistic with three ancestral trees. I think that you aren’t the only one either. Even Shen Mengtian and Stygian might have this thought.”

“Li Qiye, strong you may be, but don’t forget that you’re still not an emperor.” Creek Bamboo continued: “If you are willing to spare my Ancestral Terra, I will agree to some other conditions.”

Li Qiye chuckled in response: “Since it looks like you have made your choice, it’s time for us to end this. Watch as I destroy your terra.”

“In that case, we’ll fight to the end.” Dualchild laughed and told the other two: “I don’t believe that he can break the defense of three ancestral trees.”

Dualchild wanted to fight to the death from the very beginning, so he naturally wanted the others to join him. In his mind, there was still a chance to reverse the tide, especially with the terra right behind him.

“Yes. Brother Creek Bamboo, maybe we can kill him with the three ancestral trees.” Shen Mengtian bit his lips and made up his mind. They might as well go all out.

Since they couldn’t accept his conditions, they must fight to the end despite the very small chance of winning even with the help of three ancestral trees. At the very least, there was still a glimmer of hope.

Creek Bamboo was hesitant because the battlefield was right at his sect, but he didn’t have any other option.

“Li Qiye, your aggression is to blame for this.” He made up his mind as well: “We’ll take you on then. Our Ancestral Terra has never been afraid of trouble. Come, we’ll wait for you.”

Having said that, the group disappeared back into the terra. They wanted to wait for him to begin his assault before delivering a fatal blow.

A spectator murmured: “Can Li Qiye really destroy the terra?”

Even though the majority of cultivators in Heaven Spirit had absolute confidence in Li Qiye right now, the terra was too famous as an unbreakable fortress.

Ling Fengyun, who was standing to the side after surrendering, didn’t say anything. He simply shook his head. After the last battle, he understood full well that Li Qiye was someone who wouldn’t fight without being completely certain of his victory!