Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1526

At this moment, Li Qiye smiled and stepped into the Ancestral Terra. Heart skipped a beat and all experts became unavoidably tense.

They weren’t nervous for Li Qiye but for the terra instead. Despite its defensive fame, when Li Qiye was walking forward, everyone certainly felt that he could actually break through. They didn’t know why they had such confidence in him though.

“Rumble!” One wave of defensive perimeter rose after another. It resulted in a blindingly dazzling scene.

Universal laws poured down like the waterfalls. Treefathers’ runes drowned the terra like a protective ocean.

“Just a minor trick, can’t reach the apex.” Li Qiye laughed. His thirteen palaces emitted their golden light and illuminated the world.

In a split second, his inner physiques shined as well. The Void Imperfection and Hell Suppression Physiques erupted instantly. He was able to dodge all the laws and powers while crushing everything else.

Just imagine, the terra’s power and law were dodged and destroyed at the same time by his two physiques.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” These perimeters shattered into pieces before Li Qiye’s mighty strength.

The terra began to quake as mountains were being trampled by him. The buildings and temples weren’t spared either.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!” In many locations at the terra, the holy buildings began to emit their sacred power and laws in order to protect their own vicinity.

Alas, this wasn’t enough to withstand his destructive pressure. These buildings were crushed into ruins. In just a short time, the entire terra was in shambles.

“Li Qiye, stop!” Finally, Creek Bamboo and the others couldn’t sit still any longer. They roared and the terra paid a great price to activate three supreme formations left behind by their treefathers. The four masters tried their best to empower the arrays.

They knew full well that if the Ancestral Terra couldn’t stop Li Qiye, the Spirit Abyss and Dream Empyrean would face demise as well!

“Boom!” Three majestic figures emerged in three different locations. Their emergence heralded a vigorous and peerless aura.

“Treefathers!” Many spectators shouted at their sight.

“Clank!” One of the figures raised a divine sword. When it pointed towards the sky, a sword domain came into being. Billions of sword filled this space as if their descend could slaughter all creatures in the world.

“Boom!” A different figure quickly made a mudra with his hands. Next, all of Heaven Spirit seemed to have turned into a mountain and was held by this figure. When this destructive mudra came down, it carried the might of an entire world. Any existence would be crushed to a pulp before this power!

“Clang!” A bell echoed across the nine heavens. Next, the last figure controlled a large bell that came flying towards Li Qiye. It seemed capable of devouring everything. Nothing could escape and once trapped, they would be refined underneath immediately.

These three formations were left behind by the terra’s treefathers. When the formations were activated to the limit, the treefathers would appear.

All of them instantly tried to kill Li Qiye after taking form. The three waves of power ravaged the world. Any existence would tremble and become powerless in face of this.

“Not bad!” Li Qiye laughed and unleashed his World Seal.

“Boom!” A strike crossed the sky. Three thousand worlds trembled because of it. One could see countless Yin Yang Fish rising to the sky. They formed a huge city, majestic and towering across the ages. It instantly blocked the attacks from the treefathers.

“Bang!” The resulting impact affected all of Heaven Spirit. A huge tsunami was the result.

Ten Worlds Yin Yang Fish Citadel, this was the ultimate blow of the Yin Yang Immortal Refinement Mirror, a wondrous defensive line.

“Clank, clank, clank!” The swords, bell, and mountain were still crazily coming in order to destroy this citadel!

“That’s a Heavenly Annihilation, right?” Many experts exclaimed in shock after feeling the power of the citadel.

While the three formations were going wild, another Heavenly Annihilation descended. It was accompanied by sonorous roars, screeches, and hymns… 

A Divine Fish, Immortal Whale, Heavenly Rat, Kui King, Punishing Serpent… Nine supreme figures emerged. These were immortal beasts visiting this world. Their primal and terrible auras engulfed the entire area. All the beasts and birds in the world screamed before dropping to the ground, not daring to move at all.

“Bang!” The nine beasts came killing towards the three great formations. The Ancestral Terra seemed so insignificant before this strike like a tiny boat caught in a storm.

Nine Grand Supremes. This was the Heavenly Annihilation of an Immortal Emperor True Treasure, Divine Beasts.

“He can actually use two annihilations in just one breath!” Everyone was stunned after seeing this. They didn’t know what to say at all.

Even the invincible existences were aghast. Even for them, they could also unleash Heavenly Annihilation with a true treasure. However, they couldn’t do it in succession like this.

Keep in mind that these attacks used an outrageous amount of blood energy. Even Emperor Assailants wouldn’t be able to do it. It was something left for Immortal Emperors.

“We offer our blood to invite the will of the forefathers…” At this time, not only Creek Bamboo’s group took action but the ancestors from the terra have also made their move. They gathered the energy together and sacrificed their blood to the three formations to reach their peak potential so that the three treefathers could kill Li Qiye.

“Break!” At this very second, Li Qiye screamed and unleashed the third.

“Boom!” A mountain appeared in the sky and Buddha was descending. This attack annihilated all evils. The pious worshippers began to pray Buddhist chants. This ultimate attack carried the power of a Buddhist world with billions of contributing monks as well as the Buddhist Lord. Everything gathered in this mountain slamming down.

Divine Mount Meru; the Heavenly Annihilation from the Declivity Mountain Bell.

One could imagine the power of three annihilations unleashed at the same time. The world fell into darkness as if the sun in the sky has been pierced!

All creatures were scared out of their mind. They felt that an apocalypse was coming.

During this darkness, everyone saw a shocking scene. The triple combination pierced through the terra. In this split second, debris went flying everywhere. When the dusts settled, there was a terrible crater left behind along with an amazing spectacle.

After a good while, Heaven Spirit regained its brilliance. The sunlight began to shine across the world again.

People could finally see three incredible trees appeared at the terra. They were sealing and protecting the entire sect while emitting a divine radiance to stop the remnant force of the three Heavenly Annihilations.

Nevertheless, an unfathomable crater was still created. 

“Ancestral trees!” The masters of Heaven Spirit shouted after seeing them.