Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1545

Li Qiye slowly turned around to look at Wenren Jianshi and chuckled: “I don’t need you to treat me since not just anyone is qualified to do so.” Having said that, he casually threw a refined jade piece on the table as the payment.

The shopkeeper was salivating after seeing the refined jade but he didn’t dare to get it since Wenren Jianshi was still around.

Jianshi’s followers’ expression sank after hearing this. Some experts wanted to step up but were stopped by Jianshi.

He stared at Li Qiye for a moment and raised his brows. He couldn’t see through this man ahead at all. The guy looked very ordinary but was completely unperturbed in the face of danger.

“Excuse us then.” He cupped his fists and said, not wanting to provoke Li Qiye.

He headed towards the corner and told the woman: “Lil’ Sis, come back with me. Father has ordered to bring you back!”

The woman lowered her head without saying anything. She was holding onto her sleeves under the table, seemingly thinking about breaking through the containment to run.

“Sis, you know that you have no chance of escaping.” Jianshi spoke gravely: “If you’re not thinking for your own sake, at least think about your child.” He gently signed as his eyes fell upon the little girl behind her.

The woman didn’t respond but she clearly hesitated for a moment. After a long time, she finally looked at him: “Eldest Brother, let me go out of consideration for sibling love and our time together.”

Jianshi sighed again and shook his head: “Sis, you know that this isn’t up to me. The Dongfang Clan wants an answer and Father won’t let this go either unless you name that person! But I can guarantee you about you and your child’s safety. That’s all I can do.”

She pinched her sleeves again before answering: “I won’t return and won’t go to the Dongfang Clan either. That’s already a thing of the past!”

“It is indeed in the past but someone must answer for this! The relationship between the two clans isn’t a joke. Sis, must you force my hand?” Jianshi said sternly.

She was dazed at this moment and didn’t know what to do.

“Invite the miss home. Do not hurt her.” Jianshi ordered.

At this time, the ten experts behind him slowly stood up. The leader cupped his fists towards the woman: “Miss, please, forgive us for our action.”

In the blink of an eye, the ten experts surrounded the mother and daughter. There was no way for them to escape.

“Don’t hurt my mother!” The daughter stepped in front and shouted.

“Don’t worry, we won’t hurt your mother but the two of you need to come back with us.” Wenren Jianshi slowly told the girl.

“You’re a bad person! You’re all bad!” She shouted at Jianshi.

Jianshi was startled for a moment before smiling and didn’t really mind her.

At this time, the experts slowly headed for the two of them. The woman pulled her daughter back behind her but she was stuck in a hard situation!

At this key moment, the little girl hiding behind looked around for a bit before her eyes flashed and shouted at Li Qiye: “Papa, quick, help mommy!”

“Ugh-” Li Qiye froze a bit while sipping his wine and almost spat some out.

He turned around to look at the girl. The woman was also momentarily stunned.

At this time, gazes swept by. All the experts surrounding the two women turned towards Li Qiye with an unfriendly expression as if they were looking at a prey! Some were even in the motion of walking over to trap him.

“This has nothing to do with him!” The woman was alarmed and quickly cried out. She wanted to absolve Li Qiye of any involvement but this only made it worse!

In a short time, the experts glaring at Li Qiye had an even more fierce gaze and were surrounding him.

“Brother, this is a misunderstanding. It has nothing to do with him.” The woman hurriedly told Jianshi.

Jianshi was surprised initially before smiling wryly and looking at Li Qiye: “I want to hear an explanation from the gentleman.”

“Papa!” The daughter came out of nowhere and latched onto Li Qiye’s thigh while pointing at the experts: “Beat down these bad guys, all of them!”

The woman grimaced and shouted again: “Huaiyu, stop messing around, come back…”

“No, I won’t!” The naughty girl hollered back: “Papa is unstoppable and can take down these bad guys in just three or five moves!”

The woman was speechless after hearing this despite wanting to correct this weird situation.

“Papa, you’re the strongest in this world, take them down already.” The girl looked like a bully right now as if Li Qiye was really about to give the experts a beating.

Li Qiye couldn’t help but smile while looking at the slyness evident in the girl’s eyes: “You are wrong. Even if I was your father, I would be a defenseless scholar, not the strongest in the world.”

Having said that, he raised both hands and smiled amicably at the experts: “Gentlemen, we’re all educated people here that use their words instead of fists. Let’s take our time talking, I rely on my handsome face to eat so please, don’t hit the face or I’ll go hungry.”

The girl glared at Li Qiye after not getting her imagined result and scoffed: “Coward!”

Li Qiye didn’t mind at all and smirked: “I’ve never been courageous before because the bold always die relatively early. I’m still so young and don’t want to go down the grave so soon.”

“You!” She stared at him for half a day but couldn’t say anything.

The girl was a bit cunning but the disparity was too great compared to Li Qiye. Plus, he only wanted to tease her.

“If you are my brother-in-law, then you should visit our clan. A groom should see your in-laws.” Wenren Jianshi said slowly.

“No, Brother, he’s an outsider. This is all a misunderstanding, the child was only speaking nonsense.” The woman became anxious and spoke loudly.

Jianshi’s eyes remained fixated at Li Qiye: “I want to hear him say that this is a misunderstanding or not.”

The girl also looked up at Li Qiye. Despite her naughty nature, her bright eyes were calling for hope.

Li Qiye noticed this and chuckled: “Then I’ll visit the Wenren Clan for a bit. Being a guest isn’t bad at all. Plus, everything can be solved with words. I’m a scholar who isn’t very good at other things but I’m sure I can reason any problems just fine.”

The girl smiled after hearing this.

“You… You don’t know what you’re involving yourself in.” The woman urgently spoke.

Li Qiye cheerfully smiled: “I might not be sure but as the adage goes, as long as reason is on your side, you can travel all around the world. I’m a reasonable person so there’s no place I can’t go. I’m certain that the Wenren Clan is a place that adheres to reason as well. Of course, even if they don’t, I am a very persuasive person!”

She was completely stunned and didn’t know whether this man was really stupid or pretending. She couldn’t see through him at all.

“Really? Then we’ll go back to the Wenren Clan.” The girl excitedly jumped up and clapped.

“In that case, please follow us then.” Wenren Jianshi said with a smile.

The woman had no other choice. She couldn’t break away under these circumstances and now, a strange has become involved as well. Without any other ideas, she had to go with the flow.

Under the escort of the experts, the three of them left the inn. Of course, it was more apt to call it a forceful transport.

The woman whispered to him: “You don’t know what kind of trouble you’re getting yourself in. If you are actually capable, it’s not too late to run or you’ll be courting death!”